Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Decision, decisions . . . .

Since I can't seem to get my blog updated more frequently, I feel compelled to bring you up to date.....
So I'm working on a lap size quilt for my father-in-law for his 90th birthday,

I'm using this fabric

Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles Quilters . . .

And this pattern

Simple Stars Beautiful Quilts by Debbie Maddy.

This pattern uses half squares triangles to make this design. All you have to do is assign each fabric a number, one through 8, then lay out the hsts according to the "layout diagram" provided in the book.

hmmmmm, one through eight.......

Butterfly Garden has 7 different colors, beige, gold, blue, maroon, black, green, and purple.

So right off the bat, I eliminated the gold, and knew the beige would be my background.

That left me these five fabrics to work with.

How to best use these fabrics for this pattern......
The first thought that came into my mind was to just load up on the blues. What guy doesn't love blue.

But the blues were so close in value to the black I didn't think that would make the design pop like it should.

After several combination considerations, I think I hit on a good one,

not only did I put the gold back in the mix, I doubled it and the green. In this case, it's not the colors that were important to me, but the values of the colors.

So here are my eight fabrics, one through eight; blue, green, purple, gold, black, green, maroon, and gold.

That was the hard part, picking the right combination, all that's left is the sewing.

I hope you're having a great week in your sewing room!


  1. great job! looks like a winning combo...now to the finish! :)

  2. Thelma, I think you hit on just the right combination. It looks beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the finished piece. Hugs...

  3. Looks wonderful. Several friends have made this pattern and every one is gorgeous. Your's will be too!!

  4. I think you made the perfect choice! Very balanced and striking!

  5. That commonality in values is very typical in Kansas Trouble prints. I had that problem with my Tagalong which used Garden Inspiration. Regardless, the prints are so beautiful you find a way to workaround the problem. I picked up a Fat Eighth bundle of Summers ends and I'm loving each and every print.

  6. perfect! My quilt...I mean your FIL's quilt is going to be wonderful

  7. It's going to be striking, Thelma.

  8. Time well spent to work that all out. It's really striking.

  9. When I read that you took out the gold, I wanted to phone you up and beg you not to! So glad you reconsidered! It is the thing that adds sparkle.

  10. Thelma, I'm jealous. Plain and simple. I love that block and the colors you chose. Now to go deal with my jealously....perhaps a stash enhancing trip! LOL!

  11. Hi Thelma,
    You have been nominated for the Sunshine Award. Visit my blog for the details.


  12. Very pretty! I love your background fabric.

  13. I love the colors your settled on, having the gold in there will give it sparkle. :-) It is going to be beautiful!

  14. Thanks for sharing the process of selecting your pattern and the fabrics for the design. I think I sometimes forget that the planning process is more important that the actual sewing process. Have a good week!

  15. I was wondering why you eliminated the gold and was happy to see you put it back in! I usually think of deep caramel or butterscotch when I look at Kansas Trouble golds. Hmmm...I think I have sweets on my mind!

  16. I really enjoy learning about others' thinking process. So fun! I think you made some beautiful choices.

  17. I love the golds and rusts that add a little spunk to Kansas Troubles. I have a honeybun of Summer's End that will be used to do a small log cabin in the Prairie Women's sewing "program" offered at our local quilt shop.


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