Monday, June 18, 2012

Done Twister'n . . . . . .

So my little Twister experiment is over.

I decided to go with a simple layout.  

(FYI - This measured 55" x 55")

I kept the tip about looking at the four corners of the blocks in my mind as I positioned my fabric squares, to make sure the twister blocks wouldn't blend together.

So once you've cut your blocks and sew them together, you cut your blocks and sew them together again!

Carrie left a comment on my last Twister post about using a small rotary cutter for cutting the blocks, and she's right!

You don't have much room for error, or a wild rotary cutter as you cut.  I recommend a sharp small rotary cutter.

Here it is, all done!

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 87.
It finished at 35" x 35"and has approximately 363 pieces.
The fabric is Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for Moda.

Here's my review of the Twister template.  It works, it easily makes neat, precise looking projects, but they all sort of have that same look.  The look that I think folks who sew look at a project and say, "that was made with a Twister".  Not that that's a bad thing, but I would prefer folks said something else about my projects. But it was fun and easy, a nice change of pace after finishing Evening Bloom and Settlers Trail.  If you don't own a Twister template and are getting an itch to try it, ask a friend if she has one you can borrow, I bet she does.  There seems to be a lot of folks who own them and it's not the type tool someone uses all the time, or keeps on their sewing table.  Most folks are probably thinking, I have one, but I'm not sure where I put it.  I'm thinking this may be my first and last Twister.

Dawn, at First Light Designs, has a post today about her Twister experiences and is working on a tutorial for her heart Twister that I blogged about last week.  Stop by for more Twister info!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about all the Twister quilts having the same look. And I'm one of those people who has the Twister somewhere but never used it. I like the way yours turned out, though - very cheery - and sometimes it's nice and restful to have a simple project after an ambitious one.

  2. I agree totally with what Lesly said above, and i love her name, giggle! I now have two twister rulers and have yet to make a twister quilt...I am so very close this time! Yours is adorable and I love how you took us through the complete process. Thank you!

  3. I like your layout...and I definitely agree with your assessment of this tool... Beautiful quilt.

  4. I really like your layout. Using white between your charm squares gives your "twists" more definition. I have made one to use on my table and it was a quick project.

  5. When I saw the first picture on this post, I thought you had decided to make a simple, summery, little table topper. Of course, I liked it, but as I kept reading, I realized it was your Twister layout. Like it as a Twister quilt even better! Want to use that layout with the little Twister ruler and KT fabrics. Thanks so much for sharing Dawn's twister tips. Wish I had known them when I made my first Twister. Some of my fabrics blended together and blended into the background.

    BTW, don't think I commented, but I loved your Evening Bloom and Settlers Trail quilts. Thanks so much for sharing your quilts! I love seeing them and reading your quilting thought process.

  6. Very cute Twister quilt, Thelma. I really like your layout and may try it soon.

  7. I like it! It may just be a "twister" but it's still lovely. I like the layout. I'm going to copy it. Would make a quick and simple wall hanging. :)

  8. I love how you mixed the white and colours together. It is very sweet!

  9. Thelma,

    Your twister quilts are inspiring. I think I am going to have to pull my ruler back out and make a few.

  10. This is a great quilt. I love seeing how folks put their own spin on the Twister quilt, so to speak. I have yet to use my little template, it is calling to me...

  11. I think it's gorgeous! I want to make another one that has the white rows like yours.

  12. Very cute! I love how it turned out :)

  13. My quilt group has gone nutty over Twister quilts. I haven't joined in; they are pretty but not my style.

  14. Your Twister quilt turned out really cute, love the crispness of the white solid. I'm one that loves to make them, each to his/her own as they say. I have made different layouts and taught several classes and have plans for more. I made a miniature Christmas tree with the leftover bits from a larger one I made last year. Quilters are getting clever in designing cute patterns to use these fun little rulers!


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