Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

I got my red, white, and blue out last weekend.

One Star Two Star,Red Star Blue Star took Bounce's place in the living room. (LQ#51)

My little patriotic table topper is on the kitchen table.

And Victory Garden is on the red couch in the sunroom.  I love Victory Garden by Jo Morton, but my favorite thing about that quilt is the bunting quilt design in that border, very festive, very 4th of July. (LQ#42)

I've been busy and am stuck on two itty bitty basket blocks, but my goal is to make two of them today to get caught up.  They're red, white and blue, a perfect little 4th of July project.

Once I wrapped up Coastal Lily, then jumped to Dulcinea, then reworked my Blogger Girl BOM, it was time to start on something new.  But I had been so busy wrapping up those last three projects I hadn't really given any thought as to what to start next.  

I've had kit from the Country Sampler for Jubilee Celebration by Bonnie Blue Quilts for ages, I figured this was as good as time as any to whip it up.  I've got the pattern, got the fabric, everything I need for a quick start and easy project.

Right off the bat I swapped out all the block fabric.  I've got to stop buying kits, I'm always changing everything out. For now I am sticking with the sashing and border fabric provided, that's something I guess.

I'm also changing the block, I like this block better.

For now, this project has a new name, "Jubilee Celebration" is now, "Not Jubilee Celebration".

I hope you have a safe, relaxing and fun day, that's my plan!


  1. Thelma, that is so you. I love to see what you are sewing. Happy 4th.

  2. Happy Fourth! Enjoy your day. Those little basket are cute but they are intimidating! Look forward to seeing your progress on all your projects.

  3. Happy 4th! You really should consider pattern designing!!!

  4. Good for you pressing on with those mini blocks. I tried one and will have to give it some serious thought as to making more, but they are cute as a button - and about the same size!!!!

  5. They need to hire you to make up the kits. There could be the regular kit and the Thelma optimized version! Have fun with your new project.

  6. "Not Jubilee Celebration"! too funny! Have a great fourth of July. Technically I'm half American so maybe I should sew all day! LOL

  7. I think you should be making your own quilt patterns and I would buy every one of them as I just love what you do. Again, can't wait to see this one started and know it will be a beauty....Happy 4th and sewing time. :)))

  8. I really like the block you picked!


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