Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Hot, for Dots . . . .


It just kind of snuck up on me, I didn't wake up one day and say, "I need some dots in my life", it was more like, I woke up the other day and noticed, "I've GOT some dots in my life"!!

I think it started with this......

I've been working with Fig Tree fabrics and Joanna has some lovely polka-dot fabrics in several of her families. And her latest family, Breakfast at Tiffany's...has a few fabrics with some cute BIG dots!

I picked up these socks.....

and this bathing suit.

Which looks nothing like this on me, by the way!!

I needed some new reading glasses,

and this is what caught my eye.

I also couldn't resist this

tea set and dessert pedestal.

I now drink my morning coffee from a polka-dot cup instead of my Christmas mugs.

Even my breakfast,

bagel with cream cheese and strawberries has a polka-dot feel to it!

Where's it going to end...I'm not sure, but I think a polka-dot quilt is in my future.

Robyn Pandolph has a lovely line of Christmas fabric called Fancy Hill Farm that has some wonderful red polka-dot fabric.

Deb Strain also has some great fall polka-dot fabric in her Saltbox Harvest line of fabrics.

I also noticed Rita had a cute polka-dot State Fair Schnibble in the Year of Schnibbles of Parade.

I'm trying to decide if dots are hot, or am I hot for dots?
I don't really know....


  1. ha ha - I always knew you were a little bit dotty, Thelma!

  2. Moda has a whole line of Dots Essentials too! Dots are great, but I don't use them as much in quilting because I always find they look off center! I think I adore dots because one of my favorite dresses from childhood that I really remember loving was big polka dots on the skirt and little ones on the bodice.

  3. I, too, am so attracted to dots lately. They are just fun!!

  4. I LOVE polka dots! Whenever I see a color I like at the quilt shop, I usually buy a little to add to my stash. Love the DOTS!

  5. my 11 yr old is collecting polka dot fabrics to make a quilt one day. On her 6th birthday her whole party was based on dots. At that time i couldn't find much, but now they seem to be everywhere. Whatever you make will be wonderful.

  6. Dots are Red Hot! Red Hots are dots! LOL

    I just finished a flimsy using Breakfast at Tiffany's and I LOVE the BIG dots!

  7. There is something about dots that get me every time and checks too. I just picked up some pink and black fabrics - dots and checks. Love that bathing suit too - I wouldn't look anywhere near that good in it either. :o)

  8. I've been going dotty for polka dots lately too. I'm amassing quite the collection! I love the new ones in the Robyn Pandolph Christmas line - I may have to get some just because!

  9. Welcome to the "hot for dots" club! LOL I am obsessed with dots...particularly on fabric. While quilt shop hopping back home, my sister started rolling her eyes everytime I found a dot fabric and started gushing over it. I did manage to come home with quite a few :-).

    Oh, and I love the bathing suit! My newer suits both have dots too, in black and white. More slimming you know LOL.

  10. Hey, weren't we just talking about this, LOL
    dottie love from your dottie friend, pokey

  11. well I love polka dots, that cup would make me smile every morning!
    ah yes love those dots!

  12. Now the last time I bought a polka dot bathing suit, I discovered a little problem. The fabric stretched a bit over my more generous bits, and the polka dots on those areas were enormous. Not a good look on me. I wish I had checked out my rear view in my mirror before going out in public.

  13. I'm with you--I love polka dots... and would love to find a polka dot bathing suit! um, maybe just the top!LOL but the more dots the better!

  14. LuLu was wearing polka dots today - the last time she wore polka dots, the other kids heard "poke a dot" and started poking her, so today we called them bubbles - which wasn't a good idea, either - cuz then they tried to pop the bubbles (Auntia just HAD to teach them that stupid Tiny Tim the Turtle song)... anywho, polka dots are a lotta fun and i'm glad they're back "in"

  15. Polka-dots brighten everything. From quilts (every quilt should have some) to clothing (love the socks) to tea. I'm a dot lover and glad to meet another.

  16. I love dots, too, especially red/white combination. I had a beautiful pieces of red with small white spots and just couldn't find the right project. I ended up using it for part of the pieced backing on a quilt for my granddaughter. I figured I will love snuggling her in it, so it will get lots of use that way.

  17. I love to put dots in my quilts. It gives it such a special quilt. I just used dots to bind a quilt and it always adds that special touch.

  18. I'm dotty, too! Love the dishes with dots. I'd love to know where you purchased them. I have a friend who loves red and white. Many thanks! Love your blog!

  19. I like polka dots, its interesting to me how little dots can be so cute and fun....but they are.

  20. Oh, I love spotty and dotty fabrics! Started collecting them for one quilt I wanted to make (still haven't make it) but I bet I have fabrics enough for several already :)


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