Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Internet Woes . . . . . . .

For some reason, that can't be explained by our local DSL provider, our internet has not been happy for a couple of weeks. We went from absolutely no problems to constant timing outs and downloads that never finish.

No one seems to know why.

It's gotten so bad at home that I've resorted to going to Starbucks to use their wireless connection. Since they are nice enough to let me sit at their tables to get caught up on my favorite blogs and email, I feel it is my duty to buy a chocolate cherry mocha (grande) and brownie. (you can't order one without the other, that's the rule!)

My waistline cannot take it anymore.

So as soon as my DSL connection allows me to download pictures, I'll be happy to blog about all the neat things I bought at the Paducah Quilt Show. Until then, I'll just be keeping up with what all you, my favorite fellow bloggers are up to.

Don't forget about me, and come back when you can,



  1. Aw that stinks! Hopefully it gets resolved soon. We'll miss you

  2. I noticed you'd been quiet. It's so frustrating when technology let's us down - we've become so dependent on it! Never mind, I'm sure it will be sorted out soon - we'll be glad to see you back again! And I'm sure you'll have made another fifteen or so quilts in the meantime!

  3. Boo Hiss!!! I'll be waiting right here!

  4. I've wondered where you've been . . . I've missed your posts . . .

    I'll keep checking back everyday . . . because your blog is one of the ones I read with my morning coffee everyday . . . hopefully you will be back really soon . . .

    I think there is something bigger going on besides your DSL company . . . I have been having trouble with timing out and applications going to "not responding" a lot lately . . . both at home and at work where we have a huge system . . . so I think there is something going on out there in cyberspace . . .

    you hang in there . . . and keep sewing !!

  5. i think it's only fair that a brownie should be accompanied by something with cherry in its name ... although i'm not sure what a chocolate cherry mocha grande might be

    my internet access keeps taking breaks, too - maybe it's as tired as i am

  6. Glad to hear things are well, other than the internet connection. I was getting a bit worried about you. I would never forget about you and will wait with great anticipation until you are able to post once again.

    I normally stick with a Caramel Machiatto for my occasional Starbucks treat, but I love the chocolate cherry combination, so I may have to try the drink you like, although my waistline can't take too much Starbucks either!

  7. Thelma, I certainly hope your DSL gets fixed soon, I can't wait to see your treasures! Ah, was the Strawberries and cream Frappachinos that got me...I was getting one every single day because they were kind enough to open a store less than a mile from my house. I have been a very good girl though, I haven't had one in over a year...hmmm, maybe it's time!

  8. Don't you just hate that!?! I think computer problems are one of the main sources of stress for people these days. There is always something going wrong with one of our computers or the modem or the printer or the wireless or...

  9. "Matters beyond our control"~~don't ya just HATE that?!?
    We'll be here, don't worry. Our computer has to go in for ~ well, whatever it is they need to do, our nerd herd guy (our family friend with more computer brains than I'll EVER have) ordered the extra ram(?) and promises to only keep it overnight. Wonder if I can sleepover, too....


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