Monday, December 11, 2017

RBP - Really Big Peppermints

I'm so excited to blog about my latest finish, it checks off several boxes on my 2017 Year of Thelma list.  First, because it's a red and white quilt, second, because it's the last unfinished project in my sewing closet, and finally, and most importantly,  I finally pieced a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

Before I started on this adventure I asked a few of my quilting friends what method, book, templates they used to piece their DWR quilts.  For every person I asked I got a different preferred method.  Now this could have made me feel overwhelmed but instead made me think, "there must not be a wrong way to make this quilt".  So with that in mind I chose this book, and I think I chose wisely.

Double Wedding Ring Quilts, Traditions Made Modern by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Everything I never knew I needed to know I learned from this book.  This book provides paper templates but Victoria also offers acrylic templates for sale that correspond to the patterns in this book.  She also has online videos that explain all the steps.  I used it all.  And don't let that "modern" in the title make you think this book is only for modern quilts, the quilt I made is as traditional as they come, I've seen this pattern in quilts over a hundred years old.

To piece the arcs I copied and used the paper template from the book, but to trim the pieced arcs I used the acrylic template.

The only pieces of my quilt that were paper pieced were the arcs.

I used a template to cut the arc centers.

And a template to cut the background pieces.  

Using those pieces I made some blocks.  They went together easily, I highly recommend using the acrylic templates.  I pressed my seams to the side and left the paper on the back of my arcs.

And here are all the pieces on my design wall.

Once the rows were connected I removed the paper from the arcs, pressed the seams in the direction that they wanted to go, and squared it up.

And here is my finished, first, but not last, Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 216
I've name it RBP - Really Big Peppermints 
It finished at 71" x 86"
The red fabric is Moda Bella Solid 9900-16 Christmas Red and the white fabric is Moda Bella Solid 9900-98  Bleached White 
The pattern is from the book Double Wedding Ring Quilts, Traditions Made Modern.
It has approximately 1,498 pieces.

As of today there are only 20 days left in The Year of Thelma.  Calling all quilters who joined the YoT sew along by piecing a top from the Miss Rosie's Farmhouse Book.  The top just needs to be pieced to make the parade, don't worry if it's not quilted!  I've made two quilts from the book this year, Due South and Halloween Lucy.  I plan to wrap up the year piecing a 3rd, Falalalala Lucy!

It's not too late to join the fun.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


This is the third time I've made Camille at Thimble Blossoms quilt pattern Summerville.  Although this time I went with more of a Fallville.  I just love this pattern, I think it's the houses, but it may also be how easily this quilt top goes together.  I've made it the same way each time, first I piece the stars, because those pieces use big chunks of fabric, then I piece the houses, because they use an assortment of fabric, then the 9 patches, because they use the scraps from the first two rounds of sewing, and finally the outer blocks.  Once all the blocks are done it's an easy afternoon of sewing putting it all together.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 212
The pattern is Summerville by Camille Roskelley for thimble blossoms (available here)
The fabric is just an assortment of oranges, grays, and blacks from my stash, not one family.  
It finished at 70" x 70" ( my favorite size and shape)
And has approximately 876 pieces.

I love this pattern so much I may have to make a Snowville to go with my Summerville and Fallville.

It appears as if October is the month for repeat patterns. Next up is Lucy,  which I made and loved but the quilt now happily lives in California with my favorite daughter and grandpup.  I think I need one too.

I hope you're squeezing in some fall sewing, theres' nothing like sewing with fall fabric in October especially when it feels like summer outside.

Sinta at Pink Pincushion sewed her own version of Fallville with me, I think I have more of a Booville compared to Sinta's beautiful fabric choices and pattern changes.  Check out her blog for her progress.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Merrily Finish

I'm alive and well, but when I checked out the date of my last blog post I understood why so many folks sent me emails asking how I was doing!  I've been on the go but I've been doing some sewing too.  

One of my Year of Thelma goals was to travel each month of the year, which sounded great in January, and really has been fun, but it's involved a lot of planning, packing, traveling, and unpacking, over and over. 

My August destination was Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Here I am at the top of Pike's Peak.  If you've never been to Colorado Springs I recommend it, it was my first visit but I hope to make it an annual trip. 

On one of the few days that I was home I answered my phone to this, "Hello, someone gave me your name and said you made quilts.  Would you be willing to make a queen size, Christmas themed quilt with hearts for our November fundraiser?"  My first response was, "You don't sew do you?" I tired to negotiate a lap size quilt but only a queen size would do, lol.

After weighing my options I thought using the animal panels in the Merrily by Gingiber for Moda family of fabric would make a big quilt go together very quickly and make a nice looking quilt, one that would appeal to folks and raise some money.

I decided to use the Thicket pattern from my Quilters Camdy Box as inspiration for a Merrily quilt.  This is my pattern, each square is two inches finished.  

I divided the pattern into 4 quadrants, to make it more manageable. 

I put a 1 1/2" wide frame around each panel and threw them on my design wall.

Then I filled in the space with squares.  I did this 4 times.  To save even more time I used jelly rolls for those squares. 

I think I enjoyed making the trees the most, and changed them for each quadrant.  

I used the trees from the free Merrily pattern by Moda as my starting point.  (click here for free pattern)

The geese in the pattern finish at 2 1/2" x 5".

I also pieced geese that finished at  3" x 6" and 2" x 4".

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 210
I've named it Merrily
The pattern is inspired by the Thicket Quilters Candy Box pattern.
It finished at 92" x 108"
It has approximately 1,821 pieces

In the end I went with just one heart, in keeping with the theme of the charitable event, I hope one is enough. 

Even though this project was a rush job, and even though I've sworn off huge quilts, this Merrily fabric was fun to work with,  and I really enjoyed those animals visiting my sewing room for a few weeks.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two - Zero - Niner

It really wasn't such a big deal fixing this quilt.  Plus I know myself well enough that not fixing it would have driven me crazy until the end of time.   I did enjoy the comments I got from quilters who would have probably not noticed the difference or not corrected the top.  Lucky you for being so casual and easy going, I envy you, and I'm guessing you'll live longer than me.

So here it is,

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 209
The pattern is Bits and Pieces by Midcoast Cottage Design ( I did change the pattern just a tad)
The fabric is an assortment of Carolyn Friedlander's fabric for Robert Kaufman
It finished at 79" x 85"
It has approximately 792 pieces

I've been obsessing about the quilts still on my 2017 To Do List, but today ran across a bit of advice and it said when your To Do  list gets you down, sometimes thinking about your Done List cheers you up.  I could not agree more.  If I don't finish another quilt this year it's already been a very rewarding, fun, and productive sewing year.  But really, how much longer can I put off that Double Wedding Ring quilt, tick-tock, lol.  

Friday, August 4, 2017

Next Up

Do you remember how one of my 2017 sewing goals was to work on my Carolyn Friedlander stash and then I made this top that only used 12 of my fat quarters?  Not much of a stash buster.

Then I saw this pattern and thought I would give using up that fabric another go.

The pattern is Bits & Pieces by Midcoast Cottage Design.

First I cut a few strips from each fat quarter in my stack, which was perfect, I'm using a good portion of my Carolyn Friedlander fabric but not all, so for future projects I will still be able to mix in some of her new prints with the old.

I did change up the pattern a bit.  The pattern uses the same number of strips in each strip set with two different widths of strips.  I decided to change up the number of strips in the sets and cut the sets several different widths.   My goal was to make it super scrappy while also using as much fabric as possible.

So this is usually the happy ending section of my blog, where I give you all the finished quilt specifics and myself a pat on the back for a job well done.   Not this time.

Once I got all the sashing and borders on my rows the bottom of the quilt measured 3/4" wider than the top!  WHAT!! I don't think I was as careful as I should have been with my pressing. Those rows have a lot of give.  So I'll spend my weekend taking the borders off, squaring it up again, then putting the borders back on.

But even with this little hiccup, I'm still loving the summery look of this quilt top.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Christmas in July

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to play with Sweetwater's Hometown Christmas fabric for a Christmas in July theme for Moda.

This picture was actually taken in July, so it was literally  Christmas in July for one morning at my house.

I put together two blocks, a background center block and a print center block.

This is the background center block, or Block 1.  The amazing quilting is by Connie Lancaster, the owner of Quilts Plus in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This is the print center block, or Bock 2.

The pattern is a breeze, I went with 3 inch fabric squares and 3 inch half square triangles, but really you can go with any size that you like.  You can also piece as many blocks as you like, no rules here.

The family of fabric has some great prints but the plaids were my favorite.

And here's my finished quilt.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 197
I 've named it Christmas in July
It finished at 88' x 88"
The fabric is Hometown Christmas by Sweetwater for Moda.
It has approximately 1,573 pieces.

Carrie Nelson and the nice folks at Moda have written a pattern for this quilt and it's available for free on the Moda Cutting Table blog.   I think there may also be a giveaway, so check it out today. click here

Thanks Moda for the opportunity to create a fun project and bigger thanks to Carrie Nelson who helped wth the design and all the pattern work.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good Melon

"At that moment I knew.  I knew the way you know about a good melon".  

That quote is from the movie When Harry Met Sally, one of my all time favorite movies that I've watched countless times.  That line played through my head the last couple of weeks while I worked on this project, which I've named Good Melon.

Earlier this year Joanna from Fig Tree offered a curated bundle of fabric made up of melon color fabrics with a few tans.  The color combination really called to me, I rarely work with tan and thought it looked so nice with the melon toned fabric.  It reminded me of cantaloupe, thus the When Harry Met Sally line running through my head.  The fabric came with a split rail pattern that was fine but I thought I could do better.

While looking through my stack of patterns I ran across this one,

Scarlett Queen by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  A pattern that's been on my to do list for ages.   I think's it's the red that always appealed to me, but thought maybe it would look great in melon too.

I did change it up just a tad.  My center blocks were all melon, with some 4 patches but more not.

 I thought those corners in the pattern were a little fussy but after piecing the blocks knew I needed something, so I went with this instead.

I didn't really have the fabric I needed for that pieced border and gave this a try.

But in the end went with this, again, less fuss, just cleaner and simpler.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 208 - Good Melon
It finished at 64 1/2" x 64 1/2"
The fabric is a mix of several different designers but all Moda
The pattern was inspired by Scarlett Queen by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co
It has approximately 895 pieces

Monday, July 10, 2017

Red and White Finish

One of my quilting goals for 2017 is to piece a Red and White quilt.  And this is my go to bible when it comes to red and white quilts, and one of my favorite quilt books.


I have at least 20 pages of quilts marked with post-its that I would like to make at some point, so it was just a matter of selecting one of the 20, which was easier than I expected, mainly because I know this is not my last red and white quilt.

So this is the quilt top I decided on, first, because as you know, hsts are my favorite block, and also because this is one of the quilts in my Red and White Tribute Quilt.  I think it would be fun to have life-size versions of all the mini quilts in my tribute quilt.

I pre-washed my Moda Bella Solids, and I used a color catcher for the red,  it didn't pick up any color at all, way to go Moda.

And Voila!

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 207 - Red and White Lady of the Lake
It finished at 66 1/2" x 74 1/2"
The red fabric is Moda Bella Solid Christmas - 9900-16 - the white is Moda Bella Solid 9900-98
It has 645 hsts for a total of 1,290 pieces.
The large hsts are 6 1/2" and the small ones are 2 1/2"

I miss-counted my 2 1/2" blocks and ended up with 125 extra, plus the pieces for even more.

That's OK, that's just a jump start on the next one, sometime down the road.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Sugar Shack

I don't think I've ever met a house quilt pattern that I didn't love and Martingale has created a whole book of them, I think it's just for me, because it's the Year of Thelma!

Luckily you can buy the book too.  I Love House Blocks has 14 different house patterns by a variety of designers.  The styles are a nice variety too, and whatever your taste in fabric you'll find a pattern that's a perfect match.

I plan to make several of the patterns but first up is Sugar Shack by Tonya Alexander of Eye Candy Quilts. 

I decided to break into my Carolyn Friedlander stash of fabric for this pattern.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 206
The pattern is Sugar Shack by Tonya Alexander from the book I Love House Blocks by Martingale.
If finished at 60" x 64"
The fabric is Crosshatch by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman
There are approximately 336 pieces.

I prepped all my Carolyn Friedlander fabric before I decided to use the Crosshatch prints, so while I have all that fabric out, and since it's ready to go, I think I'll make another quilt top using her fabric.