Friday, January 18, 2019

Last Finishes of 2018

Here are the last two quilts I pieced for 2018.  I was very excited when a friend told me she was going to be a grandma, "I'll make a quilt" was my first response.  I always like the opportunity to make a baby quilt.  A couple months later we all found out that one baby was going to be two.  "Twins, now I get to make two baby quilts", was my happy response.

Since the mother to be did not want to know if the babies were boys, or girls, or one of each, I couldn't start on the quilts until they were born.   Which worked out fine and meant I could make them more personal.

The nursery was to be decorated using colors of soft pink, light grey, and white and the new mother didn't want anything overly fussy or girly.

So I went with this soft pink polka dot.

and this nice grey floral, girly but not overly so.  The floral print did not have any detail on the selvage so I have no idea who the manufacturer or designer is.

 These are Lifetime Quilts Number 238 and 239
Each finished at 43" x 56"
Clara has 733 pieces and Adelynn has 755 pieces
I did't have a pattern, but how can you go wrong with a simple chevron design
The hsts finished at 2 1/2"

I went with white polkadot minkee for the backing.  The quilts have been quilted, bound and delivered.  

Linda Hrcka at The Quilted Pineapple quilted them for me and is posting pics of the finished quilts on her blog today, go check them out, they look even better quilted.  Thanks Linda for quilting these tops so beautifully and quickly.

Also, thanks for all the sweet comments on my recent blogging activity.  For some reason all I can accomplish on my blog is creating posts, I'm not able to respond to any comments, I'll keep working on the problem, but in the meantime know that I am happy to hear from you. 


  1. Cute, cute, cute baby quilts and such a nice pattern that will always be in style for the babies. Love that they are girlie but not frilly so they can use for quite some time. You sure do have a good knack for finding just the right pattern for this Thelma….love them!!!

  2. Super quilts for twins, I like incorporating their names. I have the same problem on my blog with comments. I used to receive the comments by email but no longer, and I only see them if I open the post. While I can comment on a comment in the post, the original commenter will not receive my reply.

  3. The quilts are precious. The fabrics read as solids in the first pictures that I saw of the quilts. My brother has twin grandchildren - a boy and a girl. I made quilts for them and used the same fabrics in each quilt and placed them differently. I made them more modern (at least for me). I did not put a border on the quilts and just put a one inch sashing between each block. I had quilted the quilt even though I machine pieced the quilt. I put a label on the back of each telling a little about the name of each child. The children each have three names plus their last name, so I picked out some part that I knew something about from my side of the family. For example, the boy has part of his paternal grandmother's father's name in his name. So, I put red and blue stitches around his white label in memory of his service in WWII. I also mentioned that dad's paternal grandfather (my dad) served in WWII, too and they had been friends since youth. The girl has her paternal grandmother's name in her name. I put daisies around her label because that is Grandma Lynn's favorite flower. I also looked up what the meaning of their names and put that on the label. After the quilts were received, my nephew showed his dad the labels as the first thing. Now I have no contact with anyone in my family - not because of the quilts. It's because of childhood abuse of me by my brother and lack of remorse and acceptance. I spilled the beans and I'm the bad one not my brother. Anyhow, thanks for sharing the lovely quilts. Where did you find the block letter pattern for the names?

  4. Very nice! Your first response was the same as mine would have been...I'll make a quilt! And you made two beautiful ones!

  5. These quilts are beautiful! I am looking for soft pinks for a quilt for my new you know what fabric your pink polka dot is?? Thanks!!

  6. Perfect! Love these little quilts!


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