Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tools Tuesday . . . .

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my summer goals is to inventory and clean out my ruler, template and tools drawer.  

Well the first step is complete.  Here's everything that was in my drawer.  Tools I've been collecting ever since I started quilting seven years ago.  

I sorted the contents of the drawer into three groups, things I know I like and know how to use, things I may like but have never used, and things I don't like, use or will ever use!

My "Fit to be  . . " whatever rulers are rulers I use on almost every project.  I've tried several different ways to make flying geese, Monique's rulers are my preferred method.  These I'll keep.

Here are my Marti Michell templates and rulers.  The templates I bought for different projects or patterns, I like them, use them and loan them out.  They're staying.

The log cabin rulers have never been used.  After doing some research on their use I decided that I would not use that method to piece log cabin blocks, not keeping those.

I used these perfect circle templates for my Summer Fun dots.

If you need to make circles for a project, I recommend using these templates by  Karen Kay Buckley.

So this is where I stand right now.  The tools I know I'll use and like are back in the drawer, on the left. The tools I may like if I knew what the heck they were used for, I put in that project box on the right.

I've created a list of what is in the cleaned out tools drawer and put it on my phone so that I'll always know what I have at home when I'm out shopping.  This is because I have a couple rulers or tools that I've bought two of.  I have two easy angles, I have four 4 1/2 inch rulers!  No more of that!

The things I know I don't want are that stack on the floor.  Most of these I bought to use in a class and didn't use them or have found a method that works better for me and won't use them. I'm passing them along to a sewing group, for someone else to put in there tools drawer!

My next step is to take something out of the project box and figure out how to use it, by next Tuesday.   If I think I'll use it at some point I'll keep it, if not, out the door it goes.  So be sure to stop back by next Tuesday for another edition of  Tools Tuesday!


  1. Geesh you are so organized.. makes me feel like a slug. But you give me inspiration too. And the bit about putting your list in your phone ! Great idea.

  2. Having a list on your phone is taking organization to the next level! I need to do that with DVDs - not that long ago I came home from the shops with a copy of "Emma" and when I was putting it away on the shelf I saw that I already had a copy sittin there still wrapped in plastic!!

  3. What a great idea!!! Looking forward to seeing your new project!

  4. What a great idea! I have a few of those rulers that I bought "just in case". It's funny, though, how I stick with the same rulers...

  5. As soon as I get rid of something I think I'll never use, I need it for the next project that I decide to do. That's the way it works for me. Love the phone idea. I also have several of the same rulers and even have bought the same book twice. Looking forward to next Tuesday.

  6. I do have favorite tools, and I find that some of the newer ones are not as good for me as the older, tried and true. I have one Fit to Be rulers, and only used it for one Schnibbles quilt. I need to get it out and take another look see. I think because I basically learned to quilt using Eleanor Burns methods, it is easier for me to do strip piecing, even when the pattern does not call for it.

  7. I have all my Fit to be.. rulers in a large ziplock and carry them everywhere. That is the only method I use to make flying geese, they are the best!! I recently started picking up some of Marti Michell's templates for my Farmer's Wife project. I actually really like them but I need a better method to store / categorize them if I want to use them in the future on other projects. I find they have proven to be very accurate and I definitely would like to use them in the future.
    I don't have a ton of gadgets that I don't use. I think the lack of storage space keeps me in check.. I look forward to seeing your Summer Tool reviews in the upcoming weeks!

  8. I really like your idea of keeping track of what tools you have. I have several 6 1/2 inch squares and a couple of books are duplicates of ones I have already. I need to stop and take note of what I have. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a great idea. I think all of us quilters should do this.

  10. I keep my small spare tools in my Bernina bag. I use my little 4.5 ruler alot. Love my Marti Michel templates. Great for Farmer's Wife blocks.

  11. You are just way to organized! I should be becauseI have brought tools, books and patterns twice. I love using the Easy Angle ruler for making my triangles.


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