Friday, May 17, 2013

Back in love . .

I'm getting used to that sashing now and I have to agree with all the comments you left on Wednesday, the sashing really makes those lilies pop.  I'm very happy with how this top is looking, and in the back of my mind, I sort of figured that's the way things would go.

Another plus, the assembly is coming together perfectly.  I just love it when that happens, no fudging, no stretching, no missing points. 

I've gotten a few questions about my 6 inch pineapple blocks.  
First off, I'm going with creams and whites for my lights. 

Regarding the foundation paper patterns - I printed off my original block using that EQ7 software.  I don't know much about that software, but there is a library of blocks one can access so I just selected  my pineapple block and my size then printed the block using the foundation printing option.

For some reason the sewing lines did not extend past the 6 inch block line on the block, so I extended the lines using a ruler and a black marker.  I have no idea if I did something wrong when selecting my print options or if this is just how the software works, I just knew that I needed to extend those sections of the block so I would have enough fabric to square up the block and also have a 1/4 seam allowance.

I also circled all the section numbers with a red marker where I was to use red fabric.  I confuse easily, anything to keep me on track is usually time well spent.

Once I was done adjusting my master foundation block I just ran copies using Carol Doak's Foundation Paper.  It's a wonderful product and available in most quilt shops. The Fat Quarter Shop also carries it.  (click here)

I've not touched those pineapple blocks since I got home from Paducah, I hope to get back to them soon.


  1. I am so glad you love the quilt again , that sashing is just what your quilt needed in mho !
    thanks for the info on the pineapple blocks
    I am sooooo tempted to start one too!

  2. The sashing looks great. Funny how we fall in and out of love with a quilt project while we're working on it!

  3. So glad to hear you are in love again!
    Great tips for paper piecing!

  4. Now that more blocks have the sashing I am liking it too. I wasn't so sure the other day..Wishy, washy some times.

  5. I'm liking that sashing in browns, complimenting the blocks so perfectly. Thanks for the tip on the pineapple quilt block, XOXO

  6. I love how organized you are about it all but I have a small suggestion for your foundation papers - instead of individually circling each number for the red fabric, why not do a big line with a pink highlighter?

    Happy quilting!

  7. Funny how the right fabric in the right place can make one fall in love again with a WIP! It's beautiful! I love to paper piece... I've been so tempted to purchase the EQ7 software, but don't know much about it. Anyone out there with their thoughts on it?

  8. The lilies are blooming beautifully in their sashing!!
    Debbie R.

  9. You are fickle! Of course it was going to turn out gorgeous. Even better than the picture on the pattern. You were right all along!

  10. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh Thelma ! This sashing is just perfect for your quilt ! How exciting to see you starting to sew it together.

    I really liked your info on the Pineapple quilt. I would love to make one and paper piecing would be perfect for me Thanks

  12. Oh my.....just beautiful! This is one great masterpiece!Love the way it is coming together for you and nice job Thelma....hope when I start mine it goes that well ;)))))

  13. Hi Thelma, the sashing is looking great! Thank you for more details about your foundation piecing method! I'm going to have to look for that Carol Doak paper.

  14. So glad you stuck with it ! It is looking stunning :)

  15. First - love the lilly blocks with the borders - it's going to be just gorgeous when you're finished. And, a huge thanks on the tip about circling the paper pieced pattern for the color layout - hadn't thought of that and it's brilliant!

    Cindy in SC

  16. Love your sashing more as it's coming along. Your work is gorgeous! Thats the hardest part for me, imagining how this color or that color will look. Somehow for me, it's always a surprise. You put into words what I feel so often and I sure understand what the "falling in and out of love with it" feels like.
    Thanks for the info on the pineapple blocks. It's nice to see blocks you can set aside and go back to.

  17. Loving the lillies!!! And don't you just love when blocks, sashing, and all just match up?!! Way to go!
    How many little pineapples do you need? What a great idea to circle the color/number to keep on track - I'll have to try that on my next paper foundation pieces.

  18. It's great that your lily quilt is going together well! I love it when that happens :-) Thanks for the info about your pineapple blocks.


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