Monday, March 28, 2011

My Ode to the Show . . . .

Well the Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts show officially opened in New York City on Friday. I've read a lot of pre-show information but have yet to run across any first hand accounts of the show from a quilter. I can hardly wait for those posts to start popping up.

Here's my tribute to what sounds like a wonderful show.....

This is Father's Fancy.

Select Lifetime Quilt #20 for more detail.

Housekeeping Items:

I think we may have a winner, my daughter liked several names suggested on the "Name this Dog" post, and is trying one out, so stay tuned. For sure the agency that rescued the pup is a winner, last time I checked I had 74 comments which would be a nice little donation for that organization.

Clarification - there seems to be a little confusion on a few "terms" I use regularly on my blog, so I thought I better set the record straight:

"Thelmasized" - The act of enlarging a Schnibbles pattern or reducing any pattern that has a 12 inch block.

"Thelmafied" - The act of making minor fabric changes to a kit or BOM as to make it more appealing in appearance to Thelma.

One last thing, a few posts ago I mentioned that I am a rule follower, and some folks thought that was a real funny, since I seem to be always changing up something in a pattern, but for the record, I would like to state that I think pattern directions are just like speed limit signs, they are more guidelines than actual rules.

Tomorrow's the last Eventide update post before the big parade, hope you can stop back by!


  1. Thelma, wouldn't it be great if 50 years from now quilters were using the terms Thelmafied and Thelmasized?! You have made a name for yourself in the blog world with your beautiful quilts, and I could definitely see this happen :D

    I would love to be in NYC to see the red/white quilt exhibit. This is my favorite combination for quilts, and I have only made a couple.

  2. One of my friends is always making little alterations (read:mistakes!) and because her surname is Pont we say she's 'ponted it'. We live in the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW Australia and my sister and her friends in Sydney have adopted the term!

  3. Love your ode to Red and White!! So glad that you had so many comments on the Name that dog post!! What a great way to give at the same time. I can't wait to hear what the dog's new name is...

  4. I wrote about this show on my blog this morning and while researching the owner of the quilts I came across this blog...she had been to visit the show and reported first hand
    love your blog!

  5. Love your quilting terms...Thelmasized and Thelmafied...your red and white is amazing. Really makes a statment!

  6. Then perhaps you are quite familiar with speeding tickets lol! I guess that would make your theme song "I did it myyyy way!" Just kidding Thelma, we love that you Thelma-ize your quilts..that's what makes you you :)

  7. I've never been to NYC, but if I went I'd love to see that quilt show. I love red and white quilts, and to see all of those together would be amazing.

  8. I personally love the way you take a quilt pattern and make it 'yours'. That is so much more liberating and fulfilling than slavishly following the 'as written' direction. I like your 'Thelma-terms'.

  9. ha,ha love your clarifications! And I think it would be good to add ThelmaIZED, if someone were to make a pattern the same way you customized it :-)

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing all the reports on the red and white quilt exhibit.

    I like your tribute!

  11. I've always loved this quilt. I never met a red and white quilt I didn't like.

  12. One that you really "Thelmafied" is Nottingham Star. I ordered the pattern,which bears "not too much" resemblance to yours, due to fabric choice. They must surely appreciate your input!
    But I will make N.S., and from my STASH!~ that will be a first!

    Right now, I'm taking a few moments to luxuriate in which quilt to make next... (as I finished Eventide in record time, for me) however, I ALWAYS quilt with the NFL network playing in the background. I heard today, while finishing up Eventide, that Jeff Saturday (Indianapolis Colts Center and NFLPA rep for the Colts) is going to be on the network live for three days... so I need to CHOOSE a new project so I can "listen" while I work!
    (I hereby state that it won't have ANY quarter square triangle blocks, LOL!)


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