Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dresden Doilies

This is Dresden Doilies.  This quilt was in the September/October issue of McCall's Quilting.  The pattern is designed by Gerri Robinson.  It finishes at almost 60" x 60".

I've been wanting to add a dresden plate quilt to my Lifetime List for ages, once I saw this pattern I knew I had found the perfect project for me.  

I never did get around to collecting enough lights to make this top, but I'm in the mood to make a dresden project and have decided to keep the red background but to use my happy fabric for the plates. I've set up a table in the loft right outside my sewing studio with all my happy fabric bins for easy access. I'm thinking I'll make the 16 big blocks out of lights and darks, the 16 medium blocks out of darks, and the 25 small blocks out of lights.  

I'm starting with the large blocks and plan to just pull one light piece of fabric and one dark piece of fabric and make a block.

Here's my first one,

and my second one.

I plan to use invisible thread to stitch the blades to the red background and hand appliqué  the red center circles.

For the next few posts I'll just be showing pictures of my blocks, and since they don't require much in the way of explanation, I'll be keeping the posts short and sweet.  And since I won't really have much to say, I'll spare you the painful experience of trying to come up with 16 different ways to say, "great blocks", and turn off my comments.  

If you have any questions or need to get in touch with me just drop me an email, I'll be checking it daily.