Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hexies a Go Go . . . .

When I can, I'm still squeezing in some time on my hexagon project.

I'm working to make some hexagon blocks to go with the ones my grandmother made.

I pretty much just threw everything in this bin

and grabbed what I needed, when I needed it.

But now I've figured out that these little hexagons are extremely portable and easy to do anywhere.

I organized the fabric and templates into groups and store them in a leftover Schnibbles pattern cover.

Everything I need to make one hexagon flower is in this bag.

I store everything I need to make the hexagons in this bag.

I could maybe get by without the Clover needle threader, but I just love how easy it threads my needles.

So the sewing accoutrements along with the fabric and template pieces all slide right into this pink bag
that I got for free from some cosmetic company. Then I just grab this pink bag and throw it in my purse. I can carry just one flower, or several, depending on how much time I anticipate having. The whole case takes up very little space in my purse.

I worked on this one on the plane on the way to California, when I was visiting my daughter.

I enjoyed having something sewing related to work on while I was away from home.

I'm not happy with how visible the stitches are that connect the hexagons. Do I need to use colored thread, thinner thread, take smaller and fewer stitches, work more from behind? I did buy a stronger pair of reading glasses, to maybe help me pick up fewer threads as I whip stitch them together. Any tips you may have would be appreciated.

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  1. Thelma, your Hexies are beautiful. I have lusted after these hexagon patterns since I started quilting 2 years ago but have trouble doing the hand work cause of no feeling in my finger tips and palms of hand. That's why I LOVE my machine, LOL. Now I'm looking for a Singer Featherweight. My sis in law came by one free from a dear friend who picked it up at a yard sale, also free to her if you can imagine!!! But I digress...sorry. As for the stitches on your hexies. I wouldn't think it would matter because once it is quilted, they just won't matter. BUT, the one you really need to consult about it would be your long arm quilter. She will know for sure. Just food for thought. Anyway, they truly are lovely and I can't wait to see the finished project. I think it will take our breath away. Hugs!

  2. Thelma, I am working on hexies too and do use a lighter weight thread and try to use thread to match. It makes a big difference. As for the question your other commenter poses, I am a long arm quilter and if your stitches show now they will show after it is quilted too. That really doesn't change. I hope this was helpful!

  3. The showing stitches is why I ultimately discarded my hexagons - that and the fact that I am neither patient nor a very good handsewer!

  4. I have managed to resist the hexie temptation so far, but every time I see cuties like yours I get closer to the edge! I love my Clover needle threader, too! I thought it was a crazy, needless indulgence when I first bought it, but now I consider it a necessity!

  5. These are beautiful hexxies! I love how you have everything so organized and in a pink travel bag!! I would use a neutral silk thread and the stitches would be almost invisible

  6. Hi Thelma, I think a between needle with similar coloured thread, or perhaps a grey (sometimes a better neutral than beige), perhaps sewing from behind would help
    For my applique, the running part of the whip stitc is hidden in the fabric, and the little straight stitch is all that is seen, so perhaps taking a smaller amt of fabric with this stitch might help too, after all, the quilting will help keep the pieces together too.
    I also have a little hexie project, a UFO, I guess I need to get at that too!
    Take care, Leslie

  7. This is what I do also~so much easier to have it in it's own tub and ready to go.
    What a wonderful thing, to be able to add to your grandmother's!
    Lovely! :)

  8. I love your hexagon flowers, so beautiful. How extra special to have a quilt made by both of you.

  9. Thelma,

    Your flowers are lovely.... they remind me of mine :o)

    When I sew mine together, I just catch the fabric on the fold.. between the edge of the foundation and the fold in the fabric... just a couple of threads. I also get a little anal and use a matching color thread to the solid... and I use the 60 wt mettler thread that I use for applique (when I applique).

    Keep plugging away.... they are going to be beautiful!!!

  10. Very cute hexies, Thelma. I agree with others - using a neutral lighter weight thread might help.

  11. I've been doing EPP for about 5 years now and I just love it . . . I also take it on the plane when I fly to my son's in Calif . . . very often a flight attendant will sit down and ask me to show her what I'm doing because they seem to be fascinated that someone could make whole blocks on the plane . . .

    I cut my strips of fabric before I leave home and I've cut fabric . . . pin and basted pieces . . . and sewed blocks together . . . all on the plane . . . my husband and I try to get the 2 seats in the exit row because there is a nice spot for my "bag of tricks" right next to my seat there . . .

    don't know if any of this will help you . . . but I have found Milliners needles to work the best . . . and I use Gutermann quilting thread . . . if I can't find the color I need in the quilting thread . . . then I use regular Gutermann thread . . .

    I'm not sure what you mean about sewing from the back . . . I put 2 hex's right sides together and whip stitch them along the fold . . . 10 - 12 stitches to the inch . . . most times my stitches do not show at all . . .

    I do match my thread . . . usually to the darker fabric . . . but I try out both colors first to decide . . . sometimes depending on the background color I will use off white and that seems to work too . . .

    if you're not already putting your hex's right sides together . . . try that . . . I think you will like the result . . .

    hex's are not my favorite shape for EPP anymore . . . making the blocks is fun but sewing the blocks together gets tiring . . . I now make a different block using 3 different shapes that go together really easily . . . if you're interested you can see some of them on my blog . . .

  12. Thelma,
    I just purchased templates last week at the quilt show to start making hexies!
    Love yours!

  13. So I've been a bit missing in action lately but I needed to drop by and comment on your hexies. I have my hexies in a small cosmetic bag too. My daughter is moving across country and I am in a rush to impart as much knowledge as i can before she moves away and one thing she learned was English Paper Piecing. She got a little snack bag full of hexies and a tutorial on how to baste them and put them together. She plans on working on hers while her fiance drives them cross country. I still don't know what to make with mine but I'm just basting away! Not sure why your stitches are showing but it could be your using a thick thread??? How do you do your stitches?

  14. I find if I match the thread or use a neutral, that helps. Also are you stitching them from the back ie. right sides facing? That definitely makes a difference. I think part of the charm is that the stitches are seen a little - it is hand piecing! Our eyes are just more accustomed to how machine piecing looks. I think it will all be adorable when you are done and NO-ONE will notice the stitches!

  15. I love them, but have never made them so I can offer no advice other than they are wonderful. It will be so great to have a quilt with both your Granmother's and your hexies in it!

  16. Hi Thelma..
    you sure have more patience than me..but they look great!!

  17. Oh! You must see this post over at my blog:
    It will change your hexie sewing life!


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