Monday, April 20, 2015

Flowering Snowball - Done!

My Kaffe Fassett Flowering Snowball quilt is "in the books". "Put it n the books" is what my husband says to me whenever his favorite baseball team wins.  I think the announcers say it too.  Sometimes I get a text that says, " put it in the books", that tells me two things, his team won and he'll be in a good mood.  Sometimes I love baseball season, sometimes I don't.  Baseball season officially started last week, it's a very long season, figuratively and literally.

But back to this beauty! I'm not adding a border, I like it just like this.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 155
I guess I've named this quilt Kaffe Fassett Flowering Snowball.
For the most part the fabric is Happy by Kaffe Fassett
It finished at 57" x 64"
It has approximately 378 pieces.

I started with this roll, which was a gift from a friend. (Thanks again Lisa)

I used all the prints except two and added 6 more that I purchased online.  I enjoyed working with this fabric and having a family of fabric to get me started was a big help.  I think the thing that fascinated me the most were the big prints, prints I would probably pass on if I saw them in a store because they were so big.  But I used the big prints in the roll and was amazed how different they looked when they were cut up.  In the quilt they sometimes look like they are from different prints instead of the same print.  I'll be more open minded about using large prints for smallish blocks in the future.

This is the template set I used for my blocks.  It worked great and I would recommend it.

Baycreek Quilting Products has different size options for this block and several other templates.

So I worked with new templates, sewed curved pieces, and used fabric outside my normal milieu,  what an adventure!  I have decided for sure that this will not be my last project using Kaffe Fassett fabric.


  1. It's wonderful, Thelma. You're my hero du jour! :)

  2. What a delightful quilt! Well done for getting outside your 'comfort zone'! A definite success!

  3. Nice finish and love the look of the snowballs. Great feeling when you try something new and out of the box and it comes out so great....

  4. I love your "Kaffe Fassett Flowering Snowball" Quilt. Thank you for sharing your quilts.

  5. WOW! Beautiful quilt Thelma! I love all of the vibrant fabrics! You've given me motivation to try Kaffee fabrics :o)

  6. Your adventure paid off, Thelma. The flowering snowball quilt is so pretty. Only 378 pieces...that would be a lot for me but your numbers are usually much higher :)

  7. Wow, that turned out fantastic, just beautiful.

  8. Beautiful.
    I wonder how you calculate pieces. How many pieces would a nine patch be? Is a hst one piece or two? Just curious because I would like to start doing this with my quilting.


  9. I love how bright this quilt is. Kaffe has such great prints in his collections. You're piecing is very neat and accurate, so the quilt looks lovely. I totally understand the sporting obsessions. My husband likes soccer football, rugby football, cricket, Formula 1 car racing, golf .... basically anything that moves.

  10. Quilt looks great, so cheerful and pretty. I have not used any Kaffe fabric, guess I am very hesitant to work with all those bright, big prints!

  11. So energetic and vibrant! Congrats!!


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