Wednesday, March 12, 2014

15 Degree Dresden Sampler Quilt

On my last blog post someone accused me of doing some secret sewing because I jumped to the end of the project without showing how I got there, which I thought was funny.  Some projects are worth showing my process, some are not.  I'm particularly fussy about showing too  much when the pattern is designed by someone else, giving folks the opportunity to copy my work without buying the pattern.

Well this top is all mine so feel free to copy away if it appeals to you.

I started this project last week.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to start next so I decided to experiment with my 15 degree dresden template.

On the first day I made the blocks in the top row of this picture.  The ones with the gigantic circle centers.  Not a good start.

These blocks caught my eye ages ago when Cindy at Hyacinth Quilt Designs made this quilt at a retreat and provided this tutorial.

On the second day I made the bottom row of blocks, I borrowed a new template that created a smaller hole in the center.  Day two was a better day.

On the third day I made two more blocks,

and decided that was enough of that.

On the fourth day I made this block.  You can't tell from the picture but it's pink polkadot.

I love pink and polkadots!

On the fifth day I made this block.

Which got me to this point.

The gray in the day 5 block didn't appeal to me, so I slept on it.

On the sixth day I made this block, which I named Spacely's Sprockets.  (any Jetson fans out there?)

And reworked my  day 5 block, sleeping on it did not increase its appeal.

Which got me here!

On the seventh day I made 5 of this style of block. (now you can see those dots!)

And came up with a design wall full of blocks.

On the eighth day I put everything together, and it was a breeze!

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 129
I've named it 15 Degree Dresden Sampler 
The fabric is Color Me Happy by V and Co for Moda
It finished at 58" x 58"
It has 643 pieces.

I'm working on Hook right now, I hope you are too!

Oh, and I owe you my accidental quilter story, next blog post for sure!


  1. WOW! That is stunning! It looks like an amazing ruler! And I'd call it Spacely's Sprockets! I'm interested to see how you quilt it!

  2. Beautiful quilt! Your fabrics are perfect for this very happy quilt!

  3. What a fabulous design! I love the design and the fabrics - perfect!

  4. I just love what you did with the block! Fabulous!!

  5. I've been tempted by this design ever since I saw it on Hyacinth blog too. I think it has a modern look my daughter might like for her bedroom. And since then I've seen some other variations on the internet. So it's on my list but I need to find the right fabric for my project.

  6. wait, wait, wait!!!

    even Spirit rested on the Seventh Day!!! you're already up to Day Nine and still no rest ... what ARE you, the Energizer Bunny?!?

    seriously cool blocks, by the way!!!

  7. Very fun and modern. I like how it all came together at the end. Enjoy Hook! I'm still plotting away with Chicken Feed.

  8. I am so jazzed about this blog post! So exciting to follow your progress and to see how each block turned out so different! I really like the first two and thought I would applique one or two different coloured smaller circles on top of the one already there. WOW... just love it!

  9. Gorgeous! So interesting to see it come together!
    Why is it, lately, that when I see a block/technique I would like to try in a blog post it involves buying another ruler? They are just so difficult to find/buy in France and I do so hate waiting for the postman!! Will I weaken....?

  10. Well, look who has gone all out Modern on us? Looks like the bug has bit you hard! Very cheery quilt and unique - thanks for sharing the details. I look forward to seeing your fabric selections for Hook... Waiting for my purchase of Moda Black Weave to arrive...

  11. Love all your variations! Looks like you had fun too! Can't wait to hear the accidental quilter story :)

  12. How clever and bold! I'm still too much of a beginner to just make blocks but I can see it would be quite liberating to just wing it and have some fun. Maybe I'll get my scraps out and try soon. Thank you for sharing the journey. It's really beautiful.

  13. Great block and I love how you created your clever layout of these blocks. I am really not a modern girl but I do like these ;-D

  14. These are all awesome.....including Day 1 versions! I love them all!

  15. I, too, noticed the tutorial (and saved it) on Hyacinth blog. Yesterday I was looking for a 15 degree ruler! It will be difficult for me to use some of the "modern" looking fabrics but my granddaughter would like them.


  16. Wow Thelma! What a great quilt that makes. I love it. I follow Cindy Lammon too and love her stuff. But your quilt is something else; all the different sizes and all that fabrics playing nice together ... it is just GOOOORRRRGEOUS!!! Congrats.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I can totally relate the the Jetson reference /:

    Those are some amazing blocks worked into an even more amazing quilt! I do not have the patience for dresdens (of any sort) but I absolutely LOVE them!

    Another great job Thelma!

  18. That's really unique and I love the fabric, too.

  19. Thelma, your 15 degree Dresden Sampler quilt is such a FUN quilt. Love it! Anne D.

  20. Thanks for sharing your journey! The finished Jetson's quilt is out of this world gorgeous! (hehe)
    I love Dresden blocks... and never thought to allow myself to play like this. It really evolved and became a wonderful sampler!

  21. Now, that's a Dresden I can wrap my mind around--I love the bold colors, XOXO

  22. Reading todays post I found myself singing on the 12th day of Christmas!!
    LOVE how this has turned out. Its fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


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