Friday, April 7, 2017

Throwing - A Finish

When I saw a picture of the quilt  Throwing by Zen Chic, I immediately bought the pattern and started searching online for some True Blue fabric.  

What makes this unusual is that I'm not really a huge fan of the color blue, I've probably pieced 5 or fewer predominately blue quilts out of the nearly 200 I've finished. Two of those were for my husband who's favorite sports teams wear blue.   The pattern is a look I've been wanting to try but understood myself well enough to know I couldn't just piece a stack of hsts and throw them on my design wall all willy nilly and like the result. This pattern gave me a blue print. (no pun intended, lol)

The pattern calls for 3 True Blue charm packs by Zen Chic for Moda,  but I bought a layer cake on Etsy for less than the cost of 3 charm packs, which gave me extra hsts to play with.

The designer added a red and orange Grunge print to the mix.   I used two different shades of orange and one yellow Grunge to my Throwing.  This was my first attempt.

The quilt on the pattern cover and the design sheet inside the pattern are different.  The cover quilt used more of the medium blues from the family of fabric,  my final version is somewhere in between the two.  

And while I did fuss a little with the placement of each block, not really that much more than I do on any of my projects,  I'm just a fussy quilter.  This is my final version.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 199
The pattern is Throwing by Zen Chic 
The fabric is True Blue by Zen Chic for Moda
It finished at 61" x 61"
I has approximately 374 pieces.

Now that quilt 199 is done I can start on quilt number 200, Due South.

First Step, prepping the fabric.

I usually don't get to sew on the weekends, but am looking forward to getting started on this project the first of next week.   Are you ready to start on your Miss Rosie's Quilt Co project and sew along with me?  Kristen has finished all her Cracked Pots houses,  be sure to follow her progress on the blog Meadowbrook in my Blogs List.

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  1. Your version of Throwing is stunning. Love it.

  2. I love your Throwing quilt although I'm not a huge fan of yellow it makes your quilt really bright and sunny.
    I need to finish a few other projects first before beginning with the Miss Rosie sew-along but I'm already made the pattern Schnibbles friendly;-)

  3. ooooo!!! the pattern cover could SO be a Bronco quilt!!! i really, really like this one!!! i might hafta find me some blues and oranges...

  4. Tell us about your fabric prep. I am reading more and more about quilters that heavily starch all their fabrics and then allow them to dry prior to pressing and cutting. Is that what we are seeing on your multiple drying racks? Have you been doing that all along, or is this something new? I keep looking over Carrie's newest book and now am very impressed with Birdseye.

  5. I love half square triangles, and this looks just up my alley! :) What a wonderful use of color. That Due South is going to be wonderful too!! (I saw another of your quilts that was quilted this week and is fabulous) ;)

  6. Thelma my question is the same as Ramona's please tell us more about your fabric prep
    Also you made a small quilt a Miss Rosie pattern perhaps the name was different but you said it was named for you as it was a "T" quilt.
    I've looked and have not found that pattern would you sell me yours ?
    My granddaughter is a "T" her nick name is TT colleen1990atyahoodotcom

  7. I think I like the orange and yellow better than the red. Props for working with a color you don't love, sometimes it is hard to be inspired by colors/fabrics I don't really click with.

    And yes, another question about the fabric prep, please? It does look like the person I saw dip her fabric in starch before doing anything with it. I am intrigued.

  8. I had to laugh when I saw your "prepping the fabric" photo! It looks like you have something pretty big planned, then again, drying all that starched fabric takes up space. I like your version of Throwing, that is a great pattern for the improv beginner.

  9. Such a fun quilt... good for you to be so spontaneous and "throwing" the HSTs up on the design wall! It looks totally random!
    Love the photo of the fabric waiting for you!
    Are you doing a quiltalong? I must have missed that post.

  10. Hi Thelma, I love blue, so you choice of colors for "Throwing" is wonderful. I like the others who've commented wanted to know about your fabric preparation. I think I remember you posting about this once. I looked in your categories, but could not find it. I may be wrong, however.

  11. My friends and I always check in with you, we are truly amazed with you and your 199 quilts! You sew girl!!!


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