Thursday, February 2, 2017

Block Play

Yesterday, Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts blogged about a Courthouse Steps block sew along she saw online.  It got me to thinking that maybe that would be a good low volume project.  I have a huge stack of Bonnie and Camille low volume fabric that I think could make a cute low volume quilt.  I seem to be drawn to the bolder prints and rarely use the lighter ones.  I like the idea of a log cabin/courthouse steps block because they are real fabric eaters.

I'm thinking of going with 1 1/4" strips, wide enough to get a good feel for the fabric, but not too wide as to create a gigantic block.

This block finishes at 6 3/4".  I'm thinking of making all the center solids, but scrappy.

I'm also thinking that this would be a fun project to spread out through the year, maybe make a dozen a month or so.

I trimmed the block after each round.

Since I went with 1 1/4" strips I had some interesting results, I'm so glad I have this Primitive Gatherings ruler with the 1/8" markings.

Did you know that if your'e cutting strips for one of these types of blocks that you should cut your strips parallel to the salvage, lengthwise grain,  for less stretch and less distortion?   Try it!

Additionally,  I think you get better results when you press the seams open.

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  1. This will be a pleasant long term journey. The solid centers will look like candy. Looking forward to seeing your blocks as they evolve. And shouldn't the strips run parallel to the selvage so the long part of the strip will be on the straight of grain? Perpendicular to the selvage puts it on the cross grain, which is a little more stretchy.

    1. You're so right, I had it backwards! Thanks for pointing that out. I've updated my blog but really appreciate your comment, what a horrible mistake to make! Great job!

  2. So cheery looking. I have a gray-tone to finish, then one in reds, but I have two to do for my grands that are just as bright. XOXO

  3. I am so glad you experimented Thelma! What I wanted was a total of five fabrics, but not a gigantic block nor a tiny 5 inch block. I think your results are just what I had in mind!

  4. I love your log cabin block! And what a great idea to use B&C fabrics and sew a few block each month. I think I might join you.

  5. We were definitely thinking similar thoughts for our posts today!

    This is such a great scrap-friendly block! Love your version!

  6. That would be a fun year long project... I was hoping that you were going to go with Spools though. I love the results of pressing my seams open... but I am not consistent... do you have any tricks to making that chore more palatable?


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