Monday, May 6, 2013

Back in my sewing room . . .

Besides unpacking, working, running errands and doing all the other things that I was behind on after being out of town for a week, I did manage to get some sewing done last week.

I've got 14 Carolina blocks done, the pattern only has 25 blocks, I'm over half way there.

Please forgive this horrible picture, the sun has decided to shine about as much in May as it did in April, which was about two days, so even though this picture is dark and dreary, the blocks are not.

Between the number of pieces in each block and matching up the points and seams, these blocks are a little fussy, but well worth the effort.  

Just in case you've forgotten, I'm making Carolina by BonnieBlue Quilts.  

I selected my fabric for my project but the gals at Bonnie Blue still have kits available, click here.

I'm loving Carolina so much I've decided to make another Lily quilt, Coastal Lily by Minick & Simpson.  Except instead of going with traditional fabric, I'm going to go with some of those more modern fabrics in my happy bin.  (click here for more pattern information)

Remember Hilda, who is hand appliquéing a Quilt Mania lily quilt?   She's made her first block and has some great hand work tips, be sure to check it out. (click here)

While in Paducah at the AQS show I took an all day longarm quilting class, stop by Wednesday to hear all about what I learned.

On a blogging note, if you leave a question with your comment, but don't have your email address associated with your comment, how would you like me to answer your question?  Should I add it to a new blog post, at the bottom of the blog post where you left your question, or as a reply in the comments section?  I always feel bad when someone asks a question and I have no direct way of communicating with that person.  Is there some sort of blogging protocol here that I'm not aware of?  Thanks!


  1. wow great progress! loving these blocks....
    wonder if spring time is increasing your interest in Lily blocks/quilts?
    need to see those flowers?
    Hilda's quilt is amazing too! both of you have me thinking of a lily quilt too even though I have been trying to stay focused on a few ufo's...

  2. Your blocks are fantastic. You and Hilda are definitely making many if us add this design to our must do list.

  3. it looks great and its like we live in the same area i live mid illinois between the ill and mississippi rive getting alot done as the il. river is in the resteraunt i work at
    i looked everywhere i went in padukah for you but thousands of woman had a great time wish i could have taken alongarm class but only stayed 2 days i drive every longarm machine there my fav !!!babylock and i drove a innova this time love it too i just dont have room (or money) my husband tells me>
    have a great day

  4. Coastal Lilies will be beautiful, too.

  5. Beautiful lilies! They will keep you busy for awhile. As for the questions and answers, I'm set up so that all comments on my blog come to my email inbox. I can then respond to each of them individually. If someone is set to Noreply, they just don't get a response. But that happens very seldom. Good luck!

  6. Loving you Lily blocks, I especially like the Coastal Lily pattern, thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to hear about your longarm class!


    That's a link to a very easy description on how someone can set up to have their email available when they comment on a blog. It's very clear and simple. Perhaps you could link to it on your blog and people can learn how to do it, and save you many hours of time. Certainly for you to do an extra post to answer a question seems like a lot of work. My opinion is people want a question answered, they need to set themselves up on blogger to have that be able to happen. Not your responsibility.

    By the way, your quilt is looking great!

  8. your lily blocks are looking perfect, as I figured they would... and you are ambitious to start another one..I too love to have 2 or 3 quilts going all at the same time. Guess I have a short attention span or something. Right now I have 5 going and love each and every one..

  9. I've been away for awhile, teaching and meeting our newest granddaughter, but I love how your squares are coming together. An inspiration to make this quilt for our new home in Carolina! XOXO

  10. Oh my, those blocks are looking wonderful!! I zoomed in to have a good look and am so impressed by your accuracy too. I haven't progressed as far with mine but am working on it - and loving it!
    All the best

  11. Looks like all your had work is paying off as these blocks are just sure you will be happy when you finish the last block and get down to putting them together. Nice work!!!!

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  13. Wow Thelma, your blogs are amazing, really beautiful!!! I didn't know if you had seen it yet, but Bonnie Hunter has a photo on her blog post today of a Carolina Lily Quilt that she saw while in Maine this last weekend, here's the link if you'd like to see it... ... Enjoy :o)
    **I thought they had used grey fabric until Bonnie pointed out that the green had faded over time.

  14. OOPS, forgot to way it is an Antique quilt that Bonnie found in Maine...

  15. Carolina Project looks wonderful...


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