Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Catch Up . . . . . . . . .

Remember awhile back, when Cooper had a two week break in doggy daycare? Well Cooper and I are both happy to report that the break is over. The first day back after the break, the dogs were almost uncontrollable with excitement. When Cooper got in the daycare room he ran around in circles barking at the ceiling he was so excited. I've never seen him act like that at daycare before or since. He must have been so happy he just didn't know what to do.

This is why I like doggy daycare. This is Cooper when he got home, after the first day back, he was so pooped he didn't even open an eye when I took his picture.

Remember this.......

This is what I told you I was going to work on when I finished up Jake (who is already at the quilter's, yeah!!)

I decided to make the geese first, to get a feel for the fabric.

But the project just wasn't calling my name. I think this fabric, Stars and Coxcombs, is perfect for this project, but I just wasn't running up to my sewing room to work on this quilt. I like a project that I'm so excited about that I hurry through all my To Do's to squeeze in as much time as possible in my sewing room. This project just wasn't doing it, so I packed it all up and started something else.

My daughter has asked me to make some runners for her bedroom furniture. Allyson, Fat Cat Quilts, made a table runner using the blocks and pattern from Roundabout. To see Allyson's runner click here.

I really liked it so I figured I would do the same for my daughter's runners. I'm using 2 cotton quilting fabrics. The other 3 fabrics are shams and pillowcases from her bedding. That fabric stretches and slides something terrible.

Here's my inspiration block for that project.

When I'm not fighting with the fabric for Roundabout, I'm working on this.....

only bigger.

Nicole, Sisters Choice, made a Big Madeline that I fell in love with. I'm making an even bigger Madeline, same size blocks as Nicole, 11 1/2 inches, but 49 of them for my king size bed.

I was getting tired of the bedding collection in my bedroom, I've been using it for over 6 years. So I took down the heavy drapes, and got rid of the matching bedskirt, comforter, shams, and pillows. Right now Hibiscus at My Caribbean Cabin is on the bed with plain sheers covering the windows.

But sometime, I'll be replacing that quilt with this one.

Rouenneries and Rural Jardin, two families of fabric just made for the bedroom I think....

Here's my inspiration block for Even Bigger Madeline. I'm using the bolder reds from Rouenneries and Rural Jardin for this quilt.

I was planning to use Rouenneries for Belle Meade, but I've now decided to make Belle Meade using my Rounneries leftovers and the blues from Rural Jardin. It will make a nice companion throw for the chair in the bedroom. I've also bought extra yardage to make some shams and pillows.

It will be a nice fresh look.....something to get me wanting to spend time in my sewing room!

Just yesterday I was having a conversation with Sandie at Crazy 'bout Quilts about not being able to juggle more than one thing in my sewing room at a time, and here I am right in the middle of these two projects plus the Moose on the Porch Jelly Roll Sewalong, very unThelma like!

I'm hoping to have the runners and Even Bigger Madeline all done by the end of this month, stay tuned for updates!!


  1. Muhaha we are corrupting you to the inefficient but fun and frantic quilting!
    I wish I wish I could make the Madeline bigger...oh would I love an entire room/house in Rouenneries/Rural Jardin. Now that would be heaven!

  2. As I was reading your post, I thought the same thing...very un-Thelma like! Glad you have found a project that makes you get up and go!

  3. Aw - look at that cute dog-tired doggie!! I'm the same way with my projects. I am trying to decide on one that will give me that "can't wait to get sewing" feeling. I love the fabrics for your DD's table runners, especially that background. Do you know who makes that one? OMG, Even Bigger Madeline is just stunning. I love those reds!

  4. Your Madeline is going to be a big as a circus tent Thelma! But beautiful! If it works out to be too big for the bed you can always set it up as a patio cover.
    Look at that sweet Cooper. Pooped Coop.

  5. That picture of Cooper is so cute. He must have been so worn out!

    I get like you with the projects - if they don't call to me I don't want to do them. I was working on two quilts, but one just didn't do it for me, so I put it away - maybe it will call to me later.

    Just love those fabrics for the Madeline.

  6. Your Even Bigger Madeline is going to be wonderful...that will be a fun one to work on. The Roundabout is going to be wonderful too, but slippy fabric is a scary thing. LOL!
    Look at that sweet Cooper...he's pooped! I love his hand over his face...too cute.

  7. Wow, you ARE working in a very un-Thelma like way! I could never work on just one thing at a time, which is probably why I have so many UFO's LOL. All of those projects look great. Can't wait to see your progress.

    And Cooper looks so sweet in that picture. Don't they always when they are sleeping? Glad he is happy to be back at doggy day care.

  8. I love that you only want to work on something that grabs your interest! That Cooper is one cutie dog!

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  10. I'm trying again...:-)!!! Love that Madeline and the runner is going to be wonderful!!! Cooper sure does look like a pooped pup!

  11. Oh my gosh, your doggie so cute! Is he/she laying on a "minkie"?!?!? lol That's so cute.
    Where do you live? I can't find it on your profile. I'm so glad I found you. This quilt is going to be SO gorgeous! Love the quilt you showed down below w/the hexies, but w/borders. I'm a hexie person now.... great idea.


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