Monday, February 6, 2017

Two "New" Finishes

Here's a couple of finishes I finally get to add to my Lifetime List.  Some time back,  Judi Madsen asked if I would be interested in piecing a couple of quilt tops for a book she was writing.  I'm always happy to do some piecing for a designer.  Selecting patterns, then selecting the perfect combination and placement of fabrics for a pattern, are tasks that do not come easily for me.   At my core, I'm a piecer.  And I love nothing better than putting the pattern and fabric decisions in someone else hands and just focusing on assembling the pieces.   It's like a quilting vacation.

This first pattern was a very fun pattern to piece, and deceptively easy.

So this is my Lifetime Quilt Number 161
It finished at 64" x 75"
The pattern is Star X-ing by Judi Madsen
It has approximately 357 pieces.

And this is how Judi brought that flat top to life.

Just Judi being Judi, lol.  Beautiful straight lines, small shapes, and her signature secondary designs.

I also pieced this top for Judi.  I love those big and little diagonal stars.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 169
It finished at 90" x 90"
The pattern is Playtime by Judi Madsen
It has approximately 909 pieces.

And here is what this top looks like now.

I've never quilted a top, probably never will, so I'm no expert, I leave these things to the experts, and by expert I mean anyone quilting one of my tops, but the two things that I find very fascinating about Judi's work is that one, she comes up with these great designs, and then two, executes them with such amazing precision.

One last before,

One last after.

Simply amazing.

Patterns for piecing these two quilts, plus directions on quilting these tops, along with 4 other projects, are in Judi's latest book, Secondary Designs.

This book is available here.  I think you will enjoy all the patterns available in this book and studying all the quilting designs.  There are numerous examples and illustrations where Judi explains her process, many more than in most quilting books.

Luckily for one person, Judi is sponsoring a giveaway for her latest book.  Just leave a comment by the end of the day Friday, February 10th, on this blog post.  I'll announce the winner next week.

Congratulations Judi on a wonderful book, I'm humbled and honored to have been a small part of your creative process.

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