Monday, December 28, 2015


I was going through my blog, reviewing what I had accomplished this year, and realized I failed to blog about three finishes!

First up is is Lo-Lo, a sample I made for market.  This quilt is deceivingly easy to piece.  If you like making half square triangle units (which I do, I make them big then trim them to size), then you'll enjoy working on this quilt.  The print fabric is a layer cake of Kate Spain Aria for Moda, the dark background fabric is a Pure and Natural woven called Charcoal also by Moda.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 165
The pattern is Lo-Lo by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co and currently available here
It finished at 62" x 73"
It has approximately 459 pieces

I also pieced this sample, Glad Tidings.  The fabric is Miss Scarlet by Minick and Simpson for Moda.  The fabric should be available March of 2016.  The fabric does all the work for this top.  It looks very pretty in person, very festive.  The floral border fabric has a pinstripe background that adds a lot to the look.  The pattern is available now, paper or pdf, and currently 30% off with the code "count" from Minick and Simpson. click here

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 166
The pattern is Glad Tidings by Minick and Simpson
It finished at 52" x 52"
It has approximately 184 pieces.

The first two quilts, Lo-Lo and Glad Tidings,  I didn't blog about when I finished them because they were to be introduced at market, not by my blog, lol.    Then market came and went and I forgot all about them!  The next top I didn't blog about because it was such a huge disappointment that I wanted to forget about it. But I need to stay true to my list.  Most of my quilts are good, some are really good, but every now and then I come up with a stinker!  Which is what I should probably name this quilt.

It got off to a great start, I bought one layer cake and two charm packs of Primitive Muslin by Primitive Gatherings for Moda.  I loved the rich colors but it was the feel of the fabric that really got my attention.

I figured I could easily whip up a soft and warm quilt for Mr. Cupcake using these precuts. And I guess technically I did, it was easy, it's soft, and if it were quilted it would probably be warm, but that doesn't change the fact that it's ugly!  It's so hard to make quilts for guys, I thought I had come up with a great plan.  The look on my husband's face when I showed it to him pretty much summed up my opinion of the top too.  I'll give myself points for efficiently using the fabric, but the colors just don't all go together so good, maybe just using two of the colors would make for a more pleasing top.  I've decided to turn this one ugly top into two ugly tops, get them quilted, then use them as covers for Cooper's bed.  

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 164
Currently named One Ugly Quilt
It finished at 63" x 81"
It has approximately 126 pieces.

I came up with a name for my Christmas word quilt, Spelling the Spirit of Christmas! Last I checked I've answered all the questions in the comments section.

Next up, I'll review 2015, I had a wonderful year, even with that one ugly quilt thrown in, then it's on to my 2016 goals.  Hope you'll stop back by!


  1. The Lo-Lo quilt is beautiful I love Aria with the grey and white combination!
    Okay, the One Ugly Quilt is not my styl, too, but perhaps if you just use the 'cool' colors like the blues and greys and greens for your hubby's quilt and the 'warmer' colors for Cooper's quilt it could work.

  2. I agree about it being hard to make guy quilts. I've tried several times and was never really happy with the results. Sounds like you have a good plan for repurposing the quilt. Looking forward to your year in review!

  3. I love that floral border in Glad Tidings. It more than makes up for One Ugly Quilt. (I have a few of those "it looked better in my head than it does for real" quilt tops too.)

  4. Well I love LoLo and Glad Tidings. Cooper will love the other one I am sure. You are right. It was a good,plan that just didn't season right! happy New Year!


  5. Thank you for posting about One Ugly Quilt. I bought a quilt kit and once the fabrics arrived, it just wasn't me. I keep thinking (as I progress along in the steps) that I'll grow to love it, but I don't. I know it's someone's style but not mine. I will donate it because it will bring someone joy. We all have those great moments and those that are "what exactly was I thinking?"!

  6. Thanks for showing these three quilts. "One Ugly Quilt" might be changed by cutting it up, adding a couple zingers, and sewing it back together. A few weeks ago I read a post where the quilter won a few blocks at guild. She gave the guidelines for the monthly block, showed hers, and the ones she won. The other submissions were totally not in keeping with the guidelines. She took the rotary cutter and sliced. Then sew a few of the slices together, sliced some more, and kept going. The quilt she finished with was stunning. If I could remember the quilter's name I'd tell you so you could check it out. I know it's not the same challenge but if you like the fabrics, add and cut and just play with it. Maybe ask your husband to come and cut/slice it. If it fails, it fails but you'll learn from it. I told myself that I would try this with some blocks I made which were blah - but first I have to find them.

  7. Both of your sample quilts are beautiful and your One Ugly Quilt story is too funny! I have a similar story, but I used a charm pack of 50 fossil ferns. I wanted to use them all in one quilt and when I was done sewing it together, all I could say was That is Ugly!! Oh well, we tried, heh?? We headed down to Minneapolis for a week and took in a couple NHL games and the Mall of America. I also got to visit Gruber's amazing store in Waite Park. Have you been to their store? It was stunning!!! Ttyl.

    1. I can't believe that I forgot to tell you this earlier, but after months of looking for Summer Gatherings, I finally found the book at Grubers. I think that I actually jumped in the air when I saw it, well maybe I just had permagrin for half an hour!!


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