Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another Red Letter Day

Happy December!!

I've been doing the normal December activities, like shopping and decorating, plus I've had a little time to sew.

Every  now and then I've been piecing Red Letter Day blocks.  The blocks are huge, over 22 inches, and they go together easily.

Before I knew it I had pieced a whole wall of Red Letter Day blocks.

I made a few extra to cover my brother's king size bed.

This is lifetime quilt number 146
The pattern is Red Letter Day by Camille Roskelley for Thimbleblossoms. (available here)
The fabric is by Sandy Gervais for Moda, a mixture of a couple of her fall lines.
It's currently 90 1/2 inches square and has approximately 1,168 pieces.

If you need a big quilt this pattern is a great choice,

I've been getting my Christmas quilts out, if the sun ever shines I'll take and share a few pictures.  I've decided you can't have too many Christmas quilts and plan to spend the rest of this month working on  another one. Currently I have no plans other than the them, Christmas.

I hope your decorating and shopping are going well and that you're able to squeeze in a little sewing too!


  1. Love how you made a couple of blocks with the dark background.... that's a great design idea that I hope I remember. Congrats on another terrific quilt!

  2. Beauty of a quilt. I'm sure your brother and SIL will be thrilled with it! I'm working on getting some sewing done by this weekend and then I can worry about decorating. I don't do much. Put up a tree and some wall hangings. Call it done. But it works for me.

  3. Your brother and sister-in-law are very lucky to have you make them a beautiful quilt! I've been making Christmas stockings for the grandkids and an I Spy quilt for one as well. I'm chomping at the bit to make a Christmas quilt. Anne D.

  4. Great quilt! Your brother is really lucky to have a sister like you make him something so gorgous.

  5. beautiful quilt, I do hope to make this quilt next year. Great variety of fabrics, I bet he will be thrilled with the quilt, a wonderful gift.

  6. JUST GORGEOUS Thelma ! Your brother and his wife will be thrilled !
    Finished decorating the inside of the house just need to get a tree and hang lights outside when it stops raining

  7. What a fabulous quilt. Great fabric choices.

  8. This quilt is so gorgeous! Love the fabrics and the larger size. Congrats!

  9. It looks wonderful Thelma. I need to bind my first Red Letter Day (started in a class with Camille when she came to Aus in June) and am planning one in oranges with white background to start early next year for my sister-in-law. It's a fabulous pattern.

  10. I love this quilt. Beautiful selection of colors and prints. Your brother should be thrilled!

  11. This is wonderful Thelma! The big blocks don't look so big, maybe because they are composed of so many small pieces. You did a fantastic job with it!


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