Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There's Drama in the Air, Wild Air . . . .

Remember Wild Air?

I've not blogged about it in awhile . . . This project was one of the Carrie Nelson classes I attended in Utah at the Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

I was all up in the air about what fabric to use for this pattern. I'm not happy unless I'm making myself miserable over my fabric choices, and here's why; I think every pattern is better when it is made with just the perfect fabric, not just any fabric, but the best fabric for that design. I also think some fabric deserves just the perfect pattern, to use any old pattern is a horrible waste of that fabric's potential. To make this whole issue even more confusing, I don't think all fabric has to have the perfect pattern, take Fig Tree, Bonnie & Camille, or French General. I don't think any of those fabrics can make an ugly quilt. But then there are some other fabrics, that are so different or unique, that they need just the right pattern to either showcase the design size or color palate of the fabric. Annandale, by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics to me is a one of a kind type of fabric that needs a special pattern with the a certain look.

After much stewing and stalling I picked Annandale for Wild Air. It was more of a "I'm running out of time and don't really know what else to use, don't have much fabric in my stash and don't have a quilt shop nearby" decision.

So I went to class with Annandale all cut out,

and made this block. That one flying geese block in the center.

I really liked the pattern, but my fabric choice for Wild Air was so different from Carrie's, and from several ladies in the class that I was really questioning my choice. To add to the drama, Annandale came out last year, and I'm guessing getting more of it would be pretty tough, so I really didn't want to waste it.

After I got home I just stared at those 5 blocks on my design wall and questioned my decision. This went on for days. I finally talked myself into making more flying geese blocks, thinking maybe that would help me get that "I LOVE IT" or "LEAVE IT" feeling. By this point I didn't care which direction I went, I just wanted some direction, the whole being in limbo stage was driving me crazy.

I think two things were troubling to me; one, that my project was so dark, bold and crisp compared to Carrie's soothing, calming blue quilt, and that my flying geese blocks potentially wouldn't stand out against the alternate blocks.

So I made more blocks,

and tried to get a feel for what the border will essentially look like, and I'm happy to report,


It feels great to finally feel good about my decision. What was I worried about, I think the colors are good and the contrast is fine. This finished project will really be different from a lot of the quilts I've already made, which is good, variety is good, not ALL quilts need to be red.

I felt so good about my decision I packed it away in a project box . . .

I thought the colors had a fall feel to them and I like to work with fall fabrics in the fall. But I'm counting the days until I get back to Wild Air!! Which is so much better than throwing it all in the trash!

On an entirely different note, I've had a couple more Eventide finishes, PLUS my Eventide is back from the quilter, stop back by Friday for the latest update!!


  1. Glad you stuck with it! I think it's an amazing quilt. Great fabrics, perfect pattern, just the right amount of contrast! PERFECT!

  2. It is beautiful! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to see it all finished. Great choice of fabric!

  3. I'm with you...Jo fabrics often need just the right pattern. There is such variety of scale and color. Your Geese will be gorgeous!!! :-D Keep at it, sista!!
    Mary Lou

  4. I love your fabric choice! In fact I've loved all your fabric choices for all your quilts. This quilt is going to be gorgeous and have a very late 19th-century feel to it. Different than Carrie's but seeing yours (almost) makes me want to tackle all those flying geese & make one in reproduction-type fabrics. Almost. I have such an aversion to flying geese after making a quilt with 482.

  5. With each photo I was loving the project and saying to myself "oh no, she's going to ditch the wild geese"!! So glad you decided that you love it!

  6. I love that pattern! And, your fabric choice--fantastic!

  7. I love it all - contrast and color. Great job.

  8. I think it looks great! And I'm with you, I think the fabric makes the world of difference for each pattern. I too struggle with some fabric choices at times. And if I don't like how it is coming together, it's on to the next showcase :-)

  9. This quilt is going to be Knock out gorgeous ! I love Jo Morton fabrics and you made a perfect choice. Looking forward to seeing your Eventide that is back from the quilters. I am expecting my Eventide back from my quilter any day now .

  10. oh I think you made the perfect fabric choice so much so I want to go push the buy buttons and make it too!
    how can you walt till the fall to finish that quilt
    do it now and you can have the quilt to use the first day of a cool breeze in Sept!

  11. It is gorgeous! I can't wait to fall to see it completed. Looking forward to Friday!

  12. My first response: WOW! Your quilt is just beautiful! I'm glad you finally made a decision and it was a good one!
    See you tomorrow!

  13. I don't think that even on your worst day you could make an ugly quilt. It's just not in you!

  14. I love the pattern and the fabrics! There's a wonderful 'smokiness' to the colors. Lucky me -- Carrie's going to be teaching a 2-day class in the Portland area this fall. No word yet on which pattern(s) she'll cover, but I may be asking you for fabric advice in September!


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