Monday, June 13, 2011

A Finish . . . .

It seems like all I've done is pack and unpack a suitcase this spring. Last weekend my husband and I popped out to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday, but I'm home now with no travel plans until the middle of August, look out sewing room I'm moving back in.

I was able to squeeze in one very important finish in the few days that I have been home and not packing or unpacking.

My daughter adopted a dog and her first request was for a quilt. That's something we do in our household, make quilts for our dogs. Cooper inherited Simon's Quilt (Lifetime Quilt #33) so it had been awhile since I made a dog quilt.

Choosing the fabric was easy, this fabric had just been released,

Max & Whiskers by basicgrey for Moda.

So I bought a layer cake and started thinking about the perfect pattern, something easy, (it is for dog after all) and something that would show off that adorable fabric. I wanted the dog, paw and bone prints to be easily discernible.

The first thing I did was cut the layer cake into fourths. Then I separated the fabric into groups of colors, blue, white, yellow and orange, and black and brown.

Then I put them in different combinations on my design wall until I came up with a design that appealed to me.

In the end I went with this around the world pattern. I also cut the blocks down to 4 1/2 inches so the top would finish at a nice even 36 inch square quilt.

And here it is all quilted. My quilter went with twice the batting and stitched in the ditch to create this puffy pillow look.

Plus she added some extra quilting to the center 9 blocks, they lay a little flatter, to create a little nest in the middle of all that fluff.

This quilt is in the mail, on it's way to Tucker. Hopefully I'll bet a great picture of Tucker sleeping peacefully on this quilt, and not a picture of Tucker in a room filled with stuffing and shreds of Max and Whiskers everywhere, time will tell, it could go either way!

This is Lifetime Quilt # 73,
is named Tucker's Quilt,
has 81 pieces ( a new all time low)
and finished at 36" x 36".

I enjoyed hearing all about the French General quilts that have been made and fabric that has been bought or will be bought, it's nice to know I'm not the only French General fan. I find it very fascinating that Kaari Meng, aka The French General, is not a quilter! She sure has a knack for designing great quilting fabric.

I'm such a fan of my French General fabric, I don't throw away the scraps, I keep every little bit that doesn't get into a quilt, any other scraps either find a new home or get tossed.

Now for the winner,

Ginny Worden,

you are the winner of the pin cushion, French General tote and notebooks.

Ginny had this to say about the French General fabric

Does buying French General fabric count ? Can't seem to get past fondling it.

Congratulations Ginny, and I've been known to fondle some of my FG fabric too!

Wednesday, I"ll have a Wild Air update, hope you can stop back by!


  1. I'm sure Tucker will love and treasure it!

  2. Tucker's quilt is as cute as can be! What a lucky boy to have you for a grandmother!

  3. So cute with those extra x's in the middle like that. I just *love* getting to post a finish. :D

  4. Adorable...I hope Tucker appreciates his Grandma's efforts! (My parents hate to be called grandparents to our dog, but it tickles me!!)

  5. Very cute Thelma! I'm sure Tucker will love his quilt. I have yet to get started on my Max & Whiskers project *sigh*.

  6. Tucker will love his new quilt! The fabric is adorable. Lucky Tucker!!

  7. What a great idea to make a quilt for the new dogs in your family. This one I love. That fabric is just so cute. I'm sure the next photo will be Tucker sleeping peacefully on his lovely new quilt.

  8. This is just the " Cutest Dog Quilt " Thelma ! LOVE IT ! Tucker is one lucky dog !

  9. great quilt!
    congrats to the winner!

  10. I love the cute dog quilt! You did a great job......I love the extra batting idea with more quilting in the center.


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