Friday, October 11, 2013

A finish for us all . . . .

It's time for the Sunflower Sisters "Autumn in my Garden" parade! As a refresher, Nicole/Sisters Choice, Lisa/Stashmaster and I saw the completed quilt last year at the Buggy Barn Quilt Show.  We all agreed we each needed to make this quilt and if that wasn't fun enough,  we decided we also needed to swap fabric to get a really scrappy quilt.

And here is mine.  This was a really fun project for me.  I made the centers like you would piece a bargello quilt, creating strip sets and then pressing the seams in opposite directions when I sewed the rows so all the blocks would nest and fit together perfectly.  I didn't use any pins when I was sewing those rows together. 

Once the centers were done it was time to make over 300 red and yellow hsts, my favorite block and I used my favorite method,  the Easy Angle. I always make mine bigger and square them up.  All the pieces went together perfectly.

This is Lifetime Quilt Number 116
The pattern is Autumn in my Garden by Buggy Barn Quilts
It finished at 68" x 84"
It has approximately 2,479 pieces.

One of my favorite things about this quilt is the reindeer fabric that Lisa included in her swap fabric.  I have reindeers prancing all across this quilt and it makes me smile every time I see them.  It's like life today, here we are enjoying fall but Christmas is starting to show up here and there, a reminder that it's just around the corner.

My Sunflower Sisters, Nicole and Lisa, are blogging about their finishes today too, be sure to check out their tops, each one is just a little bit different from mine.

Lisa and Nicole, it was nothing but fun sewing along with you, let's do it again!!


  1. I like this quilt a lot. A little different from most of your others (maybe because it doesn't have white background) but still with your favorite red. Plus, so cheerful!

  2. another spectacular finish Thelma. I can just picture you hanging it in your living room to brighten the days.

  3. You know I love this quilt with my favorite flower :)

  4. Wow, I love the colors - you did a beautiful's stunning!

  5. That's really a fun quilt. I love sunflowers! I'm going to get look at Nicole's and Lisa's quilts now!

  6. just beautiful, Thelma! Did I miss a mention of the reindeer fabric in a previous post? Would love to see a closeup of a block to pick it out!

  7. i LOVE this quilt - it is AWESOMESAUCE!!!

  8. What a beautiful, happy quilt. Great job.

  9. well you did it to me again I ordered the pattern not sure when I will get to it but I think I will try the thangles to for a change

  10. Sharing fabric for this one was the way to go - and yes, I do love the little reindeer. What a happy surprise without screaming Christmas! I also love seeing all the RED!!!

  11. Wow, your Sunflower quilt really came out nice! Love the little reindeer...peaking around. Yes, it is a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner.

    I've enjoyed reading all of your blogs about the progress of all three quilts.

  12. This is beautiful! I love the story you wrote about it--how you shared the piecing and fabrics with each other, creating memories not only from the doing of the quilt, but also when you see the different fabrics. It is terrific!!

    Congratulations on another finish!

    Elizabeth E.


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