Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday . . . . .

To Me!!

Yessery Bob, today's my birthday!

I learned ages ago, if you want to have a nice birthday, do something about it.

I figure once you're old enough to leave home and Mom and Dad, if you're not able to plan your own birthday celebration, then you deserve what you get!

A girlfriend gave me this beautiful cake for my birthday......better yet, it tastes even more wonderful than it looks!!

I won't tell you my age, because it quit changing at 50, but I will tell you this, the year I was born, a gallon of gas was 24 cents and a gallon of milk (delivered to your door in a glass bottle) was $1.00!

Since I'm feeling particularly happy today, I figured I would celebrate my birthday with you!

I completely fell in love with this watermelon quilt on the cover of the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine. The May/June 2010 issue.

It's called Watermelon and Shoofly and finishes at 42" X 56".

A perfect quilt for July.

So for my birthday, I'm giving away the Fons and Porter kit for this quilt.

Doesn't this just scream summer!! Isn't watermelon the official fruit for summer?? In the summertime, when I'm not eating corn, I'm eating watermelon.

I just got the kit in the mail, its never been opened, and here's what's included:
8 assorted red fat quarters
4 assorted green fat eighths
3/4 yard cream background fabric
7/8 yard black plaid for sashing and inner border
black wool for watermelon seeds
5 yards wide cream rickrack
1/2 yard red print for binding

Plus I'll throw in the magazine if you don't have it.

So how do you get in the running for this kit....

I would love to know where to go to get a good cupcake. So to be eligible to win, just leave a comment with the details of the best cupcake you've ever eaten, and where you got it! (and by details, I mean details, no comment describing the look, texture and flavor of a cupcake can be too long!!)

I'm going to add a Lifetime Cupcake List to my blog, listing cupcakes I've tried and cupcakes I need to try. You'll be giving me a jump start on my list by providing the where, all I need to do is get there and eat one. I figure it's my duty, having this Cupcakes 'n' Daisies blog name. Once I've tried all the cupcakes, and gained maybe 100 pounds, I'll start worrying about the daisies.

If you don't have a cupcake comment, then you can still be eligible by just wishing me a Happy Birthday.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on a later blog. Please make sure I'm able to contact you.

You have through midnight Pacific Time, Saturday, July 24th, 2010 to leave a comment.

If you have more than one good cupcake location, you may leave multiple comments and be entered multiple times. I'm giving you a week, just in case you want to get out and try some new cupcake places.

So that's all there is to it!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Wow...I'm the first to comment! Happy's my birthday today too! I don't know much about where to get a good cupcake...but I've heard there are some great bakeries around that specialize in them! Hope your day was wonderful!

  2. Our local bakery, Card's, makes the best cupcakes, with loads of 100% buttercream icing - because that is the best part! You need to come up here and sample our cupcakes and we'll show you around our cute little town, which is just perfect in the summer. Thelma, that is the most generous of giveaways! You are amazing!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Thelma, Happy Birthday to you. When I want to indulge in a yummilicious cupcake I head to Sprinkles - too many favs to describe. LOL

    My birthday is later this month so it would be a fabulous gift if I won the kit. WooHoo! LOL

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Great giveaway choice! I am no cupcake expert. Mostly mine are made at home or bought in the grocery store! I know Whoopi Goldberg had some on The View that she claimed were THE best ever but I can't recall from where...thinking they were red velvet with chocolate I am hungry for a cupcake! Happy Birthday again!

  5. Happy Birthday Thelma! I love cupcakes and The Cupboard is where we buy all of our special cakes. Yummy! Also Edgar's Bakery has yummy strawberry cupcakes!
    I would love to win this kit since I love watermelons. Adorable!

  6. well happy birthday and if I lived closer I would run over with some cupcakes and starbucks ! best cupcake out so far is Mara's in NJ the red velvet. yummy!
    I have been wanting to make a picnic/summer quilt for us to use
    this would be perfect thank you Birthday was last week!

  7. Happy Birthday, Thelma! I thought at first we shared the same day, but, no, mine is the 17th. Yesterday, (now that it's midnight) before the temp was 105, I baked my first Hummingbird Cake, and if you want, I'll share my version of it. (I know, it's not a cupcake, but it was yum!) We served it up with homemade vanilla ice cream, and of course, fresh watermelon with the dinner, good stuff! Have the best of birthdays,
    :-} pokey

  8. Happy Birthday Thelma
    I don't think cupcakes are as popular here in the UK but my sewing friend makes the most delicious cupcakes - banana & pecan with a cream cheese frosting - my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I don't know if it's her own recipe but I do know she often uses this book "Cupcakes From the Primrose Bakery" (

    Have a great day & enjoy your cake - looks delicious!
    Chris x

  9. Happy! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have a wonderful,wonderful day! That cake looks out of this world!

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a sweet day!

    I'm so not a cupcake expert! I love them but try and stay away from them because next thing I know, I'm face first in a half dozen of them. I wish I was the type of girl that would be satisfied with a bite or 2.

  11. Happy birthday! I wish you many happy birthdays in the future.

    I've so enjoyed your blog and your emails since we've connected through the internet. At one point we were emailing about this quilt, and just yesterday I started to cut mine. But I would still love to be entered in this giveaway.

    Where to find a good cupcake? Our local grocery store just changed hands, and the new store has a wonderful bakery. The frosting is the very good, and that's the best part of a cupcake!

  12. Happy Birthday to You! I love a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Why have a cupcake when you can have piece of cake? Thank you for the chance to wind the kit, Watermelon is the perfect summer dessert.

  13. Happy Birthday! I'm not a cupcake eater, so don't have any suggestions on where to get the best one ... usually I bake them from scratch. Have a great day!

  14. Happy Birthday to you!!!! Hope you have something fun planned! How wonderful that you give on a day to recieve. Well, I'll share my secret Cupcake place with you, it's Central Market. ( They have this awesome Strawberry shortcake cupcake that knocks my socks off. yup. Super delicious! They make all their regular yummy cakes in cupcake form. So you have italian Cream, german chocolate, red velvet and my favorite Strawberry Shortcake.

    Enjoy your day and may you have many, many more!!

  15. Happy Birthday! Let's see, it would be a Pumpkin and Cream Cheese cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting...yum! I would love to win the kit!!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Thelma!! I've learned my lesson bout expecting DH to make my day special so next year I'm doing it myself too!

    I'm celiac so my cupcake experience is very limited but a little gluten-free bakery in town makes carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing both on and IN the cupcake!! They're little mini ones with such a beautiful creamy frosting in little swirls....oh so good and soooo bad for you. Now I want one lol.

  17. The best cupcake I ever ate was at Branston Hall Hotel in Branston, Lincolnshire, England. Although the menu didn't call it a cupcake, that's really what it was. It was a small, deep, dark chocolate that had been split into thirds and layered with chocolate mouse, dark chocolate mouse and whipped cream. It was topped off by hot fudge sauce and mini scoops of ice cream and garnished with fresh raspberries. It is a good thing it was a mini cupcake because it was so rich it would have been impossible to eat a larger one!!

    Happy Birthday to you, although it feels like your readers are getting the presents!

  18. Happy Birthday!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt! What an awesome giveaway! I think the best cupcake is a Duncan Hines yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting. I am not lucky enough to have a cupcake bakery near by... so I make my own!

  19. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you enjoyed your cake, even if it wasn't a cupcake :)

    (No need to put my name in the draw, I just wanted to wish you a happy day!!)

    PS I like homemade or Hostess cupcakes


  20. Happy Birthday! And you're giving away a great quilting gift for YOUR birthday?!? How fun is that (for us!)?!? And what a fabulous summery looking quilt that is!
    My favorite cupcake place in our area is the Cakebox:
    The price of a cupcake is ridiculous, but worth every cent!
    My favorite flavor (and I've taste quite a few!) is Red the red colour (so pretty) and the cream cheese icing melts in your mouth...yum yum!

  21. Happy Birthday my friend! No need to enter me in the giveaway. Just wanted to send you best wishes for your day and to say that the cake you got looks delicious!!!

  22. I go to my own kitchen. Several years ago my friend made the most awesome cupcakes for a Christmas party so I bought the cookbook she used. It is "the barefoot contessa cookbook" by Ina Garten. Page 175 has "coconut cupcakes. They have buttermilk, sugar, butter, vanilla, floud, and coconut in them and then yu top the cream cheese icing with more coconut. When I take them anywhere, especially work, people are mad for them.

  23. Georgetown Cupcake - DC
    My favorite is a chocolate-hazelnut cupcake, which you might like if you are interested in something with chocolate and nuts. It is a chocolate cupcake with a thin layer of chocolate ganache and chopped up caramelized hazelnuts on top. It’s delicious!

  24. Happy Birthday Thelma!!! Wow, what a giveaway! That's a great quilt - I love F&P's magazine, I have every single issue! Aahhhh, cupcakes. I discovered the most fabulous cupcake ever last year. The town where I work has a cupcake shop - The Velvet Sky Bakery in Jenkintown, PA. Someone had brought a selection into the office and offered me one. I chose the Red Velvet. Oh my goodness!!! It was divine. And beautiful. The crumb was perfect, the cake moist and not too sweet. The swirls of cream cheese icing were generous and delicious. In fact, I think I need to visit there this week. o:) (I can also tell you all about the best hot dog I ever had in Atlanta - I still dream about that hot dog!! Can you tell I like food?? LOL)

  25. Happy Birthday! What a cute little birthday cake you got. It looks yummy! And what a generous giveaway, I too admired that quilt on the cover when I got it and thought about ordering the kit but never got around to it. I think Sprinkles cupcakes are some of the best I've had, and they're pretty too. We've gotten them now and then at work when someone went to pick them up at the Beverly Hills store. The red velvet ones are pretty darned good!

  26. Happy, happy Birthday Thelma. The cake looks absolutely wonderful. I love cakes - cupcakes, big cakes. I love cakes. Can't tell you what my favorite cupcake is because I just love them all.

  27. Happy Birthday Thelma! I recently had a cupcake at a friend's daughter's wedding and they were made by Annie's here in Orlando. I don't usually buy cupcakes or cakes at bakeries because I do cake decorating and prefer to make them myself. I LOVE the quilt kit. Watermelon reminds me of happy times with my grandparents (who are long gone now). My sister and I would stand at the sink with grandpa and eat watermelon during the summer.

    Hope you have a special day!!


  28. well first off happy birthday to you, mine is coming up on Thursday!! I do like the cupcakes from 'My Little Cupcake Shoppe" here in Calgary. Although I do have to admit I love the homemade ones my daughter and I you would have to stop in here and meet us!! we would make some just for you!!! :)

  29. Happy Birthday! Your cake is so pretty! I'm sorry I don't have any cupcake ideas for you - we don't have any cupcake places in my area yet. I visited New York last year and there were lots of cupcake bakeries, but, alas, we didn't have time to try any of them. I need to go back!

  30. Funny thing...I just got out the cookbook with my favorite cupcakes ever...same as Debi...Ina Garten's 'the barefoot contessa' Coconut cupcakes. I made them for a friends birthday one year and they were absolutely, hands down the best I ever ate!

  31. Happy Birthday Thelma! Gosh I haven't had a cupcake in a long time! I used to make them for the kids school fairs, and their favorite was a chocolate one that I piped a bit of choc pudding in the center of and frosted with buttercream frosting~ oh mercy, I gained weight just smelling them! LOL

  32. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy eating your cake. It looks delish! I'm sorry I don't have any good recommendations for a cupcake; I've never purchased one. Well, not a "good" one. Just once at the grocery store bakery for the kids baseball team. I make my own. And they are delish! Chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

    PS - I love that quilt! I bought the magazine just for the cover ;)

  33. Many happy returns of the Day!! and Happy Birthday. July 24th is my husbands birthday so to win this would be a boon to his pocket book.LOL. I can't remember the last time I had a cupcake. Will have to keep that in mind. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, whoever wins it will be one lucky person.

  34. Happy Birthday Thelma! I've been trying to think of the best cupcake I've ever had, but I don't believe I've ever had a really awesome one. I do like a cupcake with lemon cake mix (Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker) and homemade buttercream icing. I'll have to check out the list you compile and be adventerous.

  35. Happy Birthday! The best cupcakes I've had have been from Sweet Mandy B's in Chicago. The selection is wonderful, and all are home made by them--you should see the vats of icing and sprinkles! The red velvet is good and so is the banana with cream cheese icing. There is always a line out the door whenever I get to go there, so you know it's good!

  36. Happy Birthday and many many more. Sandra

  37. Happy Birthday, Thelma! I like a good cupcake too, might have to sample from your list. Barnes & Noble (does anyone besides me still shop there for the books?) sells a chocolate with chocolate frosting version though I think it is actually made by Cheesecake Factory. Cupcake stores have not made it to our 'burb yet.

  38. This is an easy one --! I love their cupcakes! My favorites are basically anything not chocolate, but the peanut butter, pumpkin and cinammon ones are dynamite! Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a whole year of happy cupcake-ness!

  39. Happy birthday! Mine is coming up soon, too.

    My favorite cupcake is from Caramanda's Bakery in Lexington, KY. Every single one I've ever had is to-die-for-good, but my personal favorite is the Carrot Cake Cupcake, complete with cream cheese icing.

  40. Happy Birthday Thelma!! Wow, cupcakes are not something we find in too many places. But I would have to say when we were in Paducah a couple of years ago, we had the best pastries and cakes there. Kirsner's I think is the name of the bakery. Enjoy your day!

  41. Best of Birthdays to you. One of the best cupcakes I have had recently was at a place called Daddy Cakes in Topeka Kansas. They were actually on the Food Networks Cupcake Wars. It is called Death by Chocolate. It is a chocolate cupcake covered with a chocolate ganache and then topped with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate chip. Lives up to its name.

  42. Happy Birthday Thelma! I hope you enjoy your day and have many more great birthdays. How kind of you to have a giveaway on your birthday, making it someone elses un-birthday.
    Pumpkin Cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting. Perfect for anytime of day, but especially at breakfast with tea. A light and moist cake, perfectly topped in a little sweetness. My own personal favorite. If you come visit, I'll whip up a batch! I'm not cheating, just extending an invite to tea. Happy B-day!

  43. Happy Birthday, Thelma! My favorite cupcakes were made by the counselor at my school. She bakes using recipes from She brought some rich red velvet cupcakes with white cream cheese icing. Yum! I can almost taste them just thinking about them.

    I absolutely love watermelon. I have a watermelon quilt in my list of future projects. Would love to win this one!~

    Take care! Hope your day was outstanding! And yes, you're so right. We have to plan Our Day!

  44. I hope that your birthday was WONDERFUL! The best cupcake I ever had was homemade devilsfood that my mother made. The second best I had in MD last summer. I don't remember where we were but it was a tourist town on a bay. The store only made cupcakes, odd, different, and terrific cupcakes. Again, Happy Birthday.

  45. Happy birthday to you! My favorite cupcake is a cup cake in a jar. You start with a homemade white cupcake, put the first one in a pint canning jar add apple pie filling and butter cream frosting (flavored with apple juice) then repeat with the second cupcake.
    What a special give away, I just subscribed to Fons & Porter and this magazine was my first one, love the quilt. Would be so much fun to make.

  46. WOW~ Unless I missed it, I'm stunned that no one has mentioned "Magnolia Bakery", made famous by Carrie Bradshaw and Company in the TV series, "Sex In The City". They're located on Manhatten, 1240 Avenue of the Americas, by Radio City Music Hall. Oh-la-la~~~so. very. wonderful.

    Miles and miles west of NYC, in a mid-western town 60 or so miles west of Chicago, is the tiny town of Sycamore, IL, home of the world famous Pumpkin Festival and "Sweet Dreams Bakery." OMG!!! The BEST cupcake. EVER. Bar NONE!! The frosting is incredible and a closely guarded secret as to the ingredients. Oh, how I'd love to know how to make it!! The frosting is injected into the center of the cupcake, with the creme' de la creme'...tons more frosting on top of the cupcake. Flavors vary by season; red velvet, chocolate and my favorite, vanilla available everyday~~~ Honest...THE BEST!!!!!!!

  47. Happy, happy birthday to you! We make cupcakes all the time here at our house. I have 3 teenagers who LOVE them. Our very favorite is still red velvet with buttercream icing. But, on vacation this spring, I ate a wonderful cupcake that only I would enjoy. It was at Plymouth Rock. I can't remember the name of the bakery, but all they had were cupcakes. I am a chocolate/mint junkie and this was a chocolate cupcake with green mint icing with an Andes mint on top. I was in HEAVEN. But since the rest of my family isn't as nutty over choc/mint as I am, I guess I won't be trying it at home :(

  48. Happy Birthday Thelma . . . sorry to be a day late . . . I loveeeeeeeee July people . . . mine is July 31 . . . YEAH !!

    these aren't exactly cupcakes . . . but the BEST muffins you will ever taste . . . the place is the Gingerbread Construction Co. in Massachsetts . . .

    they are all filled with something . . . like the strawberry shortcake muffins are filled with strawberries and creme . . . the lemon poppyseed are filled with lemon filling . . . the gingerbread are filled with creme cheese filling . . . absolutely fabulous . . . and they are huge . . . they are more like a dessert than a muffin !!

    when I worked near the store . . . we used to go there and have a muffin and coffee for lunch !!

    here's the website . . .

  49. Happy Birthday Thelma!! I can't help you out on where to go to get a good cupcake, I don't buy them, prefer home made. One of our favorites are black bottom cupcakes. Chocolate and cream cheese, yum.

  50. Happy birthday! What a great celebration! There's a great cupcake shop in Long Beach, California called Sweet and Saucy. Yum.

  51. Unfortunatley we don't have one of those new trendy cupcake bakeries near where I live. So I'm drawing a blank on the best one I've eaten. However, I love the quilt and would love to win the kit. It reminds me of my son when he was little and loved watermelon flavored gum.

  52. happy birthday, little girl!!!
    the best cupcakes i've ever eaten are the ones i didn't have to bake myself
    "cute stuff inside" bakes gorgeous cupcakes, but i don't know where she lives
    Auntia bakes a mean cupcake - and she makes pretty frosting roses for them, too
    i'm more of a muffin connesuir, myself ... and Auntia makes the best of those, too

  53. Thelma, I'm wishing you the happiest of birthdays. I hope your day is absolutely wonderful. I noticed someone already sang the birthday song to you so I will spare you my version. As for the cupcake comment, well, I honestly have to say that the best cupcake I ever ate was one that my mother baked for me many years ago about a week after my birthday. I had been very ill and unable to celebrate my 10th birthday on the real day. The next week when I was feeling better, and well enough to eat, though I still wasn't up and around or ready for company yet, mom baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and little sprinkles, then place a candle in one for me and brought it to my room, sang me the birthday song in her wonderfully off tune voice and after I blew out the candle, mom, dad and I all ate a cupcake together then played a quick card game before I had to get back in bed. I don't remember how it tasted, I just remember how special it made a dreary week and how wonderful it was to be 10 years old. I probably remember that birthday more fondly than any others due to the cupcakes shared with my folks. Plus, I got to eat it in bed...unheard of, LOL. Love the quilt kit. Boy could I go for some real watermelon too. Yum! Thanks for a chance to have the kit and magazine and Good Luck Everyone!

  54. Happy birthday! And how generous of you to give to us on your birthday! This is a hard one; I've never met a cupcake that I didn't like! My favorite ones are the ones made from my favoirte cakes, just in 'individual' cake sizes (cupcakes). My vote would be for hummingbird (cup)cake with buttercream frosting. The hummingbird cake has pecans, bananas, pineapple, cinnamon, etc. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. Even though I live in NY, I have to cast my vote for Dozens bakery in Pittsburgh, PA. We took my daughter there for a college visit and picked up the grandparents for lunch. (That would be Mineo's pizza if you are asking). Each of the five of us picked a cupcake and my husband paid. He handed the girl a $20 and waited for change. And waited, and waited. I told him to just eat his cupcake; he soon forgot the cost.

    For the description: I ate the rich, moist carrot cake first, saving the inches high cream cheese frosting for last. I believe my daughter had chocolate/chocolate. Mom had gingerbread. Dad had pumpkin. Husband must have had the banana nut.

    Run, don't walk, to Dozens!

  56. Happy Birthday to you, Thelma!!! Sorry, I don't purchase cupcakes anywhere, but I do make a mean one! What's your favorite, and next time you are in my area of Ohio I will have a whole tray of them made up just for you and your birthday!
    Thanks, too, for the chance to win a great kit - and no, I did not get that issue of magazine.

  57. Happy Birthday! In my world, any cupcake is a good cupcake.

    Patty D.

  58. Happy Birthday Thelma! My favorite ever cupcake was bought at Albertson's about 50 years ago. It was called a Haystack, but sadly they don't sell them any more. It was chewy with coconut and wonderfully rich. My next favorite cupcake is probably the one closest to my hand at the moment...Hope you have a wonderful bday and find the perfectist cupcake!

  59. The Lil' Dutch Bakery in Augusta GA has the most heavenly Italian Cream cupcakes! Their Red Velvet ones are also very yummy! now I'm hungry.
    Happy Birthday :)

  60. Happy Birthday Thelma, I do not have a bakery around here where we live so I make my own cupcakes. My guys just love this chocolate cupcake with a baked in filling of cream cheese and chocolate chips...oh yumsa!

  61. A very happy birthday to you! My brother lives in NYC - Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes - THE BEST ever and the recipe if you cannot make it there is in their cookbook - The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook - I got it from the library and made them for my daughters 18 birthday. Enjoy your day. Thanks! Colleen

  62. How did I miss your birthday!!?? Happy Birthday, Thelma! I hope you had a wonderful day! Lost of sunshine and plenty of cake. Try Sprinkles. It is a "chain" type cupcake place. I think they are located mainly on the west coast. I had a cupcake from them when we were in AZ and it was Yummy. I believe they have a website too.

  63. Happy birthday Thelma! What a fun post and giveaway. My mom used to bake cupcakes for us to take to school on our birthdays. She didn't do anything fancy, but the fact that she made the effort caused those cupcakes to be my all time favorites!

  64. By far the BEST cupcake in the world can be found at Murchies in downtown Victoria, BC (CANADA). Their cupcakes are to almost die for!! And not only are the cupcakes the best but their Scones melt in your mouth, and the Creme Burle-OMG better than you know what!! (cupcakes!) You should see their display stand there for 20 minutes trying to decide...YOU have GOT to go and experience it for yourself!! Just tell them the drooler sent you...Take care and happy eating!!
    PS Love the give away and thanks for throwing my name into your mixing bowl!! :o)

  65. Hi Thelma Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays. and a Delightful year fill with Cupcakes and quilts. My vision of the perfect cupcake would be a cupcake filled with a blueberry centre and a delicious cream on top.I bake for my boys and they adore blueberry muffins. Shame we mostly have to buy the blueberries frozen here.
    Just adore the watermelon quilt

  66. Happy Belated Birthday Thelma!!!! Hope you had a terrific day!!!! I'm abstaining from the giveaway as I've won my share recently but am interested to see all the cupcake suggestions you are receiving. Very cool idea!

  67. Thelma, hope you had a great birthday. You're right, we do have to take things into our own hands sometimes! I work in West Los Angeles and a company called "Blue Cupcakes" comes to our farmer's market on Thursdays. There are many delicious offerings, including a great red velvet, but I also love the Key Lime Cupcake with lime filling and a cream cheese frosting. Let me know if you're ever in my area on a Thursday!


  68. Happy Birthday!!!! I don't know of any great cupcake places in my area - but I did make a fantastic cupcake from Martha Stewart's cupcake book - the Lemon Merinque Pie Cupcakes - wow - were they good! They have lemon curd on them... how yummy! And - what a terrific giveaway... I'm new to the quilting world - and it would be fantastic to get a kit to make one! Wow... thanks for doing this!!!!

  69. Happy Birthday! I like your theory of making sure your own birthday is a good one.
    Out here where I live there's not many places to buy a cupcake, but a Duncan Hines butter recipe gold cake mix and buttercream frosting is hard to beat. The secret is not to overbake.
    I would be in hog heaven if I won the kit. My husband and I have eaten at least a dozen watermelons this summer. Yum! Also, my guild's challenge this year is to make a quilted item of some sort that is food related. This would be a perfect quilt for that.
    Thanks for a fun giveaway. Have fun trying all those cupcakes!

  70. I'm a week late and a cupcake story short, but had to wish you the happiest of birthdays, Thelma! Judging by your clues, I have an idea we're about the same years young!

  71. Happy Birthday Thelma! I hope you had a wonderful day. I am just now doing a little blog catching up on some of my favorite blogs. I've missed so much!

    If you're ever in Utah, the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo has yummy chocolate cupcakes. I think they actually have another location somewhere else in Utah, but I've only ever been to the one in Provo.

    And if you're ever here in Skagway, you can get a maple bacon cupcake from Sugar Mama's right here on 5th. Maple frosting with a piece of bacon adorning the top. I've never tried it, but they seem to be quite popular.


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