Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday . . . . . .

Some folks don't get enough Easter on Sunday, they have Easter Monday too, which is news to me, but now I'm in the know, thanks to my cupcake calendar. I got this calendar from Rene at Rene Creates and I take pictures of the yummy looking cupcakes all the time, but they rarely make it to my blog.

But this cupcake is too cute to ignore, plus it's Easter Monday.

The weather here has been perfect for a regular ice cream cone, overnight our grass turned green, Cooper's favorite places turned really green, and the trees are budding, I think spring has really sprung! It feels great to finally catch up with all the spring pictures I've been seeing on other blogs.

On Friday I made Block 3 of the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along by Moose on the Porch.

I substituted my background fabric for the center square in my blocks, I got the idea from a few other folks who did the same. At first I wasn't crazy about block three's design.

But when I add it to the group, I think it looks great. I'm enjoying this quilt along, the designs have been easy and I'm loving getting to work with the bright fabric.

The Easter Bunny brought me these......

They are Sketchers Shape-Ups! The company claims the shoe's innovative design will give me the butt of a 20 year old.....or something like that. I'm still getting used to them, they make me walk like a duck, but a nice side bonus, I can now reach items on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets. I'm mainly planning on wearing them when I walk Cooper. Walking Cooper usually doesn't result in much of a workout for me, he's a sniffer and a dawdler, which makes it hard for me to work up much of a sweat.

I'll spare you my before pictures, but stayed tuned, there might possibly be after pictures!

And finally, I'm sticking with Jake until he's done! Thanks so much for all the comments, you are an inspiring group, and right, I'm really close and should stick with it. And one of the reasons I started this project was for a break in fabric and piecing drama, come to find out, I like a little drama in my sewing room! So I'm going to appreciate this simple little block that needs its friends to come to life and turn into something amazing.

I didn't get any sewing done over the weekend, and have a busy week ahead of me, but I'm hoping to wrap up that project by next Monday!


  1. We have Easter Monday here but only for schools and government.
    I'll love to hear how you like the shoes. My pups are dawdlers too so I might like them.
    Your blocks are so bright and cheerful. I love them.

  2. HMMMM - no Easter Monday here. Sweet blocks!

    A week to be done with Jake - I can hardly wait to see Jake completed. :-)

  3. Today's a holiday? I don't think I should be at work if that's the case! Love your bright jelly roll blocks - that quilt is really growing on me. Can't wait to hear what you think of your new Sketchers.

  4. Where I grew up in North Dakota a four day weekend for Easter was a given because schools were closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday, as were many businesses. Imagine my shock when I not only had school on Good Friday here in AZ, but a test too boot!

    Love your new block. It really offsets the busyness of the second block. Can't wait to see Jake done too.

    And I want a pair of those shoes, if nothing else to reach the top shelf of the pantry LOL. But the 20 year old butt would be nice too!

  5. I laughed out loud when I read about your new Sketchers, Thelma! Let me know if they work. Heck, I'd be happy with the butt of a 30-year-old! So glad you're sticking with Jake - I think it's very striking and I'm sure you'll be happy with it!

  6. Love the idea of Easter Monday. I need a day to recover from eating all those chocolate eggs.
    Your blocks are lookin' good!

  7. My mom used to make us cupcakes in ice cream cones when I was little. They always looked so cute!

    I like that you used the background fabric in the center of your current block. All three look really good! Have a great week!

  8. I'm *so* happy you're not relegating Jake to The Project Box. He's a perfect blend of dark denim meets Brooks Brothers chinos meets crisp white shirt, and I think he's going to be stunning! The bright quilt blocks are cute as can be.

    Oh, and good luck with your new shoes! LOL!

  9. I want a paair of Sketchers but since I haven't been able to make myself get out and walk I can't justify the expense. So I have challenged myself to walk 5 days a week for a month and if I do it I can buy those neat shoes.

  10. Love those dotty bright fabrics! Let us know how the sketchers work out...we may all need to get some!

  11. I love your block...I like the idea of the same fabric in the centers of all 4 blocks...I think I'll have to be a copy cat. Looking forward to seeing Jake. Both my guys are dawdlers...sniff every blade of it's not a real cardio workout for me. But I guess the good news is I'm moving.

  12. Love, love, love the polka dots!

    Interesting comment on the butt and the shoes! Hey, whatever works, right?


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