Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Due South - A Start, and A Re-Start

So I've started on Due South, by Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie's Quilt Co, a pattern that's been on my to-do list for years, literally, years.

This is Carrie's Due South, mine will be very similar, except for that noticeably scrappy background, that's just not me.  My background will be scrappy but unnoticeable.

I think one of the things I've always liked about this pattern is the movement of the geese.  I also like  the name, Due South, like these geese have some place to go, sort of a traveling theme.

Rifle Paper Co has produced this canvas fabric that has a nice travel theme.  I'm sure it's supposed to be for bags and pillows, but I decided to chop it up for my Due South, to keep with that travel feel and theme.

I decided to start with the stars, I only needed 11.

So I fussy cut my center and points, made my inspiration/ test block, declared it a success and proceeded to piece the rest of the blocks.

TA DA!  What a glorious start.

Until it dawned on me that the star blocks were set on point, and I had just fussy cut all my centers wrong, making blocks that now looked like this. I knew I could not live with these sideways blocks so I took them all apart, cut new centers, and then,


Not such a glorious start, but I love them all the same.

 I like the heavy look and feel of the canvas and hope it makes the stars pop when set against the cotton geese, 212 geese.   Gee I hope I don't have to make them all twice.  

Don't forget, we're celebrating "The Year of Thelma" by everyone piecing a Miss Rosie's Quilt Co quilt pattern with me, ending with a parade in December to wrap up my year, I hope you join in.

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  1. I love your fussy cutting stars but it sucks to have to make them twice. I've already resized the pattern so I can make a smaller Schnibbles version and perhaps I'll start it this week.

    1. How very clever of you! I think I would love a smaller version of this pattern. Have you decided on your fabric? Keep us posted!

  2. Love those stars! The flying geese about did me in for a few days. It was when I was in the middle of that allergy attack and obviously I can't take those steroid Z-packs. Made me stupid and I was constantly sewing things the wrong way and backwards. My friend, Mary Ann, named this one Medicine Brain!

  3. I was glad to read we have till December ;-) I have the pattern and I bought a larger bloc loc ruler for the flying geese. I still have no idea of the fabric yet though. Still pondering. Your stars look wonderful. Those first ones should find another home where you'll enjoy them too.

  4. Was wondering what your plan is for the errant star centers? Will they go on the back (if you like pieced backs) or wind up in another project? Oohh, maybe used in a coordinating pillow cover or tote bag?!?

  5. I love those stars! Sorry you had to make them twice.

  6. I love the stars. I am so glad someone else does that type of thing. My daughter always gives me a bad time that I will piece something realize the fabric is directional and I will have to re-piece it.

  7. I thought that fabric was only done in canvas, but interesting that you are using it. Are you pressing the seams open to keep it from getting too thick? Glad you had enough to recut the centers as I know fussy cutting can really eat up your fabric. It is looking good and I still am either narrowing down or expanding the choices of Miss Rosie quilts I want to make. I have had many on my to do list for years too.

  8. Off to a good start...almost and now you are on track! I have starched my fabrics for "Lucy" and cutting now. Can't wait to start putting the strip sets together and am excited to have this project on the sewing table.....yea!!!

  9. This has been on my "to do" list for years. Hope to get to it one day. You are off to great start! Sadly, I would have re made the blocks as well, Because it would have bothered me every time I looked at it. Good job!!!

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  11. Getting ready to dig in and sew along! One question--what is your preferred method to sewing flying geese? And if it is using a bloc-loc, which I like, what is the easiest way to make the adjustment when cutting?

  12. The new blocks look great. I will have to dig in my patterns so I can join along in your parade!


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