Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Change is in the air . . . . . .

Thanks for all the help with my camera decision,

After him hawing around for 6 months, this is what finally motivated me to take action......

This is a picture of Cooper while on a play date with Lucky. Look to the right...yep, that's Cooper!! This is pretty much what all the action shots looked like....random dog parts. My camera is just too slow to get those dogs in action. As a matter of fact, most of my Cooper pictures are 2 seconds away from being a great picture and instead are just OK pictures.

I think I've mentioned how a wonderful family with a 4 year old setter lives near me, and just in the last month we've been getting the dogs together for some exercise in their 3 acre fenced in backyard.

Look at that long green play area for the dogs....here the dogs were kind enough to stand still for 5 seconds so I could get a decent picture of them, with all their body parts, in one shot.

This is how I know it's time to go home, Cooper's tongue hanging down past his collar!

So anyway, I ordered a camera based on the information you sent, it should be here this week, I expect you'll notice the difference in my pictures immediately, because they will be horrible, but that's OK, practice will make perfect..I'm hoping!!

For all the folks who leave comments about my neat sewing room, I thought I would share this picture for you.

I only prewash my red fabric, and any fabric that I'm going to be mixing with those reds, which meant I had quite a stack of Rouenneries and Rural Jardin fabric to wash.

I did not sew when we moved into this house, but when we move into another house, bannisters like the ones in the above picture will be a must. My sewing room is at the top of the stairs, off to the left, so I use those bannisters all the time. I throw fabric over them after it's pressed but before it's cut and stack it there after its been washed and while it's still damp.

That blue piece of fabric in the picture is really a plastic table cloth, since the fabric was damp I didn't want warp or ruin the stain on the bannister, so I put that down over the bannister first.

That fabric hung like that for at least 3 hours before I got it all pressed and folded.......
I sure am glad company didn't unexpectedly drop by.

I'm still working on Even Bigger Madeline......

Nicole, of Sister's Choice, took the Schnibbles pattern Madeline and enlarged the blocks to make a beautiful quilt. (click here to see it) I took one look at her quilt and decided to do the same. She made a 70 inch square finished quilt, using 5 rows of 5 big Madeline blocks. I decided I wanted to be able to use my quilt on my king size bed and decided to go 7 rows of 7 blocks, giving me an Even Bigger Madeline.

Well here's a picture of all the blocks I could fit on my design wall. I'm combining the reds and lights of Rural Jardin with the creams, grays, salmon and reds of Rouenneries. I love every block I've made.

But after I got all these blocks up, I decided my Even Bigger Madeline needed a little something. I thought all those blocks in all those rows would be boring on my bed......so I'm making a change, and hope to have the new and improved Madeline done by the end of the month......stay tuned, there's more to come!!

But the best news of all, I'm loving this project and can hardly keep myself out of my sewing room.....ahhhh, it's a wonderful feeling!!


  1. I love it. It's turning out beautifully. Can't wait to see the twist you are going to give it.

  2. Drooling in jealousy over both a new camera and Madeline! Oh it's so beautiful!

  3. Would love to have a banister, looks like it comes in handy. LOVE your Madeline and can't wait for the twist.

  4. Oh my goodness~ I love the big Madeline! Doing a bit of drooling here too. And that is a wonderful size drying rack you have there! ;-)

  5. All of Cooper's parts are adorable. LOL

    Oh, I had fabulous bannisters like that in our previous home and always had fabric draped on them while I was sewing. No bannisters in this house - miss them but don't miss the stairs. LOL

    Can't wait to see your Big Madeline.

  6. I always love to see Cooper in action!
    I have access to our bannister also off of my sewing room. Very handy! I am trying to imagine what you will do with the quilt... set the whole top on point???

  7. Oh my goodness how I love that quilt and those fabrics. And I like the efficient way you use available space for crafting. I wouldn't even worry about those fabrics hanging there even if people came over. It gives them something to think about.

  8. I'm really coveting a banister like yours to hang pressed fabric over. I'm in a one story house so that is not going to happen. I always am looking for places to put bigger pieces of pressed fabric.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your Madeline!

  9. I use my bannister as a fabric holding pen too. But 3 hours! That's fast; sometimes my fabric is draped there for days!

  10. Whoa - beautiful quilt so far. Can't wait to see the Big Reveal. Love the shot of Cooper's tongue hanging out! Now that's a happy, worn-out dog!

  11. Very beautiful! I can't imagine what you are going to do next to improve it!?! Love the bannister photo!

  12. Oh, it's very pretty Thelma! I love the larger blocks - and the bannisters are perfect for storage! Very cute dogs BTW!!

  13. I love your quilt but it is even more fun to see your excitement. That is catching.

  14. Whatever change you make to the quilt, I'm sure, will still make it stunning. You just have the knack!!! Love to see your projects!

  15. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful lawn in the photo of the two dogs. Wow, can't even begin to imagine mowing it, but it sure is gorgeous to look at.

  16. That is one beautiful quilt!! I love, love,love your blog header too!


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