Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Autumn Splendor BOM

This is what's on my design wall now, it's a mystery BOM by Fig Tree Quilts called Autumn Splendor.

This is my progress through the first 10 months.  I have the patterns and fabric for the last two months prepped and ready to go.

Up to this point I pieced this quilt in two blocks of time, months 1 through 6, then months 7 through 10.

I'm not really a mystery project type of person, I don't like surprises, but I signed up for this one because the quilts from prior years have been very pretty and I was needing a project for the library raffle quilt.  Quilts that were raffled in the past were Summerville, a Fat Quarter Shop BOM and a Christmas theme quilt, I thought a fall quilt would be something different and hopefully appealing.  The goal is to make money, who's going to buy a raffle ticket for an ugly quilt?!?

The plan is to wrap this up in the next week, this quilt needs to be pieced and sent off to a quilter as quickly as possible, the raffle starts in April.  Now that Christmas is packed up and I'm not traveling for a couple of months  I"ll have more time to spend in my sewing room.  The weather is a big help too, first snow and now frigid temps are keeping me inside.  


  1. Great sewing weather! My trips and festivities are over as well, so I plan to spend lots of time inside sewing. Love that fall quilt from the fabric to each and every block. Can't wait to see how it comes together and if the pattern will become available after the BOM concludes.

  2. It will be gorgeous and a definite bestseller for a raffle. I have made two chemo quilts for work friends in the last month and I just heard about an acquaintance who only has a couple months left due to colon cancer. So sad!

  3. I went against my FOMO instinct and didn't sign up for this one, but it is really a beauty. Now I wish I had it in my stash for a later project. I had missed seeing you post, but I follow you on Instagram, so I wasn't worried. I really enjoy your blog posts though, so thank you for returning to them. No pressure!

  4. This is a perfect fall quilt and looks like you will be right on schedule for finishing it up. Like you I always don't know if Mystery quilts are for me but have to say that this is quite nice. Your close to the finish and with crazy weather am sure you will get there...happy warm sewing!

  5. Awesome progress on Fall Splendor! I think I managed to keep up with the first 4 months and then lost steam! lol! Fig Tree has a Halloween BOM coming up that looked tempting... ;-) Stay warm and piece on!

  6. Definitely not an ugly quilt but a very beautiful one that should raffle well! Your fabric, colors & work are outstanding. I must say your quilts always inspire me!


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