Saturday, May 22, 2010

Analysis Paralysis ! ! !

For almost a year now, I've been trying to make a purchase decision for a new camera.

I narrowed my decision down to two choices but have been waffling over those two ever since.

I'm leaning towards the Nikon D90


the Nikon D5000

Back and forth I go, unable to decide.....and while I'm wasting all this time, I'm missing out on taking really good pictures!!

The majority of the pictures taken with the camera will be of quilts and dogs, but really, mainly quilts. Oh I'll probably take a few pictures on vacation and of family, but the reason I'm buying this camera is to get good photographs of my quilts.

If you have thoughts or experience you could share with me, to help with my decision, could you please send me a note at

I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable leaving their opinions in the comments section, that's why I thought an email would maybe be better.

If you like a camera better than my Nikon choices, feel free to send that information too...oh and any help with the lens issue would be a nice bonus!!

I've been reading photography blogs, gathering information and researching cameras, but those blogs don't talk about photographing that's when it occurred to me to bring this up on my blog, where folks who quilt would likely visit.

Thanks so much!!


  1. You should ask Rachel at p.s. I quilt which camera she uses. She takes some great pictures.

  2. Sent you an email on this one when the post became ridiculously long!

  3. I'm not so sure the camera is as important as the lighting when you take the photos . . .

    I try for outside . . . but it isn't always the weather I want or need when I'm taking my photos . . . when I am able to take my quilt photos outside they come out really good . . .

    if you have to use a flash it distorts the color of the fabrics . . . not sure that can be helped much . . .

    I would love to see other responses . . .

  4. I have been very impressed with the Cannon Digital Rebel that our son bought himself for Christmas this year. It was perhaps the xsi - anyway it was the latest one and if you have small hands take a look at it. The lenses are fabulous and his pictures are crisp and bright. For some reason Blogger would kept giving me reasons that I could not send an email.

  5. Wanna hear something funny? I've had a Nikon D80 for 2 years and just a couple of weeks ago thought about asking you what camera you're using to take such great photographs of your quilts! I'll email you with some of my experience using the D80.

  6. Thelma, I take horrible pictures so I can't help, but I was wondering...have you ever visited Camille Roskelley's blog 'Simplify' at ???She takes the most wonderful pictures I have ever seen and I know she got a new camera a while back. Her photos, no matter what the subject are absolutely amazing. Just a thought. Good luck with your decision.

  7. I have a Nikon D40 and I absolutely love it.

  8. Hope it isn't too late to throw in my 2 cents worth. If you can afford the D90, in my opinion that would be the better camera. The D5000 is the replacement for the D40 which is the bottom model. The D90 has a auto focus motor which will drive some of the older lens such as the 50mm 1.8 (great lens for indoor work) I have a d40 and I love it, but if money was no object I'd buy a d90.


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