Monday, April 26, 2010

Where've Ya' Been???

Oh wait, it was me that was gone. Just in this month alone I've made three trips to Indianapolis and one trip to Chicago and one trip to Paducah, Kentucky. Three sporting events and two quilt shows, not bad, and all fun. The good thing about living in the middle of nowhere, you're not too far from somewhere!!

I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal routine. Cooper heads back to daycare this week, I have no planned road trips, and I have some serious catching up to do in my sewing room and on my blog.

I'm eager to tell you about the Chicago and Paducah quilt shows but first things first, today I finished block number 4 of the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along, just in the nick of time.

This fabric is called splish splash, perfect for today, it's been raining all day long. These strips are leftovers from Kara's Jungle quilt.

So I'm up to 4 blocks on this sew along.....I'm still not loving the second block, but overall I'm enjoying making them.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on Jake, my Jacob's Ladder quilt top. My name came up on my long arm quilter's list so I mailed him off last week to be finished, perfect timing. I should have him back in a couple of weeks. I'm eager to see it all done and hanging over the bannister.

I have more to share but I'll save it for another day!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I'm really enjoying all these blocks. They're bright and happy and look really well together. Paducah is one quilt show that I really must make time for one year.

  2. You've been missed, Thelma! I'm looking forward to hearing about Paducah!

  3. Thelma your block is great! Missed you! I'll bet Cooper's happy today...back to see his friends! YIPPEE!!!

  4. Boy oh boy, do I wish I could send my dogs off to day care! Especially with all the activity going on around here with workmen coming and going.
    Can't wait to hear about Paducah.

  5. welcome back !! . . . I have so missed your blog posts . . . but happy you had a great time !!

  6. Welcome home Thelma. Can't wait to hear about Paducah.

  7. Tell us all about the quilt shows!! What did you see/buy in Paducah?

  8. Been missing your posts, THelma. I love all the blocks, and I especially love those colors and fabrics. So happy!

  9. I'm so happy that you are back! Reading your blog makes my day. Your jelly roll quilt is certainly bright and cheerful!

  10. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun, but we missed seeing you post.

    Your blocks look great!


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