Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating With Quilts . . . .

I'm still decorating the house for Christmas, I'm starting to think "quit" may happen before "done".

One aspect of my decorating that is done, all my holiday quilts are out.

This is the third year I've hung my Christmas Tree quilt, Lifetime Quilt Number 53, "O Christmas Tree" in the living room.

In an earlier post I mentioned no one used our guest room, well someone's decided he likes that quilt and has been napping in the guest room most afternoons.

This is Countdown to Christmas, Lifetime Quilt Number 78.

There are only 3 quilts in the sunroom right now, Olde World Stars, LQ#67, is on the love seat on the left and Fathers Fancy, LQ# 20, is on the couch on the right.

Neither quilt is technically a Christmas quilt, they aren't made from Christmas fabric, but I think they look festive.

Instead of the usual 4 quilts on my quilt ladder I'm going with just one for the holidays.

Red, White and Wonderful is LQ#64.

And finally, Toulouse, LQ# 54, is on my bed.

In the past I put a Thimbleberries row quilt on my bed, Hometown Christmas, LG# 13. But  I just wasn't in the mood for the dark colors of that quilt this year.  I'm really enjoying Toulouse.

So I don't have as many quilts out as usual, but I'm loving the few that are out.

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  1. Such beautiful quilts!! Love the way you have displayed them!

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos. Your quilts are beautiful and your eye for decorating is fine-tuned.

  3. I love seeing your quilts, especially at Christmas. You have such a flare for color choices and fabrics. Santa must love coming down your chimney and resting a spell surrounded by such warmth. Thank you for a great start to the day!

  4. Beautiful quilts, and a beautiful dog. How do you change the quilt in the stairs? It looks like it would be an adventure.

  5. oh I just love seeing how you use the quilts in your home. Ok I may just have to make that quilt ,Toulouse, I have an antique block like that in blue and white. but I love it in red and green !!!!
    thanks for the inspiration, AGAIN!

  6. I so want to park myself in your home for the festive season! It feels so NICE!!. I love the way you have inspired all; with your placement of quilts. So that begs me to ask, do have a background in interior decorating, or are you just one of those people who KNOWS the value of colour and placement? Thankyou for sharing your pictures, I have really enjoyed the posts you have made throughout the year, and wish you, and your family (including the dog) all the best for Christmas and the new year.

  7. Between you and Nicole, I am totally inspired to make a Christmas quilt! I always thought I didn't really want to put all the time and effort into something used for such a short period of time, but it just makes so much more special when they make their appearance at this time of year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Quality, not quantity...LOL! It's looking great!

  9. I agree with Jeanie! The ones you've chosen to display are just perfect and so festive and warm--that's what the holidays are all about, XOXO

  10. Love them all ~ your home is just gorgeous!!


  11. Another fun tour of Christmas quilts! Toulouse is my favorite!

  12. I love all your Christmas quilts especially the one on your bed.

  13. Beautiful quilts.....So much talent, I am envious. Love the photo of the dog sleeping in the guest room. I am happily your newest follower.

  14. I think your quilts look just lovely and your puppy has discerning taste. Relax and have a great Christmas.

  15. Your quilts look lovely, and what a big dog you have! I must say, your. House is very neat, tidy and clean (and I love your decor style too). You obviously don't have three kids aged 3-9 running around in it! I wish my house could look this good for a day.


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