Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm still here . . .

I'm still getting settled around the house, but the last worker left last Tuesday so all that's left is to clean up the dust, paint specks, and move everything back that we had to move out, that's all.

I'm still moving into my new sewing studio and haven't sewn in weeks.  I'm hoping that changes soon, very soon.  I already love the extra space I'm gaining with the new room.

Even though I'm not sewing, I do have some quilting news to share, Hocuspocusville is home from the quilter and 
just in time to enjoy before Halloween.

I've got a new place to display some quilts, between the kitchen the living room. 

I asked Dawn at the Sewing Basket to use a quilting pattern that looked like fog  floating around the stitched blocks.   I think she captured the the feel I was wanting perfectly.

The blocks for Hocuspocusville were generously stitched for me by a quilting friend, I assembled the blocks and sent it off for quilting.  It was a real group effort and a quilt I treasure. Hocuspocusville is Lifetime Quilt Number Eleventy Three, click here for more details.  

I also have LQ# 25 on my recliner and 

Hallowe'en 1904, LQ# 96 out on the bed.  Not only am I enjoying having the Halloween quilts out, after over 6 weeks, its' great to have any quilt out!

I hope to get back to sewing and regularly blogging soon, thanks for hanging in there with me.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Not much sewing going on here, but I'm almost ready to start moving into my new space.

That's my sewing machine and table covered in plastic in my new sewing room.

I pieced a couple hundred geese when my sewing machine wasn't covered in plastic and I've been trimming a few every day.

So not much progress on my Autumn Woods project, but I'll take what I can get.    I hope you're being more productive in your sewing room.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Woods Update

I loved the comments you left on my last Autumn Woods post.  From the comments about the number and size of my geese to the planned random idea floating around in my head, they were all good.   My favorite thing about blogging is hearing from other quilters, the comments left on my Autumn Woods post were funny and interesting, thank you for that.

So here is what's going on, just in case you've forgotten.

This will be the top and bottom border for my project.  My idea is to fill the space between the two borders with flying geese blocks.  This border is around 12 inches wide.  (yes those are trees, and a few squirrels)

This quilt is A Gaggle Goslings by Emma at Sampaquita Quilts and was published in the Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine, Volume 22.

It's the inspiration for filling my center space with geese.  While I love this design, I thought it was too many geese for my center and too defined.  Additionally, while the geese in this center are somewhat confused, they still have a pattern, I want really confused geese.  Besides the size of the blocks I also changed my design just a tad from Emma's pattern.

So I intend to have some blocks like these, 

with a lot of geese.

And some blocks like these, with quite a few less geese.  (yes the blocks are the same pattern)

And then some blocks in-between these two, with a nice medium amount of geese.  The blocks with the  most geese will be in the center of the quilt, with blocks with fewer and fewer yet geese spanning out from there.  At least that's my plan, I have no design wall and am sort of flying by the seat of my pants on this one.  

I'm going for the same loose and random feel of the leaves blowing around the tree border, only using geese, not leaves.  And using a specific block pattern to create the look. 

As for my colors, I'm  going heavy on the orange, adding some ivory, and going sparse on the yellow.

I'm hoping once the blocks that go in-between these to rows are done that it will look a little better, we'll see!  

The good news, see that wood flooring peeking around those blocks, that's the new floor in my new sewing room!  I'm not sewing in that room yet, I still need another coat of paint, the closets finished, and some furniture, but I'm getting close!

I hope you're enjoying your fall weather, there are so many things to love about this season, spiced cider, pumpkin bread, crisp apples with caramel,  plus the weather's pretty terrific too, there's nothing like a brisk walk on a fall day, I'm making the most of it all,  (fall food requires fall walks) I hope you are too!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Next Up - Autumn Woods

Since it's technically fall, and I like to work on fall projects in the fall,  I'm thrilled I have this Kate & Birdie Paper Co fabric for Moda on my sewing table right now.

This is Autumn Woods.

I love all the prints and colors in this line of fabric

 I would have bought this fabric regardless, 
but it was this border print that really sealed the deal for me.

That design is around 12 inches wide.

Right now my plan is to add around nine hundred 1" x 2" flying geese between the two borders in some sort of random yet planned pattern.  

Making flying geese blocks seems to be the perfect activity for my little temporary sewing space and limited time as we work on the house.

My goal is 50 geese a day.  So far I've got 50 for the week!  That's OK, I'll take what I can get.
It's fall, my favorite time of year, and I'm sewing, it's all good.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MBB Follow-up and winner

So on my last post,  for the Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern giveaway, I asked for you to share your favorite quilt block.  When I was writing the post I almost added that in addition to Goose in a Pond being my all time favorite block ( just barely above any basket block) my least favorite block is the churn dash.   There were a variety of blocks listed as favorites, some I knew, some I did not, that did not surprise me.  The fact that of the comments that did list a favorite block, Churn Dash was the most popular.  Nine commenters specified Churn Dash as their favorite.  The next most popular was 9 patch, and it got half as many shout outs.  Churn Dash, really??

Out of the 144 quilts that I've finished, I have one Churn Dash quilt in my list.  And it was a sample for market.  And then I remembered I had never blogged about this quilt!  Here's the one picture I have of that quilt. (upper left corner)

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 133
The pattern is Zoom by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
The quilt finished at 71" x 71"
The fabric is Daydream by Kate Spain for Moda.
It has approximately 637 pieces.

This quilt was made using charm squares, but could also easily be used from scraps or jolly bars.  I enjoyed making the top and it went together easily.  I have no idea why I forgot to blog about it, maybe because it's not a top made from Goose in the Pond blocks, lol.    Whether or not you love churn dash blocks, you'll love the way these blocks are pieced.  The pattern is available here.

Kristy was the pattern winner, the Kristy that listed Tree of Life as her favorite block, I think there was more than one Kristy.

Some other blocks listed as favorites more than once were Swoon ( can't argue that one) Bear Paw and Log Cabin.  There were also some other traditional blocks mentioned, Wedding Ring, Flying Geese and Feathered Star.  I had to look up few favorites, Double Aster, Weathervane, Clays Choice, and New York Beauty. I liked them all, thanks for sharing an unusual choice.  I enjoyed seeing the new blocks.  Maybe I'll have to make another sampler top!