Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Update Tuesday

We have another QCR Sew-Along finish!

Here is Mickey's Metro Lattice flimsy.
This top has 64 blocks and is 93 inches square.  Mickey is going to quilt this top herself and is planning to piece a Metro Rings next.  

Great job Mickey, thanks for joining us!

Dawn is getting a late start, first she had to wait for the pattern then she did some traveling.

But here is her first Dancing Churndash Block, great start Dawn!  For the details check out Dawn's blog post here.

 Great news, I just learned of a few more Moda Basic Building Block options.

Primitive Gatherings is offering 3 BOM options,  the traditional Bella Solid kit, as shown above,  a primitive fabric option, and a Japanese fabric option.  They all sound great to me, the details are here.

And finally, I literally laughed out loud at all the comments from folks wondering what happened to the red couches and what was replacing them.

We've lived in this house for 10 years now, and the house was 5 years old when we moved in, so it's time for some updates.  Those are the drapes from the sunroom (red couch room) that I took down and donated to GoodWill.   The sun room is probably one of the nicest rooms in the house.  It has a vaulted ceiling and nothing but windows on three sides.  While those red couches looked great, they were not comfortable.  That room is small and so I bought small furniture to fit in there, but we're not small people, and never really felt comfortable sitting in that room.  There's new furniture coming but it's not here yet, we need new carpet and some paint before we add new furniture to the room, but I'll share pictures once it's done.  I'm really looking forward to finally using that room.


  1. Change is good!!! Cannot wait to see the updates. :-)

  2. we just loved the red couches. But yes, change is good. Can't wait to see the remodel.


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