Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Spy Selvages . . . . .

I won a bag of selvages from Karen at the Selvage Blog.

Not just selvages....

some really cute selvages.....

I think these acorns are my favorite...

but these are pretty cute too!

I've been using my standard rotary cutter when I remove my selvages from the fabric, but these selvages all had curved edges instead of straight, which I think is a very clever idea. Note to self, buy one of those wavy edged cutters!!

I sure hope my jar fills up soon, I'm eager to use these strips, although I'm thinking my first selvage project may be a tuffet.

I ran across a blog today displaying pictures of an I Spy quilt and it reminded me that I'd yet to blog about the one I Spy quilt I've made. My goal is to have blogged about all my quilts by my one year anniversary, which is only 3 months away.

So here's Quilt #21 - Maya's I Spy Quilt

I made it for my niece's daughter. It's just your traditional large hexagon block with triangles added to set. I used the Pat Yamin templates, where you get the hexagon and triangle templates as a set. She has 3 sizes to choose from, 3 1/2 inches, 4 inches or 5 inches.

(click on pictures to enlarge and get a better look)

To add a little fun, I had an embroidery shop embroider some of the I Spy picture words on strips of 2 1/2 inch wide fabric. At the time, Maya was learning to read, so I thought having the words run around the edges of the quilt would help her learn the words while also looking for the pictures. This quilt now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

I'm still working on my Roundabout and Madeline projects, hopefully I'll have made enough progress to merit taking pictures and sharing soon.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Love your I Spy! I think it is the cutest one I've ever seen! Having the words embroidered on was so clever. I bet your niece just loves it.

  2. Those are great salvages! I've never seen any like them.

    Great I Spy quilt also and what a great idea about having the words embroidered!

  3. Love the pink in your quilt !

  4. Those selvedges are adorable! I love your version of the I spy...much more interesting then the straight squares.

  5. The eye spy quilt is adorable - love the embroidered words.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the cute selvages.

  6. I've never made an I Spy quilt either. I bet collecting all the fabrics is lots of fun!

  7. that has to be THE CUTEST i spy quilt that i have ever spied.

    and right now i have my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears and i'm saying blah-blah-blah-i-can't-HEAR-you cuz i do NOT need another super-fantastic-wowsa idea for I SPY quilts for my grandchildren!!!

  8. The I spy is cute cute cute! I love the embroidered border it really makes it different. I've never been a big fan of them but I really like this one. I think it's how you extended the concept into the border and while framing it you let the fun peek out. Lovely.

    I was just telling my daughter the other day how selvages are no longer something to discard. They are making them really cute nowadays. My Park Avenue FQs have little hollies on the selvage.

  9. I just love those selvages!!! They're darling. And the I Spy quilt - I love it too. I have one started and never finished it. I worked on it for my kids and included pictures of family in it. Sadly now their 13 and 17, but perhaps I should still finish it up! :o)

  10. What a great quilt! I love the word border!
    And those selvages are real gems...lucky you!
    I think to get more selvages you should start a few more quilts!

  11. Your idea of having the names of things to look for embroidered into the quilt border is brilliant! Love it!

    I need to start saving my selvages!

  12. Your Eye Spy quilt is so cute! I love the way you made it & put the spy list in the inner border. Love the pink border too! You must be having a lot of fun with those great selvage pieces! Lucky girl:)


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