Friday, November 5, 2010

Humility Block . . . . .

Does this sound familiar, "honestly, I don't think this fabric can make an ugly block".... that was from my Wednesday post.....and at the time, I meant it, but now I've learned it's probably OK to think those thoughts, but saying them out loud, that's when you' re asking for trouble...

So yesterday, I started making a few more star blocks for Mocha Trail. I wanted to start on the star blocks because that seemed like the fun part of this project. Picking out different fabric combinations, watching them come together....

so I made two more blocks, threw them on my design wall and smiled.

My goal was to make my next block look even better than the 3 before it.

And I came up with this . . .

yikes, what was I thinking.

What a muddled mess!

I think I've figured out that red should not be in the background fabric

and the star center and star points should not be made from fabric with the same two colors, and only those two colors!!

Is that horrible or what!!

I'm trying to talk myself into putting this block on the back, I'm not so sure I can do it....some things are best forgotten!!

Monday will be my 200th post!!
Do you know what that means,
besides I talk too much,

It will be short and sweet, so come on back and check it out.

Speaking of giveaways, Sandy, at Textile House is giving away Carrie Nelson's latest book, just hot off the presses, A Touch of Rosie Quilts. I'm passing this along because I'm the first commenter on Sandy's giveaway, and the first commenter never wins. So since I'll be buying this book, I thought I would give you the opportunity to win it!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Love all the blocks! However, I think that you might have been able to use red in the background if it was a much smaller, it may have worked. But I think you should put it on the back! Piece it right into the quilt backing it will look great! Congrats on 200 posts too!

  2. Thelma, I don't think it's the red that is the problem - I think the contrast between the background and the tan is quite low - if the main part of the star were made with the dark brown, I think the star would emerge more clearly because the contrast would be higher. Nevertheless, don't pitch it out right away - sometimes these low contrast blocks add some visual interest. Keep it and experiment with using it once you have more blocks made.

  3. I am in agreement with Lesly. It is probably the low background contrast, not the red. This piece would make a lovely candle mat. I can see a fat red candle perched in the center. Happy quilting.

  4. I couldn't say it any better than the first 3 thoughts exactly. I don't think its the red necessarily, I think it's the contrast. Your blocks look awesome!

  5. Yes you should put it on the back. It's still a gorgeous block. Perfect points. Everyone is right, the background just looks a little too busy. You have a great expert opinion panel!!

  6. I agree with putting the block on the back. But you really have a beautiful quilt going!

  7. I agree with Lesly also. I remember a quilt I made that didn't have enough contrast. I still don't like it.

  8. Oh lord. that was an interesting block. LOL! I have been trying to work outside my comfort zone on my Opening Day project by using printed backgrounds but I don't think I'm doing so well. Oh well. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway, and you never know, someone HAS to win it, why not you? LOL!

  9. oooops.
    Yes, well, the back of the quilt is an option for that orphan block. If I were you, I'd go have a cupcake. Things always look better after a cupcake.

  10. I agree with Lesly--I think it's just a low contrast issue, not a matter of the red background. What I've found is that you need some of these less than ideal looking blocks to help the others shine, and give your eyes a place to rest, as they move around between your gorgeous blocks. Think of them more like a background for your stars or as filler for a few star flowers in your quilt arrangement. You can always pitch it at the end if need be. I've also found it pays to take a photo of the almost finished quilt--if there are blocks that don't belong, they really stand out in a photo, and it's often a pretty block that is just off somehow that stands out, not the ones you'd think.

  11. Great post with lessons learned, both from your observation regarding this block and from the commenters. I am just learning to identify problems with blocks, whether it is in the contrast or the background, or whatever! For me, it is a skill that must be learned or trained and not just inborn talent!

  12. I've made my share of unattractive blocks, for sure. Poor little orphan. I second Nicole's suggestion - go have a cupcake! Or an eggnog latte!

  13. I think you could use that background with a darker fabric in the star points. Don't you hate it when you figure that out AFTER all the work is done!?!

  14. did I miss the final entry on laundry baskets???? Have you decided what to do about that?

  15. I'm still undecided on what to do about my laundry baskets project, aka A la Mode. I'm leaning towards adding an extra border between the outer sashing and lattice border.

  16. I am really loving your quilt so far...even the little unloved one has its own charm. There has to be a perfect use for it somewhere.


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