Monday, March 14, 2011

Olde World Stars and The Winners Are . . .

Remember this quilt? This was the last quilt I worked on in 2010. I had issues with this project start to finish. Not the piecing, the pattern, Root Beer Float, by Hyacinth Designs, was easy to follow and each block came out perfectly. It was the fabric that drove me crazy. (as usual)

I struggled with my fabric choices for the star blocks, but finally hit on what I thought was the perfect combination. But when it came to adding some borders, nothing felt or looked right to me. So I put the quilt away but still thought about it, add a border, skip a border, what to do.

When I last blogged about this quilt, someone suggested a plain black border, which appealed to me. Today I finally auditioned some plain black fabric as a border, here it is. I don't think it adds anything to the quilt, I would be adding a border just to be making the quilt larger, and in this case, size is not important to me. So I've made up my mind, no border for this quilt, it's done!

This is Olde World Stars, Lifetime Quilt #67.

It finishes at 66" x 66"
has approximately 721 pieces
and was made using Olde World Style fabric by Monique Dillard for Maywood Studio.

I can hardly wait to have it quilted, I think it will look great hanging in my living room.

152 folks stopped by my 250th blog post celebration. Wow, thanks so much for all your kinds words, there are tens of thousands of blogs out there, it means the world to me that you take the time to stop by mine, and enjoy doing so.

It seems my pop addiction is a common one. I've been told if I tried a Coke now, after not drinking one for a year, that I would not like the taste, and some of you have first hand experience with it, I'm not chancing it!

Applique is another goal so many of you would like to try. I think finding the right project is the secret, once I saw Evening Bloom, I knew I would do whatever it took to make that quilt, even needle turn applique. I now end every day doing just that, it is very satisfying and relaxing. Finding the perfect project will fuel your passion.

Someone mentioned Shakespeare in the Park, a quilt pattern by Judy Martin, was something they were wanting to tackle, me too!

Congratulations to everyone for the wonderful accomplishments mentioned, gong back to school, exercising, joining a quilt guild, and all the others, I applaud you.

Now for the winners . . . I couldn't really use Random Number Generator, so I wrote down every name, along with the day and time the comment was left, on a piece of paper. If you did not pick a favorite, I randomly dropped your name in a bucket, so everyone got one chance.

The French General kit was the most popular choice, but not by much.

So I closed my eyes and drew one name from each bowl.

Annette at Sunshine Yellow won the Glace fabric
Staci The Confused Quilter won the Park Avenue fabric
and Donna The Cats Meow Two won the French General kit.

Thanks to all for making my 250th post such a positive, fun and uplifting experience.'s Tuesday, Eventide update day!! See ya then!

oh, one more thing.....those closet doors are STILL off!


  1. Congratulations to your lucky winners and the 250th post!

  2. I simply LOVE your Olde World Stars quilt!

  3. Don't you just hate that when you're not sure if a quilt is finished or not?!?
    Some quilts are just not bossy enough to figure out what to do!
    Congrats to the winners!

  4. I love the quilt just the way it is finished. Beautiful and very nice blending of fabrics. I am learning to choose better colors too. Keep on doing as the quilts do talk to

  5. I think the quilt is just right. It is beautiful and a black border wouldn't add to it.
    Some quilts look so much better without a border and this is one of them. Your work is outstanding.

  6. What a Monday wake up! Did I actually win the French General?! I've had to read and reread to make sure you really said my name, but I think it actually does! I'm stunned, but so excited!!! Thanks so much Thelma!

  7. Wow, is it really me??? You can't believe how excited and happy I am!! Thank you so much! I know exactly what I'm going to use it for. Thank you thank you!!

    P.S. I think your quilt is absolutely awesome.

  8. I agree with your decision not to put a border on the Ode World Stars quilt. It looks finished to me. As for not drinking soda, I've been doing that for several years now. If I do feel like drinking one, I choose root beer, but that's only about once or twice a year. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I think that you made a great choice leaving that quilt without borders. I think it's beautiful just the way it is.

  10. The quilt is gorgeous - you are absolutely right that it doesn't need a border. Congratulations to the winners!

  11. Congratulations to the winners Thelma, and to you on creating such a fabulous quilting blog! Love your Olde World Stars. It is a beautiful quilt.

  12. Congratulations to the winners. Lovely quilt as well.

  13. Wow! Thank you so much! I can hardly believe I won your fabulous giveaway. I promise to give Park Avenue a good home!

  14. Congratulations to the lucky winners !
    I love your quilt without borders.
    If you made Shakespeare in the Park as sew along, please count me in, I want it for years !!!

  15. Somehow I missed the celebration. So belated congrats on your 250th post.


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