Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 - My Year in Review

I could not have had a more productive, fun, fulfilling, rewarding or prolific sewing year.  I finished 26 tops, a record for me.  My goal every year is the same, 12 finishes, boy did I surpass that.

One goal for this year was to end the year with no UFO's and that's just what happened.  I finished Zipper (#196) and Ombre Star (#201) which I had started in 2016 in addition to finishing every quilt I started in 2017.

I made two baby quilts, and got the cutest pics of babies enjoying them.

Lilly Rose

I donated two quilts for fund raisers

Merrily #210 and

Hometown USA #185

Both these quilts found great new homes, and combined, raised over $7000 for worthy causes.

I'm so happy I finally tackled that double wedding ring quilt goal that's been on my bucket list for ages, it's an even sweeter accomplishment since I absolutely love what I made.

Great Big Peppermints # 217 - one of my top 5 for 2017.

This also met my Red and White quilt goal, why make one red and white quilt when you can make two?

Lady of the Lake #209

Another 2017 Goal that I accomplished was finally using some of my stash of Carolyn Friendlander fabric.  I ended up piecing two quilts using that fabric and have some left for something fun in 2018.

Sugar Shack, #207


Bits and Pieces #209

And I finally finished a 100 block sampler

This is also one of my top 5 finishes. #215

This is the year instead of sticking to my quilting plan I stopped what I was doing and jumped on a couple of fun and easy social media bandwagon quilts, very un-Thema of me.

Stars and Stripes #203

and Love You Most #195

I intend to be more open to these fun and easy projects in the future, they're a nice break and the finished quilts are great to have on hand when wanting to decorate the house for a special theme.

To round out my top 5 of 2017  I have to add

Fallville #214 - what's not to love,

Sunkissed - #204 - This quilt looks much better in person, sometimes it's just the right fabric for the right pattern that makes a quilt special, that's the case with this one.

My Jen Kingwell finish also has to make my top 5 list.

Long Time Gone # 216. I went with colors that were outside my comfort zone but think it all worked out fine in the end.  And even though I struggled with my fabric choices I loved piecing each block.

Due South was a feel good quilt too,

#200 - another quilt that had been on my to do list for too long.  OK, so now I'm up to 6 top fives, lol, who can really pick a favorite, any finish should be a favorite.

But I really do have a number one finish for 2017 - Swoon #194

I busted open all my Bonnie and Camille bundles to create 9 blocks from my favorite fabrics.

Then I splurged on a custom quilting job.  This was another quilt that had been on my to do list for too long.  I've never met a Swoon quilt I didn't love, but I think I love mine most of all.

All the quilts I made this year are listed on my Second 100 tab with pictures and details.  Start with Village, #193 and end with Falalala Lucy #218.

Today is the last day of the Year of Thelma, it has been a wonderful year, and as is the case with most years, I'm sad to see it end.  Since it was my special birthday year I gave myself permission to say yes to things I would normally say no to, and no to things that I just didn't want to do, all guilt free.  As mothers, wives, sisters, and employees and employers, we naturally tend to put ourselves last, I may not always put myself first in 2018, but I won't be bringing up the rear at every turn either, I hope you can do the same.

I'm still working on my 2018 goals, or as I like to think of them, guidelines.  It's always the same old story, so many quilts, not near enough time.

As I reflect on 2017 I am so thankful for the wonderful quilting community that supports and inspires me and makes me a happier and better quilter.  Best wishes to you for all things wonderful in 2018, thanks for stopping by blog.

All quilts are followed by my Lifetime Quilt #.  For more detail on any quilt go to my Second 100 tab, all quilts are listed with links to details.

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  1. Dear Thelma..I have really enjoyed your blog and your quilt finishes this special year. I know 2018 will be wonderful for you as well and am looking forward to seeing all the interesting projects you will be working on this coming year. Hoping it will be one filled with lovely new fabrics, terrific patterns, as well as a year of family,fun, kindness and love....😊

  2. You are amazing ( I think I’ve told you that before) and I’m so glad I found your blog. Happy New Year to you 🎉🎉

  3. Wow! that is an impressive number of quilts. There are several that I wish lived at my house. I am hoping to make 2018 the Year of Nancy. I retired from work on the 15th of December and I hope to really be able to get some quilts done. I currently have a number of UFO's. I am sad that I did not think to number my quilts as I know I have made many that I have given away and no longer remember. I will have to look for pictures this year when I go thru all the photos as I attempt to organize them. Many were made before digital. Going thru photos is on the list this year also.

  4. Happy 2018! I'm so happy that 2017 was such a wonderful, amazing, special and memorable year for you. You deserve the very best always.

    So what will you do the next big YoT? You've got nine years to start planning. lol

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love them all and you always inspire me. I need to do a better job of documenting my quilts. You need a "My Third 100 Quilts" tab! Wow!

  6. What a wonderful quilting year you've had - all such wonderful quilts! And the money you raised with the raffles is extraordinary - that must have brought a huge smile to your face. Here's to another Year of Me for us all!

  7. Wonderful post. So fun to read and remember all your quilts of the year. Congratulations! Happy New Year!

  8. You inspire me. Your quilts are beautiful. I look forward to receiving posts from you. Thank you.

  9. Amazing quilts. A real inspiration for the year ahead!

  10. I have enjoyed each and every one of your quilts! Following your blog has turned me into such a Miss Rosie fan. I’m a relatively new quilter and thanks to you, I number my quilts and keep track of the pieces, I’m approaching number 20! Thanks for all the inspiration, I patiently await your next reveal.

  11. What a great year you had, Thelma! It's always a pleasure seeing your fine work. Here's to the next 100!

  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed that ride that was "The Year of Thelma". I've seen fun quilts I might like to make and been inspired by your Great Big Peppermints and Long Time Gone. Who knows where you'll take us next?! Wishing you a new year filled with health, wealth and the time to enjoy them.

  13. I've loved all your YOT posts!! Your quilts are just beautiful and inspiring! Who did your beautiful quilting on your Swoon quilt?

    1. Joy Voltenburg - I should have mentioned the quilter, she does amazing work.

  14. It looks like 2017 was a very good year! Here's wishing you an even better 2018!

  15. A truly amazing year, Thelma! I wish you a wonderful 2018, too. Your quilts to the fund raisers were fabulous. It would be very helpful to read a post of how those fundraisers reached that $7000 total - I know your quilts had a lot to do with it. Blessings,

  16. Wow! You have had an awesome quilty year! I'm loving the Hometown USA one...and of course, Swoon! :-) You certainly are quite an inspiration!

    I'm thinking one a month is a good goal to reach for in 2018! Let's see if I can keep!

    Happy New Year!!!

  17. Happy New Year! A wonderful review of the year of Thelma projects... all gorgeous!
    Isn't it great to have a blog to keep track of these quilts?!?


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