Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 - A Really Good Year - Really

I've said it before and I"ll say it again, one of the best benefits of maintaining a blog is that you create a wonderful diary of your quilting life.  I'm so glad that I documented my quilting life in 2015, it was a wonderful year and  I've enjoyed reliving every moment as I looked back while preparing this post.

I finished 23 tops, my goal was 12, one a month.  I tend to get bored with projects that stretch out longer than 4 weeks, I did not get bored during 2015.  To see all my finishes select "My Second 100 Quilts" tab and look at Lifetime Quilts 147 through 170.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Lifetime Quilt Number 151 - Scrumptious Shuffle

I made this little sampler from the corner scraps of LQ#150.   It was unplanned, easy, and a fun little surprise.  It hangs on my sewing room wall.

I made a baby quilt!  Only my second!  Less than 2% of my finishes are baby quilts.  Obviously I don't have many babies in my life.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 154

Cindy Lammon came up with this color combo for Camille's Vintage Tulip quilt and I followed suit, making mine a little bigger.

I love this quilt. It's Lifetime Quilt Number 158.

I made a two color quilt that wasn't red and white.

Lifetime Quilt # 156

I made a Summerville shop sample.  

I normally change up a pattern, I like my quilts to be a little different, or a lot different, but since this was a shop sample, I was asked to make the top exactly like the pattern picture! A huge change of pace for me.  And in the end, I had to make one little change, I made the house doors scrappy pink instead of one pink.  I'm not sure anyone has noticed, yet!  LOL.  This is Lifetime Quilt Number 162.

I made my annual Halloween quilt.

Lifetime Quilt Number 167.

I made my annual basket quilt.

Lifetime Quilt Number 163.

And I made my annual Christmas Quilt, plus two more! Spelling the Spirit, Christmas Lollies and Garden Lattice.

Lifetime Quilt Number 168

Lifetime Quilt Number 147

Another highlight of 2015 was attending a Gwen Marston class at Madeline Island.  The facilities, staff and students made the week fun and inspiring.  Getting to know and learn from Gwen Marston was the opportunity of a lifetime.  I think I'm a different quilter since attending Gwen's class, definitely a more confident quilter. 

Hands down, the biggest surprise, the biggest highlight of 2015, was Costal Lily winning first place at the AQS Show in Paducah.  It was the thrill of a lifetime and something I'll never forget for several reasons.  I love partnering with Judi Madsen, and we finally got to meet face to face in Paducah, it was like we had known each other for years.  Sharing the stage with one of my best quilting friends, Linda Hrcka,  made the whole experience even more surreal and memorable.  But most of all, the best part was sharing the experience with fellow hobby quilters like myself.  I hope my good fortune inspired you to be your best, not be intimidated to try new things, and be more confident in your work.

I just got home after being out of town since Christmas and while I was out and about I picked up and brought home a cold with me.  My house is still decorated for Christmas and we're still eating off our Christmas dishes!  I hope to get back to normal around the house, spend some time organizing my sewing room, and thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2016 this week.  My 2016 goals coming up soon.


  1. Your 2015 quilts are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what you make in 2016! Happy New Year, Thelma. Feel better!

  2. These are all so gorgeous! Congratulations on your win in Paducah! Happy new year! :)

  3. Your 2015 quilts are all beautiful! Wishing a great and amazing 2016!

  4. Costal Lily was gorgeous. And I loved meeting you in Paducah.

  5. All of your quilts are wonderful! How do you store the quilts? I find my quilts get creased with fold lines when folded and stacked.

  6. Beautiful quilts! I start to follow you, love your blog!!
    Happy New Year ;-)

  7. I just love all your quilts and can't wait to see what you do in 2016! Your Coastal Lily was one of my favorites so was so thrilled you won, now what :)

  8. What a fabulous year you had. I love seeing these quilts all in one place. Congrats for such accomplishments, especially having a calendar quilt. Awesome!

  9. You do have a lot of really good things to reflect on for 2015! I can't wait to see what good things are in store for you in 2016! I don't think you can top Coastal Lily though... or can you???


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