Friday, January 3, 2014

Carry Over . . .

Before I write my year in review blog post showing everything I accomplished in 2013, I thought I should blog about what I didn't accomplish in 2013!  I'm a start it then finish it quilter.  And if I start it and don't like it, I dump it.  So it's very unusual for me to have any UFO's, but more shocking still, right now I have SIX!!

First up, Dresden Doilies.  

I had no problem piecing the blocks or machine appliquéing the large blocks into place, but I wasn't happy with how my smaller blocks looked when I machine appliquéd them into place.  All the blocks are pieced, they just need to be hand appliquéd on.

I have limited hand appliqué experience and am struggling with the bulk of hand appliquéing those smaller blocks onto this big piece of fabric. I really need to just sit down and get to it.

Looking at the pattern finish is really motivating me to get this project done.

Second, Clown Pants.

I love hand appliquéing these dot blocks, they're easy, they're portable, and they go fast.

This is what I'm shooting for and I have a long way to go. 

I usually spend my evenings doing hand work, but between bindings and these two projects and life in general, I'm falling further and further behind.   I maybe need to think about dedicating one of my normal week day sewing room days into a hand appliqué day until I'm caught up.

Temecula Quilt Co mini basket project

I started this project in July.  The Temecula Quilt shop did this fun little sew along for the month of July.  And I hung in there the whole month and made my basket blocks.

Then came the end of the sew along and I decided I liked this setting for my mini blocks, which needs twice as many blocks as I pieced, I'm planning to work on this project again this July and finish it up.

Pineapple Quilt
 I started this project last April.  It's not the kind of project I want to sit down and work on all the time,  but I didn't seem to have much luck at working on it every now and then either.  I want a 100 block quilt, I'm not even half way there.

Mini churn dash blocks

I have no big plan for this project and started it on a whim.  I thought this would be a fun project to squeeze in between other projects.  Maybe I'm just not a squeeze in between kind of gal!

And finally, the heartbreaker, also known as Starlight.

I was going to town on this project until I cut all those large floral triangles the wrong size, requiring me to un-sew all my pieced sections.

It's just sitting on my work shelf in my sewing studio, waiting for me to fall back in love with it, and I think I will.

So that's what I need to work on in 2014, and I'm fairly confident all of these projects will be on my accomplished list this time next year!  Make that very confident, I can and will do it!

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  1. I just loved these projects and am sure that you will get back to them and finish up these projects. I guess I should look at my unfinished UFO's and think my biggest is the Carolina Lilies that is next in my do to list.....thanks for the inspiration with these projects and let the sewing begin!

  2. So fun to see these projects - and they are all great! I remember one you started using Minick and Simpson fabric and didn't love. I'm not sure if that was in 2012 - but I LOVED that quilt! Are you ever going to add that one back into your list????

  3. That's really not very many UFO's, but it's so easy to let other things take priority and for the list to continue to grow. Or at least that's what happened in my case. Good luck finishing them all in 2014! They all look like great projects, but I'm especially interested in seeing Starlight finished.

  4. I don't think there is a quilter who doesn't have UFO's.. our minds are always on the next project before we complete the one we are on.. I personally like having 3 going, at least, at one time. One to piece, one to quilt on the machine and one to either hand quilt or do embroidery or applique work so I have hand work to do. This makes me happy and I never think of them as UFO's but WIP.

    Happy New Year

  5. Whew! You aren't perfect after all--LOL! I'm not going to comment on how many UFOs I have but I've always WANTED to be a "start a project, finish a project' type of gal. Won't ever happen. I must simply enjoy your blog and live vicariously! Happy quilting, Thelma!

  6. Well, I'd say that you are doing well with only 6 UFOs - I can't begin to tell you how many I have in play. Love the red & white Pineapple - it will be spectacular. Actually, they are all great. When the mood strikes you'll finish them up - just enjoy what you are working on.

  7. Wow can't believe you have six, especially considering all you've done this year...should've been more like ten! I'm sure you'll get them done and then some :) you're inspiring me to get some stuff done, am loving your mini blocks too!

  8. It is unusual for you but some of these wee meant to be works in progress. Things that need special attention... like handwork really has a built in interference since it's done in the evening while all sorts of other things are going on. I like the idea that you will work on your baskets again this July. Good plan. The pineapple quilt is a whole lotta work! No one should make themselves sit down and made it start to finish. That's for the quilt Nazi's. Us girls just wanna have fun!

  9. I was glad to see that you haven't given up on the Dresden quilt! I'm sorry that you weren't able to machine applique the smaller plates, but I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  10. Your pineapple quilt is awesome! I have one that I started a few years ago, (ok I think it's more like 10 years ago!) I love the block but it's so time consuming! Maybe if I see yours done, I'll be inspired to get mine done! I love all your quilts - thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm loving all your reds! Do you ever have trouble with them bleeding when you wash your quilts? Or do you wash everything before you make a quilt? Your UFOs are so great - mine - well - I think I need to give myself permission to let go of the 1980's ones! And make room for things I want to work on! :O) So sorry about Starlight - but thank you so much for the heads up - it is on my bucket list - and you saved me some grief! :O) Happy New Year!

  12. You go Thelma! I know you'll be able to do these six and many more during 2014. I'm like you because I don't like to start a project without finishing the one I'm working on....I finally picked up one that's been laying around for several months partially done, and finished it all but the final border, which I don't like the material I will need to make a trip to the store to pick out something different. You hang in there, you'll do it!

  13. Such beautiful projects! I especially love your basket blocks... they need to be bumped up the queue!

  14. oh my I love them all I have more than that I started a crewel world and thought I would do 2 a month applique and I have 6 there are 12 and I just have a hard tome liking applique and that's just cutting and glueing in place lol plus every time you start something cute I drop everything and want to joining I have started putting together the hst blocks mine will be 8 "I figure I will be able do do 24

  15. Sometimes we enjoy the excitement of a brand, new project. But sometimes we enjoy ticking off projects on the list! Good luck in both. You have some good ones on your "to do" list and I look forward to seeing the work on them in the coming year. Best of luck!

  16. Have you seen the Dresden Doilies quilt over at The Patriotic Quilter? That will give you the inspiration to finish yours. It's beautiful!

  17. All of your UFOs are beauties! You'll get them done this year. We're confident of that!

    Let us know how it goes hand appliqueing those small dresdens. I have so much trouble working with the bulk also. Any tips you might have would be wonderful!

  18. The Dresdens look good on the red background. Makes them pop.

  19. Love this group of projects. This is my plan for today, set a few goals for the next few months both finishes and new starts. For my end year/ beginning of the year start I went with Swoon, I am ready to move on but need a few more blocks! I just found your blog, coming over from Carries's, so many wonderful quilts, I will be back and checking it all out closer? The red and White tribute I had to do this AM though, fabulous quilt and a very interesting process!

  20. I am sure you will finish these UFO'S .... I was looking at mine and I would like to finish my Calendar Girl quilt & Evening Bloom


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