Friday, August 1, 2014

Super Nova - Failure to Finish

So this is the pattern that has been occupying my time and thoughts, day and night, for the last week.

As you may recall, I was a little worried about my background, I knew I wanted something different, but probably not as different as what was used in the pattern.

So I decided to use Terra Australis by Emma Jean Jansen for my print fabric and Peppered Cotton Fog for my background fabric.  

This is the first block I pieced.  And while I think this bock is very pretty, and I feel confident that Terra Australis would make a very pretty Super Nova, I wasn't going for pretty, I was wanting something with more energy. 

So I tried something different.

This fabric is by Alison Glass for Andover.  Not only are these prints more vibrant, the background fabric is more of what I had in mind when I started.  (The background fabric is snow globe, had 19 yards the last time I checked. (click here)

Once I was happy with my fabric choice the top went together like a dream.  Although there is a learning curve to working with such large pieces.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 143
The pattern is Super Nova from Kathy Doughty's book Adding Layers
The fabric is by Alison Glass for Andover.
It finished at 72" x 84"
It has approximately 143 pieces.

Next up, Harvey!  I've been waiting since Market for this pattern to be available, and now it is. (click here).   I see a great big basket quilt in my future!  I think you need one too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Update Tuesday

We have another QCR Sew-Along finish!

Here is Mickey's Metro Lattice flimsy.
This top has 64 blocks and is 93 inches square.  Mickey is going to quilt this top herself and is planning to piece a Metro Rings next.  

Great job Mickey, thanks for joining us!

Dawn is getting a late start, first she had to wait for the pattern then she did some traveling.

But here is her first Dancing Churndash Block, great start Dawn!  For the details check out Dawn's blog post here.

 Great news, I just learned of a few more Moda Basic Building Block options.

Primitive Gatherings is offering 3 BOM options,  the traditional Bella Solid kit, as shown above,  a primitive fabric option, and a Japanese fabric option.  They all sound great to me, the details are here.

And finally, I literally laughed out loud at all the comments from folks wondering what happened to the red couches and what was replacing them.

We've lived in this house for 10 years now, and the house was 5 years old when we moved in, so it's time for some updates.  Those are the drapes from the sunroom (red couch room) that I took down and donated to GoodWill.   The sun room is probably one of the nicest rooms in the house.  It has a vaulted ceiling and nothing but windows on three sides.  While those red couches looked great, they were not comfortable.  That room is small and so I bought small furniture to fit in there, but we're not small people, and never really felt comfortable sitting in that room.  There's new furniture coming but it's not here yet, we need new carpet and some paint before we add new furniture to the room, but I'll share pictures once it's done.  I'm really looking forward to finally using that room.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Catch Up

This time last year I was here, 

 "Paris is always a good idea" said Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.  I agree.
I don't have any plans to go back, but am counting the days until I do.

For all you folks who have followed my blog for years, you are quite familiar with these red couches.  

I think I've photographed over 100 of my quilts on these couches.  Well they've found a new home, pictures of my quilts on the red couches are a thing of the past. The end of an era.

Next up for me?

I'm going to try another Australian pattern.  I love all the patterns in this book, as you can see by the 9 tabs I've added.  It's not Kathy Doughty's patterns that puzzle me, it's her use of fabric.  Those Australian's are fearless when it comes to selecting and combining fabric.  After finishing Playground and Gypsy Kisses I've now decided to try Super Nova.

This quilt finishes at 72" x 84".  Here is what the author says about the background fabric, "The background black-and-white fabric is my favorite neutral for sustaining colorful fabrics."  Neutral, are you kidding me,  we have a different definition of neutral.  I think I'm going to use Terra Australis by Emma Jean Jansen for my fabric and am still auditioning background fabric.

Kellie from Indiana won the Miss Rosie pattern giveaway and selected Crop Circles.  If you make a Crop Circles or Freddy be sure to send me a picture or a link to your blog, I can hardly wait to see your finished quilts.  

We have two more QCR finishes, check out Vicky/LA Quilter and Kristen/Meadowbrook in my Favorite Blogs list to see their quilts, which are amazing!

You are now up to date on my life!  Hope all is well with yours.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Moda Building Blocks

At Spring Market in Pittsburgh Moda had this quilt in their booth.  It's called Moda Building Blocks. I fell in love with it, me and most everyone else at the show, and put it on my To Do List.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get this quilt made, I didn't know if it was a pattern, a kit, or what exactly, I just knew I wanted one of my very own.

Right after market Fig Tree announced a block of the month for this pattern using a few of the Moda Bella Solids from this quilt and a few Fig Tree prints.  I think it sold out in less than a week.  But that was OK with me, I figured I would just wait for some of the other Moda designers to come up with their own take on this pattern.  I think this pattern would work for any style of fabric and was eager to see French General, Bonnie and Camille, BasicGrey, Kate Spain and Edyta Sitar versions.

Well I've finally figured out that this quilt will be available as a kit in a quilt shop near you, using the Bella Solids in the market quilt, but no other Moda designers jumped on the Moda Building Blocks bandwagon.  And even though I'm disappointed not to get to see some different versions, I am happy to report that Moda is offering the pattern without the kit.  So WE can make our own versions.

The Fat Quarter Shop has the pattern listed for $12 and available in September.  (click here)

After mulling over all my options I've decided to make a polka dot version.  I want a happy and fun Moda Building Blocks top and I love dots.  I use dots every now and then but I've never made a quilt entirely of dots, until now.

 Once I decided to use dots for my Moda Building Blocks top I was eager to get started and made two blocks, two blocks not in the pattern but oh well, you know me, and how I like my quilts to be different.

I have made a baby Swoon block and a mini Swoon quilt but never the original big Swoon block, and I want one in my sampler so that's the first block I made.  Next up,  I fell in love with all those alphabet quilts folks were making but didn't really want a whole alphabet quilt, but did want one block, so I made a "T" block too.

So yes, I've made two blocks, neither of which is in the pattern, and now I have decided to wait on the remaining blocks until I have the actual Building Blocks pattern that will be available this fall.  Which means you have a few weeks to pick out some fabric and come up with your own Moda Building Blocks quilt too!

According to the Fat Quarter Shop the quilt finishes at 84" x 96" and has 48 blocks ranging in sizes from 36" to 6".  I think this quilt should be called Something for Everybody, because it is!

Now I need to come up with something to keep me busy and out of trouble until September!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick Curve Ruler Sew Along Update

So here's my Metro with no Lattice.  I think I  may be done.  A friend suggested I add side borders, but right now I like having the border on the top and bottom only.  There's just something about the simplicity of this top that appeals to me.  I wonder sometimes if our quilts don't reflect what's going on in our lives.  Right now I'm juggling some home improvement projects and wonder if my desire for calm is coming out in my quilt.  I'll think about it and let me know what you think too.

But for right now this is Lifetime Quilt Number 140
It finished at 65" x 71"
I made 41 blocks
The pattern is Metro Lattice by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I did not add the sashing and set the blocks on point.
The fabric is Persimmon by BasicGrey for Moda
It has approximately 514 pieces.

Diana Young sent me several photos of her Metro Rings.

Diana is going with a fractured Metro Rings look  that I'm really loving.

And here is Mickey's progress.

Which I think is looking great.

Nicole is going to town on several QCR projects, I hope you're following her blog, I think she had the first official finish.  Check out Sister's Choice in my blog list if you've missed her progress.

Vicky/LA Quilter and Kristen/Meadowbrook also posted some updates on their blogs this week of their progress.  They are also in my blog list so check them out if you happened to miss their updates on Monday.