Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BOM Rehab - MoP

I finished up my Memories of Provence setting blocks in November and almost forgot to blog about it!

They would make a very pretty quilt all on their own.

But will look so much prettier when added to my focus blocks.

Here's a reminder of what the finished quilt will look like, well mostly look like.  I have made a few little changes.

Almost every time I blog about Memories of Provence someone wants to know where I got my BOM and can they get the pattern.   I've got some great news, starting in January Monique Dillard, who designed the Memories of Provence pattern and fabric, is going to be offering a free block of the month on her blog, Open Gate Quilts.   And here is the pattern.

If you like Memories of Provence you'll also like this quilt. I think it has the same look and feel as MoP.  There are a couple of choices on the size and Monique will be offering some kits to make the quilt pictured using her latest line of fabric, Royal Gardens.  

For more details read Monique's blog here.  I plan to sew along,  I hope you can squeeze this into your 2013 quilting schedule too!  Check it out and join in the fun! 


  1. You are a very bad influence Miss Thelma! Now I have to start another new project! These kinds of blocks are my favorite...lots of pieces and interesting designs.

  2. That would be a beautiful quilt to make, but I don't dare until I finish the ones I vowed I would finish!! I will say, I always like your version, though, and think we must have similar likes, XOXO

  3. The quilt is so beautiful! Thank you for post the news!

  4. How pretty. It's going to be gorgeous when it's all put together.

  5. I love your blocks... and they would be great just on their own... but I suspect that they are gorgeous with your other blocks. Can't wait to see them set. I hopped over to Open Gate blog... and let her know that I wanted to play along. I almost felt like I was intruding though... her A team was already all signed up... hope there is still room for the B string because it looks like a whole lot of fun!

  6. Thank you for the notice about the free BOM program! I made sure to get her blog on my favorites list so I remember to check it out daily. I have wanted to get the MOP patterns, but you are right about the similarity. This will be a lot more fun as a group following. Hope I can get on track with it! Perhaps after Christmas, I will have some project openings :)

  7. Thanks for the heads up about Monique's BOM. My arm is twisted and I'm joining in!!

  8. For anyone interested in the Memories of Provence BOM, it is available from Quilt Sampler. Karylee is fantastic help! I just started it in October.

  9. Hi Thelma,
    I can't wait for Monique's BOM! I read her blog post about it and am wondering which fabric line you'll be using? I'm really looking forward to it!


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