Friday, April 16, 2010

Tootin' My Horn . . . . . .

Most every time there's a picture on my blog with my sewing table, I get a few comments asking about I figured I would give this wonderful piece of furniture its own post.

Meet the Horn Multi Lift 5000!!

This little table makes my sewing life so easy and fun.

When I first started sewing, my table consisted of an unfinished door setting on a small plastic table. It slid all around and vibrated when I sewed. It was about as bad a setup as you could get.

Then my husband bought me this for my birthday, definitely one of my all time top 10 presents.

The table is 72 inches long.

and can be either 30 inches or 40 inches deep. This little 10 inch flap here goes up or down. I always have it up.

And even though it's quite heavy, 252 pounds, the rollers make it easy to push around the room and also lock to keep it in place.

I do all my cutting on this end.

and I added the Ott light.

So this is what the machine looks like most of the time, just sitting in that little well, doing its job.

But with one little push, the sewing machine is gone, and you can use this whole table top.

With one little push it pops down here and stays.

Then, with one little push down

it pops right back up. It must have been calibrated at the factory for my machine, because it knows right where to stop for a perfect fit.

But this is what makes this table so wonderful, it has a hydraulic lift that will lower the table to

29 3/4 inches or raise the table to

42 inches. I'm able to program the lift to stop at the perfect height for cutting or sewing with the touch of one button.

I use this feature multiple times everyday I sew. Up, down, up ,down, I'm never bending over or straining my back.

If you look at this table on line from the Horn site, here, you'll notice a drawer on the lefthand side of the table. I took that off, first thing. I like to roll back and forth on my chair across the front of the table and kept running into the side of that drawer, I've never missed it.

But here's my absolute favorite feature.....

a cup holder!

Now if I could only get Starbucks to deliver.


  1. Boy, what a terrific advertisement for Horn! That is truly a wonderful table. Hmmm...

  2. The Cadillac of tables! Now, I am having even more quilter's envy! LOL You should get a discount from Horn's for the great promo!! Makes me want to run out and buy one!

  3. That is a great review! And the cupholder puts the cherry on the sundae! Or should I say cupcake? No wonder you are so productive - your setup is certainly conducive to it!

  4. wow what great table, would love to get this one too, its amazing

  5. Thank you so much for answering my question about the table. You have a great sewing room and table.

    Thanks again


  6. I just love, love that table! I would die to have one of those, but don't have the room. But it's just so perfect. And the added addition of the cup holder certainly doesn't hurt, does it?

  7. Wow Thelma! What a great table. I have never seen this model before. When we were looking for a table for my machine, we ended up with a Koala, which I love. Your table is so versatile because it doubles as a cutting table too. Two for one! Great!

  8. Good Lord! I want one!!! Lol that is the ultimate table for sure!

  9. Wow, your workspace is amazing, I love how large and functional it is.
    Your "model" is pretty cute, too, Cooper is being a good doggie! So, how many photo shots did it take you, LOL! :-} pokey

  10. If I got one of these for a present, I think it would be number one! What a great table. Thank you for describing all of the features. And you're right, the cupholder is genius!! Best stop buying so much fabric and start saving for one of these babies instead.

  11. oh that is a perfect set up....must look into this table

  12. Okay, the whole hydraulic lift sucked me in. I'm thinking I need one of these babies ASAP. Thanks for sharing with us. I love it. I see so many sewing tables out there and never know if it will suit my needs. This is simple and to the point.

  13. Fabulous table - I've seen them but never sure how they worked. I had a Horn cabinet for years and the lift for my machine was my favorite part.

  14. So very nice. My husband bought me a koala a few years ago. So glad you enjoy it. The lifts are nice becuase you get a nice large space to work on.

  15. That is one nice table! Horn should put you on commission for this.

  16. Wow! That looks so great! I would love the smooth big sewing surface for quilting!!

  17. What a great sewing table! I have never heard of this.

  18. Oh my word this is the best EVER!!! What a great hubby you have. I am off to check out the site. It's absolutely the perfect sewing table. Thanks for sharing all the features....and so nice to find your blog!

  19. You have convinced me!! I have a few questions. Does the acrylic insert come with it? You just tell them what kind of machine you have and they send along the right size insert? What about the melamine insert when you lower the machine? Do you just store it somewhere until you want the entire surface to be even? Does the machine come all the way to the surface when you want to change the bobbin?

    My local Bernina shop usually has a huge sale every May when they offer everything at 30% off. I know what I'm getting this year!

  20. Thanks for the sewing table info. I may just check that out for when I move.

  21. That is one terrific table. I'm positively green with envy!

  22. I am pea green with envy! I will now put this table on my list for Father Christmas...

  23. wow....I want one :0)
    my sewing table is an old door.

    Happy sewing

  24. What a great table Thelma! I haven't seen that one before. I love seeing your sweet pooch in the pics to demonstrate the differences in height! And yes, Starbucks delivered would be the only thing more perfect!

  25. Does that mean you now have to think of something really good for DH (Dear Husband) for his birthday? LOL
    - maybe you could buy him one of those fully automatic coffee machines (the ones that grind the beans, pour the coffee and even do the milk and stuff) - that way if DH likes good coffe, he will think you got him a really good present - and you won't have to worry about the fact that Starbucks don't deliver!

    Actually that cup holder is not as silly/funny as I first thought - it is actually quite a clever idea having a cup holder that swings out from under the table and is just below table height - if one still somehow managed to knock over one's cup of coffee with one's elbow/etc (I am sure I would find a way ;-) then it would most likely spill on the floor - not all over the table and whatever sewing/etc you have spread out all over it.
    btw - Cooper looks like a really nice dog!

  26. I love the table. So many nice features. Thanks so much for sharing the review and the website.

  27. Thelma, What an amazing piece of furniture. The ultimate sewing table!!! One of these days, when I have a sewing room and don't have to set up in my small living room for the winter, then back downstairs to the family room in the summer, I will definitely be getting one of those. But...right now, since I have to invade our living space to sew, I'll just have to dream about it. Great review though, and I also loved Cooper's part in your demonstration. Thanks!!!

  28. Thelma,
    I wanted to tell you thanks for posting about your sewing table! I was in the market for a table in May and walked into a local sewing shop where they had the 3000 for sale. I had never seen these Horn tables before and was instantly excited. I have a small room that I was converting into a sewing room (moving out of the dining room - Yea!) and had little space for both a sewing machine cabinet/table and a cutting table. A two-in-one and my problem was solved! Your blog was the only information I could find at the time regarding opinions and experience with it. I found it extremely helpful in making my final decision. I am so happy with my table - absolutely love it! Quilting is even more fun because of it! Thank you again!

    ~ Lisa in Charlotte, NC


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