Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Second Cupcake Review - The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company

I've been eating cupcakes everywhere I go this summer, but have not been keeping up with the review aspect of my new hobby, today, my second cupcake review.

I will be using the same rating system that I created and used for my Kara's Cupcakes Review. (see left side of blog, Cupcakes I've Tried)

While in Seattle, Washington on vacation (in July...where did this summer go!!) I stopped in for cupcakes at The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company.

Their tag line is "sweet, simple and sophisticated"

Right off the bat, I loved this store, look at the perfect box they have for their cupcakes, these little bakery gems were made to travel, and they did, to the top of the Space Needle and back to the hotel.

Not a crumb out of place. HURRAY!

When we got to the store, it was around 3 pm, the store closes at 6, and they were down to around 6 different flavors to choose from.

I asked what was their best, or most famous cupcake and they said this cupcake,

The Pancakes and Bacon Cupcake!!

Really, that's your "hot" cupcake. I hated to go to a cupcakery and not try their best cupcake, but really, a pancake batter cake, iced with maple butter cream frosting, topped with, are you ready, CANDIED BACON BITS!!

I was really torn, the cupcake just did not sound appealing to me, what's a "professional" cupcake reviewer to do? I hemmed and hawed until my husband finally said, "I'll get the Pancakes and Bacon cupcake, you can get what you want"! Woo Hoo, I knew I took him on vacation for a reason!

So I picked this cupcake,

White cake with chocolate Italian buttercream icing, the Ultimate Chocolate.

I took one bite of my husband's Pancake and Bacon cupcake and did not care for it, so I'm just going to review the cupcake I chose for myself.

The rating for the Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake -

Cupcakery - the store was pleasant, calm, clean and efficient. A soothing green and brown decor with nice tables for dining in. The staff was very helpful - I give it a
Cupcake Selection - There were only around 6 different varieties as I placed my order, around 3 in the afternoon, they close at 6 - I give it a

Packaging of Cupcakes - The best packaging I've ever seen, kept the cupcakes fresh and in place. I give it a

Cupcake's Appearance - They looked perfect, no complaints here! I give it a

Cake Portion of Cupcake - the cake was dense, dry and tasteless. It did not appeal to me- I give it a

Frosting Portion of Cupcake - The frosting was a nice light buttercream with a delicious chocolatey flavor, not too strong or too sweet, tasty with just the right amount of frosting. I give it an

Overall Cupcake Taste and Consistency - The chocolate buttercream frosting went well with the white cake and helped with the cake's unimpressive taste and texture. I give it an

So the Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake earned a total of 31 points out of a possible 50.

There are too many good eating establishments in Seattle to waste your time and money on these cupcakes, if you're looking for something sweet, I suggest instead, stopping by the Dahlia Bakery that's just up the street instead.

So this cupcake remains in first place as my favorite cupcake,

The Fleur De Sel at Kara's Cupcakes.
It earned 44 points and would have earned more had it been packaged in a better box. The taste was amazing!! The Kara's Cupcake in the Yellow Leaf Container would earn a perfect score!

I hope you're having as much fun reading my reviews as I am eating all the cupcakes!


  1. Pancakes and bacon cupcake... not appealing to me either. Looks pretty though. But I have to say after reading your review and then scrolling to see the dark chocolate cupcake at the bottom, well... what can I say, I am now drooling.

  2. What to say.....Cupcake Critic...sounds like a dream job to me! LOL!

  3. Ugh. Pancake and bacon??
    Too bad the other one was not delicious. It sure looked it.

  4. Candied bacon bits?!? Really?!? Yuck! Even the look of that one did not appeal to me....but I'm a chocolate girl all the way!

  5. Lily would have been all over that bacon cupcake. The girl is obsessed! No appeal to me, whatsover!

  6. You are making me want to help you with your reviews! Yummy- you are having way too much fun!

  7. Bacon/pancake/maple cupcakes seem to be the hot cupcake right now. It's the mix of sweet and salty. I love them!

    Great review! You're right, I've heard there are a lot of great cupcakeries in Seattle. Find a great one and share it with us!

  8. We don't have cupcake shops in my area, so reading your reviews is a lot of fun for me.

    A bacon topping?! You've got to be kidding! I don't think I would have cared for that either.

  9. Those cupcake pictures are beautiful. You have salivating and wanting a cupcake for breakfast. (won't happen. It's whole wheat cereal:) Great review! Love that your husband "cooperates" in this endeavor. Have a great day!


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