Friday, September 3, 2010

Next Up . . . . .

Back in April, I bought this fabric tower of loveliness......

Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

I love the Kansas Troubles Quilters fabric, it just says "Welcome Home" to me. I think it is the perfect fabric when you are wanting a project with a traditional quilt feel.
Up to this point, the only Kansas Troubles Quilters fabric I had used, was a few fat quarters in "Pat's Quilt",what I would call one of the few traditional feel quilts I've made.

Kansas Troubles Quilters fabric to me also says, "fall", and "male friendly". Even though the fabric has florals, I think it would look good in the den or office of most of the men in my life. So with this in mind, I selected Butterfly Garden as the fabric for a project for my father-in-law's 90th birthday.

So I bought the fabric in April, knowing I had plenty of time to pick the perfect pattern and make the perfect quilt for my perfect father-in-law. OK, so now it's September, and I've still not made this top. Not only does this top need to pieced, it needs to be quilted and bound by the middle of October. So I've had to temporarily stop production on A la Mode, which took up my whole summer, and STILL isn't done, because I've not decided what to do about my inner border problem. It really breaks my heart not to have A la Mode done, but some things just can't be rushed I guess.

I have the most wonderful father-in-law, and if on his 90th birthday, I handed him a stack of fabric, and said, "one of these days, this is going to be a quilt for you!", he would be happy. But he's always been so interested in any quilt I've made, that I know he'll be even happier on his 90th birthday when he gets an actual quilt, his first. So move over A la Mode, my father-in-law is taking over.

With so little time to work with, I've narrowed my pattern choice down to two options.....

Simple Stars Beautiful Quilts by Debbie Maddy

And Wagon Wheels by This & That.

Laura, from Paws 'n Tails Quilts gave me the heads up on this pattern after she saw it made up in a quilt shop using Butterfly Garden. She remembered I had bought Butterfly Garden and was looking for the perfect pattern for that fabric. Thanks again Laura!

My father-in-law likes westerns, John Wayne movies and such, and I think the Wagon Wheels pattern has that sort of a feel to it.

I'm looking to make a lap size quilt, so size, along with time and effort (the clock is ticking) will be the determining factors for my pattern selection.

So this is my next project, or one of these is my next project, further updates to come!

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  1. I think Wagon Wheels would be perfect with these fabrics...and a great title too!

  2. I think either of those patterns will be fantastic!

  3. Beautiful fabric, that Kansas Troubles Butterfly Garden. For awhile there, I was buying every KT group that came out. I must have had around 8 bundles at one time and realized I would never use them all up. I had a stash sale and sold them, and now I think it is time to replenish! Have you seen their group Summer's End? I may get that if I can find it somewhere.

  4. I did Bali Stars which is a smaller version of Wagon Wheels. It's very fast and if that is a consideration I think you'd finish much faster with that pattern. It was fun to quilt with a double needle- nothing fancy, but still unique. I love the new Summer's End by Kansas Troubles too.

  5. Just finished a Schnibbles (Rooibos) out of Butterfly Gardens- LOVE IT!! This is a good choice!!

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing what you pick. I love Kansas Troubles for their wonderful browns - which is weird because I don't like brown!

  7. I have charm packs of Butterfly Garden and yardage for borders and binding. I don't have a clue what pattern I'll use, so I'll be watching to see what you do with yours. I like the Wagon Wheels, but I'm sure it will be pretty whatever you choose!

  8. Go for the wagon wheels! It'll be gorgeous.

  9. Kansas Troubles just has to have the richest colors in each line of fabric. What a beauty this quilt will be.

    I did have to chuckle when you said you bought the fabric in April. We're all guilty of thinking we have time!

  10. I adore the Kansas Troubles fabrics and that Fat Quarter Bundle has me drooling. I have never purchased one of those wonderful big bundles...maybe some day! But I digress...I think either one of the patterns you are considering would be perfect. I saw both Simple Stars cover picture quilt and Wagon Wheels finished up in the KT rich colors and both were breathtaking, truly. They were hanging in a quilt shop in Wyoming (Evanston I think but not certain). Your Father in Law will be totally overwhelmed with your beautiful and thoughtful gift. Hugs...

  11. Glad I could be of assistance with your pattern selection :-). Can't wait to see which you choose. Either way, I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful and your FIL will love it!

  12. It's funny how time flies when we have a deadline, huh? Both patterns will accommodate your fabrics well, here's hoping it comes together without any snags! I'm with you, "get'er dun" is the way to fly with this special 90th birthday! Happy sewing! pokey

  13. That's going to be a gorgeous quilt, and you'll feel so good about it once it's done that you probably won't remember putting the other project aside for a while.


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