Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer . . . .

Who came up with that term, "lazy days of summer"? There aren't any lazy days at my house, summer or otherwise. It's rare for me to even be doing just one thing at a time, I like to do 2 or 3 things at once. It drives my family crazy, I hear, "can't you just sit down", and "don't you ever relax" all the time.

So while there are no lazy days here, you wouldn't know it by my quilting output.

I'm still working on Evening Bloom. My Blackbird Design needle turn applique project. (Speaking of Blackbird Design, they have a new fabric line coming out that is primarily blue, and I love it, shocking I know!)

This is block 4, which I think looks like the mustache of an invisible man. I was supposed to have this block done by the first of the month, I'm hoping it's done by the end. But I'm still enjoying it, so that's all that matters.

I'm also working away on my Red and White Quilt Show Tribute Quilt.

I've made some pretty good progress, but the majority of my work has been in my head or on paper.

I would like my quilt to look something like this, nothing but red and white quilts, all patterns, shapes and sizes.

After studying the quilts in the show I decided I wanted the Tree of Life pattern to be the center of my quilt.

There are several Tree of Life quilts in the show, different settings, different tree patterns. This is quilt number 1056 and was hung in the interior middle of Pavilion One.

So here's what I've got so far. This section is 20" x 20" and has 97 pieces. (I'm counting as I go, to make it easier in the end)

Did you know that traditionally the trunk section of this block was appliqued? I appliqued the little triangles at the bottom of the trunk, but not the whole trunk. And after I got it all done, and compared it to the original, I noticed my block was a little leaner. I'm hoping I can live with it. If I have to make every quilt twice I'll never get done!

Now I just need to surround this block with about a dozen or so red and white quilts in various sizes, patterns, and designs. Sounds like fun to me!

Here's what I do know for sure, the quilts will be red and white. Really that's all I know, I've yet to determine the finished size or even all the additional quilts I'll use for inspiration. And deadline, you know me and having a plan, but how can I possibly put a deadline on this? I'm hoping for the end of July, but we'll see.

So anyway, I've got a start and I'm looking forward to the challenge. (remind me of this when it's August and I'm still not done!)


  1. Love your tree! This is going to be a wonderful journey...ENJOY it! I know you're going to have fun!

  2. I don't think your tree trunk needs to be fattened up at all! It looks right sized to me.

  3. Thelma,
    Love what you have done so far with the tree center ... your trunk is great! I can't wait to see your progress on what will be an amazing quilt!

  4. the Force is strong with this one...

  5. So far so good!! Whatever you do it will be fabulous!!

  6. Love your tree - I can't wait to see your progress on this - what a great idea!

  7. Your red and white quilt project is very cool! This is one of those projects where you could make a new block "quilt" for it every once in a while, as the mood suits you (sort of like a block of the month). Great idea!

  8. What a great idea! I like that your tree of life is a little different than the original - that makes it an original.

  9. Wow, what a creative idea for a quilt. I wish I had gotten to see the red & white exhibit.

  10. I like your tree! It is perfect the way it is... I mean, it's red! What could possibly be wrong with that?

    I think the person who first coined the phrase "lazy days of summer" was living in the desert. It was 112 degrees yesterday and it is supposed to be that hot again today... who wants to do anything but sit by a fan with a big glass of cold [insert name of favorite beverage here] and a good book. It's almost too hot to sew unless you're doing applique. As in -- no hot iron required. :)

    Have fun and keep up the great work!

  11. I love your tree trunk. So what if it doesn't match the other quilt. This is all your own. I can't wait to see the progress.

  12. Oh Thelma ! Your tree of life is PERFECT! This is going to be a amazing quilt !

  13. Your idea of a Red & White tribute quilt is inspired, and your quilt will be, too. The strong, beautiful tree of life in the centre is a great start. We all look forward to seeing your progress ... at whatever speed. It's the Red & White creative journey that is the important thing. Enjoy every minute, and every step along the way.
    Debbie R.

  14. A Tree of Life is a perfect quilt to start a red and white collection with. I love it Thelma!

  15. If you hadn't mentioned the trunk looked skinny, I wouldn't have even noticed. Looks great to me.

  16. Your tree looks good to's yours and that's what makes it is going to be amazing, I'm sure :0)


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