Thursday, March 31, 2011

I went to a Quilt Show !

No, not THAT quilt show, the Red & White one in New York, I went to the the 31st Annual Quilt Fest sponsored by the Decatur Illinois Quilters Guild.

But first, meet


Marianne at Wacky World of Quilting suggested the name. She said,

"He's so cute! The name that popped to my mind was Tucker. Don't know why, it just did. Over the years we have had Tuffy, Freckles, Blondie, Lovey, and Pistol Pete."

All the names were great, but in the end my daughter just thought he looked like a Tucker!! A check for $76 is in the mail to the Dogs Without Borders rescue group of Los Angeles County because you took the time to leave a suggestion, thanks so much!!

Here are a few pictures I took at the Decatur Quilt show. I'm always amazed when I get home and look at my pictures, or lack of pictures. I guess I get distracted, I never take enough pictures!

This quilt was perfectly pieced and the quilting amazing. Every one of those diamonds has a little quilting design in it.

I took a bigger interest in the applique quilts this year. I've always enjoyed looking at applique quilts, but now that I'm doing applique, I have a whole different regard for them, a better appreciation for the work, the time and the effort that is put into each quilt.

This is a mosaic pattern. Very unusual, and the first time I had seen anything like it.

I heard this quilt took a first in its division.

Here's a close up of one block.

While the mosaic one was interesting, I really appreciated this one.

The colors and the design are more me.
And that little touch of blue adds so much, I really need to get over my issue of putting (or more accurately not putting) blue in my quilts.

I thought the handwork was amazing, those little circles are perfectly round!

This was also an applique project that I loved. I'm not sure of the pattern name but it's a barn full of animals going to bed for the night. The quilt was well done and the detail was so cute.

I like how the piggy is holding a flashlight, the lamb is counting sheep, and the cow is drinking its evening milk!

I recognized this Judy Martin pattern from her log cabin book.

This was a stunning quilt.

I really liked this quilting design in the border.

I can't pass up taking a picture of any quilt made with Rouenneries.

This is the same pattern I used for Lee's quilt, but I Thelmasized mine. That little bit of green was not part of that French General family but I think it looks great.

There were vendors at the show and I stopped by a quilt shop on the way to the show and this is what I bought . . .

extra wide red ric rac! It was the first time I had seen that wide ric rac in person. It pops up online in a pattern or quilt every now and then and it always appeals to me. I have no idea what I"ll do with it, maybe put it on an apron or pillow. For now, it's just setting out in my sewing room, making me smile.


  1. I love the name Tucker!! How nice that a good amount of money will be going to the rescue group too. Love all the quilts. Aren't quilt shows the best for inspiration and to help you burn a little hole in your pocket?

  2. Tucker's such a cutie! I'm sure your generous donation will be much appreciated by the rescue centre.
    Thanks for sharing your quilt pics. The show sounds like a lot of fun and I love that one with the flowers and birdies too, so happy looking :)

  3. Tucker! Perfect name for the Pup. My favorite from the quilt show is the flowers with the blue birds. So sweet. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. What great pictures from the quilt show! I love seeing what other quilters are doing. "Tucker" seems to suit the little guy perfectly.

  5. 'Tucker' is as cute as the puppy--perfect name! I'll bet he and Cooper will be quite a pair when they meet! Great donation to the shelter--applause for you on that!! The applique is really inspiring--those barn animals are adorable with their little treasures! I've used jumbo rick rack several times and it's fun to add to a project! Jan

  6. Tucker is a perfect name for your daughter's adorable little doggie!
    I love the pics of the quilt show especially the one with the flowers. I have the pattern ...I love to applique. It is so cheerful! The barn quilt is the cutest quilt for a child ... adorable.
    I have used the jumbo ric rac and love it!

  7. my (step)grandfather's last name was Tucker and he called my grandma "Tuck" - i LOVE that name (just don't try saying it with a mouth full of marshmallows)

    i have avoided applique since the class that we took last year ... but ... more and more ... you are making me want to just GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT ... you are SUCH an ENABLER, Thelma!

  8. Tucker is a great name. And thank you for the quilt show pictures. I'm not a huge fan of applique but these were stunning quilts. As far as the blue goes, when I was working on a BOM quilt, I was having a hard time with a particular fabric color choice (which happened to be blue) and the advice was, "if it's not working for you, add more." And it was true. I still don't love that particular fabric but it really did add to the "sparkle" of the quilt.

  9. A cute name for your new family member! Really enjoyed your quilt pics today, too.

  10. Hi Thelma.
    I am never really sure if a quilt show inspires me or depresses me..hahah..what beautiful work in these quilts..thank you so much for sharing them..clever girls...

  11. Thanks for the little quilt show Thelma! Always fun to see the beautiful quilts that are out there. Tucker is a great name for that little guy.
    Trivia: There was an auto maker (for a short time) named Tucker. 30's-40's era. He loved dogs... he had like 50 Beagles. (I named all my sons names that started with T's... Tucker was one on the list, but not used).

  12. Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous quilts!! The applique was stunning and so was the quilting!! It was the polka dot border that got me...loved it!!
    Take care!

  13. Tucker is a perfect name! Thanks so much for sharing your quilt show photos!

  14. Tucker is a cutie pie. Sophie has a litter mate named Tucker. Good name. I love all the quilts. My favorite is the barn. Thanks for sharing.


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