Monday, July 21, 2014

Moda Building Blocks

At Spring Market in Pittsburgh Moda had this quilt in their booth.  It's called Moda Building Blocks. I fell in love with it, me and most everyone else at the show, and put it on my To Do List.  I wasn't sure how I was going to get this quilt made, I didn't know if it was a pattern, a kit, or what exactly, I just knew I wanted one of my very own.

Right after market Fig Tree announced a block of the month for this pattern using a few of the Moda Bella Solids from this quilt and a few Fig Tree prints.  I think it sold out in less than a week.  But that was OK with me, I figured I would just wait for some of the other Moda designers to come up with their own take on this pattern.  I think this pattern would work for any style of fabric and was eager to see French General, Bonnie and Camille, BasicGrey, Kate Spain and Edyta Sitar versions.

Well I've finally figured out that this quilt will be available as a kit in a quilt shop near you, using the Bella Solids in the market quilt, but no other Moda designers jumped on the Moda Building Blocks bandwagon.  And even though I'm disappointed not to get to see some different versions, I am happy to report that Moda is offering the pattern without the kit.  So WE can make our own versions.

The Fat Quarter Shop has the pattern listed for $12 and available in September.  (click here)

After mulling over all my options I've decided to make a polka dot version.  I want a happy and fun Moda Building Blocks top and I love dots.  I use dots every now and then but I've never made a quilt entirely of dots, until now.

 Once I decided to use dots for my Moda Building Blocks top I was eager to get started and made two blocks, two blocks not in the pattern but oh well, you know me, and how I like my quilts to be different.

I have made a baby Swoon block and a mini Swoon quilt but never the original big Swoon block, and I want one in my sampler so that's the first block I made.  Next up,  I fell in love with all those alphabet quilts folks were making but didn't really want a whole alphabet quilt, but did want one block, so I made a "T" block too.

So yes, I've made two blocks, neither of which is in the pattern, and now I have decided to wait on the remaining blocks until I have the actual Building Blocks pattern that will be available this fall.  Which means you have a few weeks to pick out some fabric and come up with your own Moda Building Blocks quilt too!

According to the Fat Quarter Shop the quilt finishes at 84" x 96" and has 48 blocks ranging in sizes from 36" to 6".  I think this quilt should be called Something for Everybody, because it is!

Now I need to come up with something to keep me busy and out of trouble until September!


  1. I spotted that at market and was pleased when I saw FQS offering the kit. It'll come while I'm packing, but I, nevertheless, plan on having the way cleared to start cutting it and sewing when it arrives. Moda is genius!

  2. I love dots too and chevron I did my second swoon in dots bright I love
    it the first swoon is selling raffle tickets like crazy everybody loves the bright colors thanks for the input
    I have to come up with next years so I can start picking up fabric any ideas?
    did you get your coastal lily back would love to see it?

  3. Oh, Thelma, I cannot WAIT to see your dotty blocks evolve!

  4. I am intrigued by the Moda Building Blocks pattern too. I'm planning to do my own version of it too and also hoped to see some different takes on it. I saw on Instagram that Carrie Nelson has chosen some different colors for it so I hope to see some of her blocks before too long. Maybe some other designers will jump in too.

  5. I grabbed the opportunity with Fig Tree quilts and I can't wait to get started on their program. Lots of quilters doing this in the Fall I think!

  6. Love your two blocks, I may need to add an A block in my building block quilt :)

  7. I liked the pattern as well and was one of the Fig Tree subscribers. I am looking forward to it. I agree that the pattern would look good with a variety of Moda fabric.

  8. that has to be the most awesome basket of polka dotted excellence that i have ever seen in my entire Life...

    i need me a "d"...

  9. I like the pattern too and dots will be great for it! Perhaps a little quilt will keep you busy till September?!

  10. Gosh, yes, I love this quilt too! Dots will be perfect for it. Do you really need the pattern? I see a good photo of the whole quilt in your photo there. Enough to get a head start, anyway!


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