Thursday, December 28, 2017

YoT 100 Block 6" Sampler

I'm still  updating my blog to match my 2017 sewing life and I have no idea how I almost missed blogging about this quilt, one of my favorites for 2017.

So one of my Year of Thelma goals was to piece a 100 block sampler made up of 6" blocks.

Here's a little something I've learned over the last few years, no one has enough time to make all the quilts they want to make, so in order to get through my long to do list I combine quilt patterns when possible.  That's what I did with my 6" sampler quilt.  I don't have enough time to make every  sampler out there, so I decided to piece my favorite blocks from all my books.

And to add to the fun I "graded" each block after I pieced it.  1 was a perfect block, perfect execution, great pattern and lovely fabric selection for that pattern.  2 was almost perfect, I just missed one of the criteria from 1.  3 was missing two of the perfect 1 criteria.  4's were total misses.

As I pieced my blocks I put them on my design wall under its corresponding grade.    When I was done I had mostly 1 blocks, hurrah, and I only managed one total miss.  There were a few 3s but I didn't get a picture of them, and some 3s did make it into my finished quilt.  Once the blocks were pieced I actually loved them all and I couldn't remember why I sometimes gave a block a grade of 2 or 3.

To finish things off I just added some sashing and floating cornerstones for a simple yet perfect for my taste setting.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 215
I've named it Year of Thelma 100 Block Sampler
It finished at 85" x 85"
The fabric is all Bonnie and Camille for Moda
It has approximately 2,081 pieces.

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  1. Have to say this is the best one yet and think is my most favorite one to date. Just love the sampler feel and colors are perfect.... great way to end "A year of Thelma" with this top at the end and kind of wraps it all up in a great bow!!!

  2. Very nice. That’s quite a collection of quilt blocks. Lovely quilt

  3. Such a beautiful quilt I loved to watch yur process on IG.

  4. Oh this is really nice, Thelma! Happy New Year to you!!

  5. It turned out so nice, but of course you used my favorite fabrics. :) How ingenious to grade your blocks. Sometimes we come up with things that just don't work, and we have to allow ourselves to toss them.

  6. I like your way of thinking. The idea to combine blocks from various samplers and books is a great idea.

  7. What a great way to finish out the year. It's really been a treat to go along for the ride that has been "The Year of Thelma". Thanks for taking me along on your journey.

  8. They all deserve a 1 to me....simply gorgeous!

  9. The floating cornerstones are the perfect choice. They set the blocks off so well. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


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