Monday, June 12, 2017

Lady Bug Hug

This was the perfect welcome back home project.  The fabric was cheerful, the appliqué a nice challenge, but not too challenging, and the piecing a breeze.

The downside of a kit, there's not enough fabric to cut directional fabric all going the same direction.

I normally would have fussy cut that outer border fabric where all the designs were facing the same way, but in the case of the yellow fabric, I like the stripes going in different directions. 

I added a few pieces from my stash, like the snail parade above.

And the elephants in that outer border.  

The flower pot block was made using templates, 

and came together perfectly.  

I'm not crazy about the red dot print peeking through my appliquéd flower, but oh well.

For the circles I used Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles.  I may only use those circle templates once or twice a year, but am always so happy that I have them in my notions drawer.  If you don't own them get them, both sizes, you'll be amazed how often you need a circle, and the circles made with these templates are always perfectly round. 

I saved the ladybugs for last, and they were fun.

For the antennae I used a decorative machine stitch, for the circles on the ends, I punched out black fabric using a hand held paper hole punch.  

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 203
The pattern is Ladybug Hug by Barbara Jones for Quilt Soup
The fabric is by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass
It finished at 50" x  60"
There are 139 pieces 

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  1. Just the cutest quilt! When I get shadowing while needle turning, I use a piece of bleached muslin behind the piece. I don't know how you'd do that doing machine applique or fused applique, but I wouldn't have noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out. 159 pieces ... so different than your usual amount! Love it!

  2. Such a fun project to get back into the sewing swing of and a really cute baby quilt some someone....who wouldn't love Lady Bugs???

  3. What a lovely quilt and so cute. I think I will add it to my list to do but I am hopeless at applique. I know I need to keep having a go at it and this may be just the right project. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Susie x

  4. Cute baby quilt! I never buy kits because I lways fear that there's not enough fabric and you can easily make a mistake or want to cut a directional print all going the same way.


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