Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Updates . . . . .

Now that Settler's Trail is out the door and waiting to be quilted I'm focussing on Evening Bloom.  After 17 months I'm ready to wrap up that project.

This basketful of diamond pieces, 

is now this basketful of border blocks.

The points still need to be hand appliquéd down, I used a few strips of fusible web to hold everything in place until I get to them.  I'm a little nervous about all those points, edges and centers matching up perfectly, seems like a lot to ask of those little blocks!

Joe at ThimbleCreek Quilts mailed out a picture of their booth at Spring Market.  There's the red and white quilt I blogged about on the left, below that adorable house quilt.

But another quilt caught my eye too, I may be mistaken but I think that quilt in the center is an interesting variation of  Settler's Trail.  Just a few subtle changes, it has the same look but a little more punch, I like it!

Is there a Doc in the house?  Not my house, but don't miss Sherri and Sinta's Doc Parade today!


  1. Your machine is constantly humming...but no Schnibbles this month? ...maybe I missed that post, while I was off galavanting on vacation...

  2. oh I love that blue and white quilt on the table on the left! oooohhhhh
    ok yes its similar to settlers trail they both used the same antique quilt published in a few books as inspiration I bet!
    loving your blocks and fun to see them in baskets like that!
    do you feel a bit lost now that settlers trail is done?

  3. Gee Thelma...I don't understand the non Doc post! Lol. I had hoped to see YOUR version. Just messing with you. WOW....I liked many of the quilts in the long is your list???

  4. That version of Settler's Trail is wonderful! Now, don't go thinking you need to make 3760 more blocks with one inch squares....

  5. How nice it will for you to complete your Evening Bloom quilt ! You are SO close to finishing it. I have started my Evening Bloom , I am practicing the invisble applique on my machine first then I will be ready to go full speed ahead on it

  6. That is what I thought when I saw this booth. Are you ready for another variation?!

  7. I love getting close up to a quilt and admiring it, but there is a different perspective from far away - and taking a picture of it really shows that. Now when I lay out the blocks of a quilt I take a picture of it, then move things around from that perspective.

  8. THANKS so much for sharing the picture of our booth at Spring Quilt Market! My new Harvest Moon pattern IS a variation of that classic design and will be available soon. I watched you make yours at the same time I was making mine!! :)
    I love ALL your quilts - you are very, very talented!


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